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About Design by Bold

Hi, I’m Wim Tubbax, located in NYC! I'm a Shopify eCommerce designer and developer that loves going above and beyond for my clients. I’m available 24/7 and my clients’ satisfaction is my top priority.

I love creating fully responsive and beautifully designed custom Shopify websites with attention to detail for a fantastic user experience. Every website developed is carefully tailored to the client's needs and specifications, creating an eCommerce experience that helps your business thrive.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your project further - I work with companies in NYC, nationally, and internationally. I work on small and large scale projects, from one-person businesses to corporations that sell millions (and love them equally!)

Services include: 
• Shopify Design & Development 
• Site Migration and Store Setup
• Facebook & Google Ads Campaigns
• Email Templates & Newsletter Campaigns 
• Website additions/changes
• Consultation

30 Testimonials

AMY O Bridal

Wim is amazing to work with! He far exceeded our expectations!
We were looking for a Shopify expert to re-develop two of our sites from scratch that had become too complicated to fix.

Wim worked patiently with us throughout the whole process and crafted websites that were both fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. He was always available to help and answered his emails and phone calls as quickly as he could.

Much of our website development involved implementing new applications and marketing initiatives, so Wim's knowledge on these topics was extremely valuable. He reviewed our needs and wants and presented solutions that would be beneficial for us to use.

I would definitely recommend Wim if you are looking for a skilled web developer who delivers quality work and has strong attention to detail skills.

Think Jerky

Wim is great. He's both a fantastic designer and programmer. A one-stop-shop for a great website and great experience. He's also super fun and easy to work with. Highly recommended!

Dream Pops

Wim is a rockstar. Period. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a full stack developer and I am more than happy to serve as a personal reference. This was one of my first serious build-outs, and I interviewed a dozen developers for the opportunity. I was blown away by the final product.

Wim is one of the most patient, hard-working, and diligent people I have ever met. He went above and beyond my expectations and I am incredibly grateful to have worked alongside him on the Dream Pops build out. He is very passionate and talented in the field of design, and more importantly knows how to optimize user-experience. His attention to detail is unparalleled, and he was willing to work with my obsessive and rather iterative work style to get us to a final polished version. He was very cognizant of my timing needs and we hit our deadline perfectly. Wim is a diamond in the rough, and will be by your side throughout the entire process.


Wim is super solid! Highly recommended. Great communication and collaboration. He did everything we asked and more. Wim really thinks about user interface and made tons of insightful recommendations. UX for your customers and UX for you. We will definitely hire him again. Stop reading these reviews and contact Design by Bold.

ISAORA Wholesale

Wim was our webdesigner while developing the new website for ISAORA, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Wim is highly skilled in what he does and has the knowledge and experience to create the most advanced web stores. Wim has the most incredible work ethic and we could always count on him to deliver the best results. He always answers emails as soon as he sees them and in our experience he was basically available 24/7. Wim is not a person that will do the bare minimum for his clients; but always go up and beyond!

He always carefully listens to notes but isn’t afraid to say what he thinks won’t work. He gave us some great advice and consulting along the way which really helped us. Wim is highly organized in what he does and pays close attention to detail. This is something that leads him to see problems before they occur. He also has an amazing personality that is easy to be around and communicate with.

We were so lucky to work with him and want to recommend him to anyone looking for a web designer! He is the very best and we will definitely continue to work with him for as long as we can.



Design by Bold is a leader in building websites for Apparel and several other consumer goods industries on Shopify, Wim clearly has an eye for details and also, knowledge and experience in creating most advanced web stores.

Senteurs d’Orient

It was a pleasure working with Wim!
He's a great expert in all technical aspect. But he goes beyond that: he combines his technical skills with a strong design eye and a sharp business sense. He also knows the trends and new directions in the eCommerce industry. I think it is key to have all this set of skills when working on a website, specially if it has an eCommerce section. Also Wim is always available to help with questions and clarifications when we dont know how to execute an update or a change on the website. Highly recommended!

