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About Zonex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Approx 12 years of experience in Shopify Web And App Development in Shopify which is almost equal to its launching year. Our first project was to customize its liquid to match the design and functionality which we have successfully delivered. Since that day we never looked back and spontaneously moving forward to enhance and explore the world of Shopify.

Our Clients always found us easy to approach and communicate as we are available 24/7 to discuss with them for gathering the information and providing them best solution.

Our killer strategy and methods will not only helps you to develop or fix your web presence but will also increases your revenue. The most important path is deciding the strategy according to your GOALS.

We are Shopify Experts to take your chosen theme (paid or free) and make it completely unique. Starting from adding functionality or any possible customization, just leave it to us.

As normally either any glitches happens on the website or you many need regular maintenance, so we are always close to you and ready to support you

Sometimes to enhance or implement any functionality, creating an Shopify App is the only way to achieve a desired goal.

Our highly experienced analysts will help you in increasing your online reputation and take your online shop to new dimensions.

There are five must-have core elements, which can be broken down further into a more detailed list of building blocks:

I. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): includes supporting headline, reinforcement statement and closing argument.

II. The hero shot: images/video showing context of use.

III. The benefits of your offering: bullet points, list of
benefits you are offering.

IV. Social Proof: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

V. CALL-TO-ACTION: this must be your single conversion goal with or without form.

In order to develop a web site that fulfills all the goals of the web site development project, the proposed web development will take place in four distinct phases:

I. Analysis and Planning Phase:
Here the scope, requirements, and description of the final web site will be determined and documented, including the overarching site goals, number of pages, site hierarchy, merchandising needs, language and web tools used (i.e. photoshop or carts, etc.), plus forms, animations/graphics, and other specialized content.

II. Concept Design Phase:
Sketches and/or page mock-ups are created that reflect the general appearance and the look and feel of the website for visitors. Once these are reviewed and approved development will begin.

III. Development Phase:
In this phase we will start working on the project as per the requirements discussed and finalized. After some initial work done we provide the demo so that you can review the work and provide us your suggestions.

IV. Testing and Project Fulfilment Phase:
The finished web site will be reviewed and all functional aspects tested (i.e. forms, carts). Once revisions and modifications resulting from reviews are complete, the web site will be uploaded and go live. After a successful one week trial period, the web site project will be considered complete.

Our Clients are spread across the globe. We comfort our clients by being available to them at their time zones whenever required. This makes us your reliable IT partner who is committed to take your business to next level.

I. Project Manager: Your PM will be responsible for
coordinating all the phases of project and also responsible for flawless communication and project updates.

II. Designer: Your Designer will be responsible for making designs as per the requirements. The design will not be considered as final until your approval.

III. Developer: The development team allocated to you will be responsible for the overall development and debugging of the project till its completion.


As a Shopify Expert our major responsibility is to help the client in order to complete or fix their Shopify Website to increase their traffic and revenue through our killer strategies.

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