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About Thomas Holmes

Need help getting your store up and running? Training on how to manage and promote your online store? Or marketing advice to boost sales?

My name is Thomas Holmes and I can help you. I'm the author of Shopify & You, the easy-to-use, step-by-step ebook that covers everything you need to know about designing, setting up and running an online store with Shopify. The book is ”clearly laid out, easy to follow, lovely to look at and fun to read”, according to the head of PR at Shopify.


Full setup of your online store. Or providing help on specific issues you face.

Online training to familiarize you with Shopify and make you confident using it.

Migration of your store from other platforms: Magento, Prestashop, Volusion, Woocommerce, etc.

Advice on the best choice of theme for your store, and customization of your choice of theme.

Help with publishing your products, pages and blog posts as well as setting up your navigation.

Creation of stores based on a spreadsheet of products: 120,000+ products - no problem!

Setup and training to get the most out of Google Analytics.

Creation of wholesale stores with different pricing tiers for different customer groups, etc.

Retouching or resizing your product photos or other images for your store.

Recommendations on how to fine-tune your store to maximize sales.

Advice on how to improve your rankings in the search engines.

Working as the Shopify Expert for internal teams in large enterprises or agencies wanting to get up to speed quickly with Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Consulting on agency teams that want to get up to speed with Shopify.

Translation between English, French and Spanish. And multi-language store set up.


I'm Irish born and bred but these days I am mostly based in France and Greece. I work remotely with most of my clients. I've been working professionally on the web now for 20 years. And I have had extensive experience creating and running my own online stores (with €1.5m in sales).

I've helped merchants throughout the world, in among other places:
New York, UK, Ireland, France, Norway, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, Lithuania, Singapore and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

47 Testimonials

Adel Chefridi

Thomas was very helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. We would definitely work with him again.

MyoMed Medical

I needed some suggestions on areas where I can improve my online store. Thomas was very honest and after identifying areas that need work, he started making changes. All work done by Thomas has been efficient. I appreciate his clear communication and accurate understanding of my website problems.

Quadrostyle France

Après le lancement réussi de notre site en version anglaise, nous avons engagé Thomas pour créer le même site de qualité pour notre domaine français. Grâce à son expertise et à son expérience en français, nous avons pu lancer le site à temps, sans délai. Le recours à un expert constitue pour nous le moyen le plus rentable d’améliorer considérablement le site. Rapide, efficace et en toute tranquillité d'esprit, nous sommes rassurés que notre site français fonctionne de manière identique à notre site anglais. N'hésitez pas à travailler avec Thomas, un vrai pro.

Spice Journeys

I needed support to finish the Shopify site that I had partially configured and can recommend Thomas very highly. He is not only a very pleasant person to work with, but he is responsive and solves things quickly. We found solutions to all of the requirements I had working via Skype was very effective. Overall, I am very impressed with the Shopify platform and that they offer experts to hire and work with. If you are looking for support with Shopify, I would certainly recommend contacting and working with Thomas!


Look no further, Thomas is the one you want to guide you through the minefield of Shopify. Coming from Wix, we needed a modern and lightning fast e-commerce site, however, trying to set it up ourselves was a sure fire way to waste our precious time with average results. It became obvious we needed an expert. The online store needed to launch in 8 weeks, a week before Black Friday sales. Thomas provided a speedy, competitive rate and worked within our budget to create our site ( on schedule!! ). Very patient with excellent communication skills he worked with our team, using videos to help us to navigate the platform and built a new site with so many improvements. From data migration, advice on SEO, user-friendly navigation tips, image improvements, app suggestions, bulk editing and invaluable advice on e-commerce solutions, Thomas is familiar with it all. Thanks to his experience our new site ranked in the top #7 Shopify stores that launched the same week. Impressive results!
Do your company a favour and hire Thomas the Shopify Guru who just so happens to be a super nice guy! Highly recommended.

Ming Shan

It was very nice to work with Thomas.
He is a very good teacher. Calm, punctual, always with great advices.
Highly recommended

Bow and Rattle

I contacted Thomas looking for help with setting up and managing my inventory on my shopify store initially. He couldn't have been more helpful. I came away with the answers I needed and some additional help and tips on some of the other areas I had been finding difficult to navigate. He clearly knows his stuff. I hope to do more work with him in the future and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any Shopify projects you might have.

