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About Zenergylabz

Zenergylabz "powered by Zenergyworks" brings 16+ years of commerce experience and 13+ years of SEO and Internet Marketing experience along with a talented team of designers and developers ready to build your dream.

**Welcome to ZenergyLabz**

Your online storefront deserves the attention and care of a marketing team with over a decade of experience. Luckily, you've come to the right place. ZenergyLabz (powered by ZenergyWorks) offers up a shiny 16+ years of commerce experience and 13+ years of SEO and internet marketing experience.

Better yet, we've built a talented team of designers and developers who have all the necessary skills to build you the Shopify store of your dreams. We have official Shopify Experts on our side, and when you work with us, so do you.

From electric unicycles to outdoor gear for active dads and everything in between, our team has experience with a variety of sellers and will build the vehicle that brings profit directly to your door (or rather, your bank account). Our client base spans across the country and over a variety of product catalogs. Success from an online store is tied to the team you work with, and our team's the best.

**Our Rates**

Quality builds take time and investment. You won't be getting a slapdash job from us -- every storefront is uniquely designed and thoroughly secured to protect both you and your customers. Our packages start at $2000, which includes everything you need to get your business started, and go up to $5000 and higher for a full custom site design, extensive product catalog, and high-level support.

If you have a particular vision for your Shopify store that requires customization outside the scope of our current packages, let us know. We love a challenge.

Contact Us Today - http://www.zenergylabz.com/contact

Ready to start profiting from your online business? Then let's get moving! Give us a call or fill out our contact form today to start discussing your project.

12 Testimonials

Olde Virdens

Zenergylabz is a top notch company. They asked the right questions and captured what our product is truly about. They were incredibly helpful and wanted to make sure we were satisfied with the end result. We love our new site. Thank you Zenergylabz!

Remote Satellite

Excellent service, 5 stars. Their whole staff is very well trained and knowledgeable and they have guided us through the complete process of establishing our shopping cart and continue to support our day to day operations.

Wild Youth Sports

I would have to give an overwhelmingly positive review as they were timely, diligent and affordable. I was the one holding up the development of the project by other distractions from business. I will definitely be using them again with my e-commerce solutions.


the team at Zynergylabz is very nice and great to work with ...i got my site up and running...they did more that they had signed up for to help me out and greatly appreciated that ...we now continue to work on SEO and making the best out of it !

Evans Encaustics

The Zenergylabz team did fast, accurate, thoughtful work in moving my site to Shopify. Our former platform and design were outdated and Shopify provides a more modern interface with tremendous ability to customize. Currently Shopify has many options we aren't ready to use but we will catch up! Meanwhile, filling customer orders easily and making our website easy to use and attractive have given us all a huge sigh of relief!
We highly recommend Christian Lane and the entire Zenergylabz team. Their tech expertise and their service have been fabulous in every way!

My Custom Wood Boxes

I tried setting/designing my website by myself and kept running into various issues. I turned to Zenergy for help and it turned out to be my best idea. Michael and staff made my life much easier by stepping in as my project manager and help bring my vision to life. Zenergy offered piece of mind and, in the end, a professional and functional website. Thank you Zenergy.

Collectors Row Inc.

We are so happy with our website-thanks to Christian and Liz at Zenergylabz for their hard work! All our manufacturers and customers love our new website! Use these people you will not be disappointed!!!

Thank you so much

Collectors Row Inc.


Zenergylabz did a GREAT job beautifying my website. This project was very time sensitive and they completed their work on time. They made all of the changes that I needed and all communication with them went smoothly. I'm glad that I hired them and would recommend them highly!

Tactical Dad Packs

Zenergylabz was extremely helpful in both designing and building our new e-commerce website. They've already started the search engine optimization or SEO portion and with our online store already doing quite well, we're looking forward to seeing the traffic increase even more. They have proven to be the one stop shop for all our internet marketing needs. I have already referred several friends with Shopify stores to them.

Tactical Dad Owner,
Scott Bagala

Posh and Eco Pets

Zenergy Labz, A company powered by Zenergy Works, certainly delivered on their promise to provide conversion from open cart to Shopify. After researching all the various shopping carts, our company decided to convert our old cart into Shopify and get the benefit of all the apps being developed. We were having issues with distribution and inventory management control and "HAD" to get on Shopify. Not only did the crew at Z Labz deliver on time and on budget, they were actually really friendly to work with on this tedious project. Most other firms were saying they were 6 -12 weeks out and couldn't help because I didn't have a large budget. Thank you team at Z labz, Liz, Pam, Vanessa and Michael...you were great!

Powered Toys and Beyond

Zenergylabz did a great job of mirroring my store from my old platform and transferring all the information over. It would have taken me forever to figure it out on my own.


This expert resolved a DNS problem for me... gratis. I was so impressed by their service that I have hired them to do additional work on the store!

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