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About ZipBoss

Integer Systems provide world class apps for Shopify. The award winning product Customizer is our specialty. Our Customizer enables your customers to configure and choose visual options for your products during the buying process. This feature engages your customers, giving them control and plenty of options to produce a unique and custom version of your product. Having customization added to your sales line has been known to double sales for some of our clients and even become their primary method of selling online. The key to this solution are in the visuals and animations immersing your customer in the product and the shopping experience.

4 Testimonials

By Hand London

We had a Shopify site already for our existing products and we turned to the guys at ZipBoss because we wanted a platform to sit within our existing site which would enable people to order a customisable product. In our case, we wanted customers to be able to upload their own image in order to create their own custom fabric design. So far the feedback we've had from customers has been excellent! The guys went above and beyond to get it ready in time for our launch, despite some last minute set backs and we are generally speaking very happy!

Future Glory Co.

As a designer, it's crucial to work with developers who understand the details and nuances of the layout. It's challenging to find developers who can execute so close to the design spec, so I've been very pleased with their meticulous work. Having worked with Zipboss for many years now, they've always proven to be reliable and it's nice to be able to work with a professional and hard working team on a regular basis. I've recommended Zipboss to many colleagues now and will continue to do so.

Theresa Lee
Future Glory Co.
Creative Director

Elizabeth Young Designs

I have found Zipboss to be one of the most professional and competent companies that I have had the pleasure to engage in business with in recent years.
They were creative and quick in all aspects of the building of my website taking into account everything that I wanted to achieve from an extremely visual e-commerce website.
They grasped very quickly what I wanted in regard to the vision of my website. I wanted a sharp, easy to navigate site for my customers to use easily and not to be side tracked away from the original reason they arrived at my site.
Zipboss offered ideas and advice from choosing the correct Shopify template to displaying my products right the way through to the site being made live.
Everything on the website works seemlessly and allows the customer to view everything easily and concisely without being confused or lost.
Zipboss is an absolute credit to building a Shopify website and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I have already recommended them to eight growing companies here in London in the last week and the response to what they have built for Elizabeth Young Designs is superb.
Yours Sincerely,
Elizabeth Young


I have worked with the ZipBoss team on multiple projects over the last 6 years and they have always excelled in every challenge I've presented them. Their development team is second to none and their system architecture is always efficient and flexible. They provide first rate reporting throughout the development process and are always there to support the deployment and any followup requests.

Bottom line is they're a first rate team providing outstanding services on Shopify and beyond.

Mark Manning
COO DODOcase Inc.

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