Incrediwear Ireland

Thomas Holmes was tasked with creating a new website for Incrediwear, a first aid brand which we distribute in Ireland. He was extremely helpful in creating the look and feel of the new site and had lots of good ideas about how to maximise sales opportunities. His eye for detail and overall expertise was invaluable and he was endlessly patient as he guided us through the process! I am delighted with the result and learned a huge amount. I would highly recommend Thomas!

Robin Evans Studio

I had the most wonderful experience working with Thomas on my new website. Thomas is professional, punctual and brand-savvy. He understands that a creative business's online shop is not just a website, it's a personal experience, it's a place where potential buyers can become longtime loyal customers, it's a chance to engage, it's an opportunity to boost sales. I knew I was making an investment intended to pay for itself quickly and with Thomas's help I believe it will. So much so that I plan to hire Thomas for phase two of my website. Thank you Thomas!

Crystalline Jewellery

I am very grateful to Thomas for helping me improve many things in the store. He is very proactive, attentive to every detail and comes up with advice and solutions that I would never think of. I would recommend Thomas as an expert, and I will probably contact him later again to help me with the new tasks and challenges.

New Moon

Working with Thomas was a real pleasure. The whole process of developing a new website was made a lot simpler and easier because of his expertise.
Not only is Thomas very technical but because he has a background in photography and fine art he was able to help us create a website that is not only functional but also looks great. In particular, he was very exacting about the quality of the photography and he pushed us to get the best quality we could.
In the process of setting up the website Thomas actually trained us in how to use it ourselves so now I feel quite comfortable doing the work I need to do on the site in terms of updating the stock, creating collections etc.
He also has a good commercial sense and gave us lots of tips on how to promote a retail shop in conjunction with an online shop.
It was not a problem for us that Thomas is not based in Ireland. In fact it was an advantage because we didn't have to go to meetings, we just SKYPED, which suited us better.
Overall, Thomas is very easy to work with and I couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Viva Frida

I couldn’t dream of a better coach to help me in the process of building my shop online!
First of all, Thomas is one of the most trustworthy and reliable professional I have ever known. He is always available for support, guidance and encouragement.

Beside his personal attitudes, Thomas expertise is a great mix of technical knowledge with marketing skills. I could rely on his know-how and useful advices at anytime - even for the small question.
Thomas learning approach is very useful: he can do the job for you but he is also willing to teach you how to do things by yourself.

The whole process was extremely positive! I wouldn’t be able to set up my shop online without his valuable help and expertise!
By the way, I am glad to keep on counting on him for further development of the site.
Thank you so much Thomas!


Ernest Leoty

Fantastic work by Thomas, he is resourceful, smart, dependable, quick to respond and a great project manager. I can only say great things about him, he was incredibly helpful throughout our launch, to make sure the website ran smoothly.


Thomas is very professional and knowledgeable. He is extremely prompt in his communication. Our first interaction was via Skype and I was able to quickly explain to him w.r.t. what we were looking for. Subsequently, we managed all communications via email and that was more than sufficient. He did an excellent job in building the prototype that we had requested. And overall, came way under budget compared to what we had allocated. So, yes, I would highly recommend Thomas Holmes for any Shopify related consulting jobs.


I contacted Thomas because I did not have a lot of time to dedicate to the set up of my KA/NOA e-shop. His response was always on time, professional and with a lot of attention for the technical aspects, which is not at all my cup of tea. Thomas is a great professional, not only in executing but also being very proactive and providing good/wise advice. The entire process has been smooth and fast with Thomas being available independently from working hours and with him investigating and investing time to understand my story and business. I strongly recommend Thomas and I hope we will continue to work together to grow my business and visibility.

Feathered Friends Ltd

Very approachable, flexible and professional service. Thomas shared his in depth knowledge and made setting up my store an enjoyable experience. I would recommend Thomas to anyone wanting to start an online shopify store, or simply wanting additional guidance post opening.


I had the pleasure to collaborate with Thomas a few times. He helped me creating my e-commerce with Shopify. His help was the most valuable. He is super efficient, delivers clear explanations and it made everything so easy and understandable that creating my website turned out to be a lot easier than I initially thought!
I would highly recomment Thomas to anyone and for sure if I need more help I will definitely work with him again and again!

An Organised Life

I worked with Thomas Holmes customising my blog and e-commerce store. He was extremely helpful, and went over and beyond to make sure everything was perfect.

He was reliable, hard-working and replied to emails promptly. Communication was excellent.

I would highly recommend Thomas and will be working with him again in the future.

Our experience with Shopify & You was very positive. We found them to very adept in the programming and setup of Shopify and provided us with prompt, professional service delivered on time and on budget. More importantly, they understood that this is a commercial venture for us with an objective to sell goods rather than just look pretty. This commercial awareness and common sense are what makes Thomas stand out from the crowd. We strongly recommend them & will be repeat customers.

run angel

Thomas wrote the book on the dos and don’ts’s of Shopify – literally!

Thomas applies a plain-talking style of explaining things, meaning that at the end of the project you actually learn for yourself the Shopify inner workings.

Very approachable, patient and knowledgeable –with Thomas you are guaranteed peace of mind that your business is in great hands. And a genuine nice guy to boot! Highly recommended.

bu Designs

Thomas is a real Shopify expert. He made the whole experience of my Shopify store build up so much easier. He's a real professional. Always knowing what's best, what's most up to date and always with a nice positive attitude. Don't think I could have done this without him.
Thanks Thomas!


I started with Thomas asking him to remove a banner from a theme and he did it the same day. And since I had paid for 1 hour-work and it was quicker than he had thought, he offered to review my shop and give me tips. It was just what I needed at the start. Everything he said was precise and clear. Since then Thomas has done a lot of work on my shop and every time his help has been worthwhile whether on graphics, SEO or with the apps too. I really feel safe about doing any changes in the shop, I know that Thomas is there to help me out. I cannot only recommend him highly enough.


Thomas is probably one of the best Shopify Experts that I have worked with. His unique combination of technical and design experience mixed with creative flair, insight and business acumen resulted in a collaboration that exceeded all expectations. Thomas's understanding of the brief and his ability to propel our store to the next level encouraged and impressed me at every turn. He has a phenomenal eye for detail and a true understanding of Shopify and how important it is to create a store that communicates with your clients. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Thomas - in fact, I urge you to look no further. Clodagh Keating

Blue Terracotta

Thinking that having an expert create my Shopify site was going to be a purely technical endeavor, I was a bit apprehensive about getting started. Afraid I wouldn’t understand much or participate at all.

However, Thomas made the experience painless for me and even joyful as he guided me through the different areas of the shop, introduced me to a theme that I fell in love with, came up with the perfect terms to introduce my collections and helped me improve my product photos. He had many suggestions for improvements and was patient and encouraging throughout. He answered my questions promptly and completely.

He polished and refined the details of the site to get it just so. But much more than building a site, Thomas has constructed a home for my business, a welcoming experience for prospective buyers. The whole project was well-paced, progressed smoothly and the site went live much more quickly than I had imagined it would.

Thomas is a vital part of helping me get my message out to the world. Without his skill and hard work, my ideas might still be living in my sketchbook. Thank you, Thomas.

ILO Yarn

I cannot find enough positive things to say about our experience with Thomas at Shopify & You. Simply put- we would not have been able to set up our store within the required timeframe had it not been for Thomas and his extensive knowledge of Shopify and its apps. We now have a beautiful and fast running theme using the Langify app for our bi-lingual English / Finnish shop. Thomas interfaced directly with the theme and app developers to make sure everything was setup quickly and running efficiently to meet our needs. He is always available for even the smallest question, and he makes sure to inform and educate throughout the entire process. He will continue to be our go-to Shopify & e-commerce expert, as he not only has a wealth of knowledge regarding Shopify, he is well-versed on Google Analytics, SEO and more. I always learn something when talking with him, and he is an absolute joy to work with. We recommend him highly for any Shopify project. He can handle it all!

The WellBe

Thomas is very knowledgeable about the so many possibilities that can be implemented with Shopify. It was very clear that he knows the system inside out and is capable of quickly suggesting the most accurate solution to any of the workflows we wanted to implement. Thomas is also very professional and response quickly to any requests we had and it was a very positive experience working with him. Highly recommanded!

Beauty Academy Store

Thomas was recommended to me by a business associate in Norway and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

He has always been available to us when we needed help, whether by email or phone - and is able to relate key facts in concise and easy language that 'non techie' people like me can understand.

He is friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful - i only wish that all support services could be this good!

Pink City Prints

If you're looking for someone to build your website then literally do not look any further!!! Thomas ticks all the boxes and more....
Technical knowledge - Thomas knows so much about the technicalities of building an online shop he's written a book about it...
Creativity - Thomas has an excellent eye and knows how to arrange your pages and images to make them look attractive, eye catching and clean.
Teaching - I am a dyslexic techno phobe but Thomas very patiently and clearly explains how to run the website and add content once he hands it over. So easy!!
Value- Thomas is efficient which makes him excellent value. He is also willing to help out later if you have any questions.
Professionalism - Thomas is the most trustworthy and reliable person I've ever had the privledge of working with.
Calmness - he is so calm and clear even after us spending a full day working intensely - me changing my ideas constantly, he remained totally unfazed, focused and cheerful.
Thank you so much Thomas! Wish I had another website for you to design!


Thomas has been an essential element in the set up and growth of our store. His knowledge, professionalism and interest shine light on any situation. Thomas has helped us choose the correct theme and apps that are needed to complete our vision, while keeping in mind our start up budget. He has helped us coordinate and synchronize with various platforms that link our inventory and accounting system to Shopify. He has walked our IT team through steps in French and English on customizing the code for specific requests. Once the store was set up, Thomas advised and taught us the importance of SEO and showed us how to set up google ads and analytics. He has also advises us on FB ads as well . He is truly an asset on many levels and makes the impossible possible. He is generous in his time and availability and will always take the extra step with a smile. He is quick, smart and thorough. A true expert and partner in Shopify and the online world.

Laine des Iles

I can recommend Thomas without reservation. He is extremely generous with his time, always responds quickly, is full of useful suggestions and unbiased advice. As an internet retail novice, Thomas was an enormous help to me, and steered me through the daunting task of setting up and launching my own store for the first time. He pointed out where I could improve without making me feel that I wasn't the one in control. Recommended without hesitation.


Thomas is truly an ideal collaborator. He is incredibly knowledgable and fast not only create solutions, but in finding and suggesting them. He is available and responds with promptness (always). And, he is that rare breed of kind and patient one might need when swimming in new waters such as creating a shop online. I have had my own company for just short of two years, and include Thomas in that very short list of 'very important people who have made this happen'. I am a trained designer and knew nothing about HTML, web design or the likes of online shop setup. He not only helped me find answers, but showed me and taught me in the process so that I could manage things going forward. Knowing I had the backing of his support, I had the confidence to go at it on my own. Can't recommend this guy enough, he's wonderful! He knows Shopify like the back of his hand, and will show you all that it reads.

Kona Cave

Thomas is awesome!
I am so happy that we chose to work with him for our website setup. Not only is Thomas knowledgeable, but he is friendly and personable, and that made the whole process enjoyable. He is super professional, he completes all tasks on time, acknowledges emails right away, and is very respectful of your time.

Thomas is very knowledgeable and helpful on all levels from setup, to images to SEO. He respectfully pushes you to think beyond basic (and boring) and keeps the big picture in mind at all times.

Thomas was helpful and encouraging the entire process. It was important for us to learn how to set up the shop ourselves in order to maintain it later. Thomas was a patient teacher and coach.

He makes all attempts to satisfy your wish list of extras for your site. When asked for something outside of the theme’s capabilities, he researches and sorts solutions where ever possible. He also has a great eye and offers his opinion on style, flow and overall visual aesthetics.

I really could not have imagined going through this process with anyone else. We will continue to work with Thomas as we adapt and grow our online business.
Thanks for everything Thomas.

Kona Cave

Thomas is awesome!
I am so happy that we chose to work with him for our website setup. I met a couple local web designers near me, but we didn’t “click,” so I checked out the Shopify experts, hoping there was someone there that I could work with. I’m so glad I did this. As you know, setting up your online business is a creative endeavor and you need to have a lot of open communication with your designer. Not only is Thomas knowledgeable, but he is friendly and personable, and that made the whole process enjoyable.

First of all, Thomas is super professional and punctual. When he sets a call time, or says he’s going to get something done, he delivers. I especially appreciated that if I sent him an email, and he was not available to address it right away, he would always acknowledge that he received it and would let me know when he could get back to me. This level of professionalism and respect of my time was greatly appreciated.

Now on to his work. He is very knowledgeable and helpful on all levels from setup, to images to SEO. He did a great job helping us choose a theme and set-up the shop. He kindly pushed us to think a bit outside of the box, to ensure that we were

Luna Velvære

He is really a serviceminded person and gives you great ideas and is really helpful! Thomas is a person you can count on and he will finish up the project he is signed. He replies to emails what ever time and day (yes it´s true!) and he gives good guidance for you to learn and be able to do the small adjustments later on yourself. I will be using Thomas for all my future adjustments on my webshop for sure. Great help like this is hard to fint. Highly recommended.


Thomas is top notch! an all around pro, great communication and highly recommended. ~debra

Just Art !

Thomas is just amazing ! Not comparable with the other webmasters I have worked with, in the past.
First, He accepted to help with our project even though the deadline was very short...
Everything seems easy with him because he is a real Expert, but also because he helps you understand how it works and why you are doing it. His approach is great because you learn as you develop your site. Today I know my way around and feel comfortable making the daily updates.
More importantly, the decisions you will be taking with him, will be based on numbers.
Thomas has a comprehensive understanding of business and will help you implement other valuable tools.
He is also fluent in French which made it even easier in our case!
He is a great coach. I was literally desperate when I called him because nobody seemed to understand my project. MERCI Thomas!

Jaguar Parts Group

Quite simply the man is a wizard when it comes to Shopify. We started to get orders the day after the site was launched. We have since been back to ask Thomas about improvements and help with SEO which he has again excelled at.

We are new to e-commerce but not to our business what Thomas did was bring new life to our brand and give us a great online presence and store.

Thanks Thomas from all of us at

Michèle Rosé

Thomas is very responsive and knowledgable about Shopify. He works like a coach, not only helping but also teaching long the way. I highly recommend him.


I cannot recommend Thomas highly enough.
He helped with every stage of our new website from the layout, the design, SEO, photography & even the best way to write blogs, share links & get new customers. His expertise in the field is invaluable & we're so glad we spent the extra money getting his input.
Thomas was constantly on call to answer any questions we had and had a great way of being able to explain things in a way that we could understand.
Within a few days he had shown us how to run our new website and we've seen sales grow consistently since we launched.
If you're looking to build a new website, or update your existing one, I strongly suggest you get in touch with Thomas.

Land Rover Parts Group

Thomas has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He has always be on hand to explain and walk us through things, no matter how stupid the questions! Furthermore he has masterminded the upload of over 100,000 items into a fully functioning easy to navigate site. We started to get sales days after the site went live and have grown day on day since then - averaging over 200 clicks a day.
I would highly recommend Thomas


I highly recommend working with Thomas, he was always there when I needed and promptly responded all my questions with a straight forward and simple way to explain things. He has been a life-saver in helping me with changes of the site, as well as functionality, social media and analytics. He understood all of my needs and helped me to discover new functionalities that had no idea of it. He’s professional, responsive, direct and has great recommendations, I couldn’t be happier! Thanks again Thomas!!


Thomas was very helpful and professional. The service provided was exactly as requested and I couldn’t be happier with the results.
He also gave me valuable advice and I appreciate that he was always quick to reply to all of my emails.
Will definitely turn to him again in the future for my Shopify needs.

Vigilant France

Nous travaillons avec M. Thomas Holmes depuis plusieurs mois. Très rapidement, une relation de grande confiance a été établie. Thomas est un grand professionnel, nous apprécions particulièrement son respect des engagements et des délais, ses conseils à forte valeur ajoutée et sa pugnacité à trouver des solutions à nos problèmes.
Il intervient avec efficacité à la fois sur la création, le lancement et les mises à jour de nos sites web. Il nous a également apporté de précieux conseils pour améliorer le référencement de nos sites.

Mass Street Music Store

Thomas is fantastic and has helped us with our website, SEO and Ad Words. His knowledge on the subjects is remarkable, but his method is even better, ensuring we're actually learning in the process, for the future. We are a small company with limited time and he has enabled us to achieve measurable results in a short amount of time. There are lot of 'snake oil' consultants when it comes to SEO but Thomas is not one - he's the real deal.

Sweet Rebel

Omg, I can't say enough great things about Thomas. He has far exceeded my expectations with his services. He consulted with me and gave me tutorials on SEO and marketing. I instantly started seeing results; from my sales to unique visitors and how I show up on Google. His consulting does not stop at the end of the hour. Thomas is like a teacher, a confident who follows your progress and wants to be updated on how your business is growing. I get hesitant sometimes when I email him on minor setup questions about shopify. I cross my fingers that he won't charge me for it, lol. Any questions you have, no matter how many times or when, he is always there to help. Thomas genuinely wants to help you succeed. I am very grateful for being referred to him. Thank you so much :)

Sable Beauty

Working with Thomas was a very positive experience.
He is very professional and that shows in his work. He was very efficient but always made time to answer questions (no matter how silly) or explain technicalities. He came up with extremely helpful suggestions all the time. And as a bonus he is just incredibly nice and always friendly. I couldn't recommend him more highly.

Ireland's Showcase

Thomas was very knowledgeable, supportive and provided excellent practical insights and the experience I needed to create my Shopify store. Would reccommed without hesitation

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