Science of Apparel

We at Science of Apparel was really lucky to have Wim by our side when we were launching our new website. From day one, we knew that he was the right fit for us. He was professional, creative, and realistic. The amazing thing about Wim is that he has a great understanding of what looks nice, but sells at the same time. When you launch a site, it’s easy to get carried away, wanting to promote all the products at the same time. But Wim really helped us to keep the site uncluttered, neat and trendy. Regarding his work and work ethic, it’s out of this world! After each meeting, he would get to work right away, and send us back results a few hours later. He is super organized and educated in a bunch of different fields. Whenever we would have a photoshoot for our site, he would give our photographer and retoucher guidelines for how the end results should look like, to appear the best way possible on the site.

Wim has a countless amount of good factors and skills. However, one of the best ones is his response time. He is available 24/7 and will often answer within a few minutes. I can’t stress enough how happy we are with his work, and our sites and his aesthetic. Additionally, the way he would talk to us was so professional and humble, he always had great advice. He is truly one of the most talented people we ever worked with, and we will continue working with him for a long time. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a super talented web designer, programmer, retoucher, adviser, forecaster, and yeah basically anything having to do with web development.

Fleur du Mal

I had the pleasure of working with Wim on the platform migration and redesign of our website this fall. He demonstrated strength in finding development solutions for our desires of having a completely customizable backend, a keen understanding of the nuances that go into an e-commerce business, and a drive for perfection that went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the outcome.

Wim is rare in the dev. world in that he is able to see things both technically and aesthetically and often contributed significant updates to the front-end design. Wim was always available, was quick to respond, and - coming from someone who has worked with many developers - his turn around time on deliverables was impeccable. He was able to fit a lot of work into a very aggressive timeline and was able to keep everything perfectly organized throughout.

I have great admiration for his work and his efficient, concise and mild manner that he approached this project. He set the bar high when it comes to working with outside developers, freelancers, agencies...and I look forward to working with him on upcoming projects.

David Fin

We can't say enough good things about Wim Tubbax. From the moment we started this project, he was extremely devoted to his work. He is a hardworking, creative, and passionate expert. Everyday he would go above and beyond for us and never fail to impress. He listened to us, valued our opinion and was never afraid to give his (which was always so professional). On the other hand, Wim is incredibly talented and creates amazing results. We would recommend him to any company.

Standard Deviation Apparel

We had a wonderful experience working with Design by Bold, and he custom-designed an elegant and beautiful website for us. I would without hesitation recommend him.

When my business partner and I were looking for a web developer to build our website, we met with an array of individual freelancers and developers from agencies. Although they may have been technically skilled, no one matched Design by Bold in terms of both his technical prowess and his aesthetic vision and design capabilities. As other developers tended to produce websites that looked uninspired, Design by Bold truly understood how a website for an aspirational fashion brand should look and feel.

Design by Bold is also tireless in his desire to make his customer happy and to achieve a product that is as close to perfect as possible. He has a high level of attention to detail when it comes to UI/UX, and he takes great pride in his work. We are very happy with the process of having worked with him and our final product.

Maja DuBrul Jewelry

Our firm sells high end jewelry. We were concerned about aesthetic sophistication, ease of use and budget. Design by Bold surpassed our expectations. We received a gorgeous site at a fair price. Wim was responsive, easy to talk to, very fast, very smart and a great designer. And the site functions beautifully. we had some specific technical desires - no problem for Wim. We continue to use Design by Bold and recommend the firm highly!


I had an excellent experience with Wim from Design by Bold.

He was always very responsive and was dedicated to delivering on time and on budget.

Ecru Style

To Whom it May Concern,

We have worked with Wim Tubbax (Design by Bold) in developing a new website for our Ecru brand and are very pleased with the result. Through the entire process, Wim was professional, diligent, responsive and blended a creative and tasteful design aesthetic with technical expertise. The end product is a website that we are proud of and is sure to help us grow our online business and to further enhance our brand image.

Senteurs d’Orient

Wim Tubbax, from Design By Bold, has been working on our website rebranding from scratch.
He developed and created the landing page of the site, but also the Global, Lebanon and USA/Canada e-commerce pages.
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Wim.
He is hard working, creative, fast, attentive, works great with people, very collaborative, innovative and extremely pleasant to work with. Wim always find a way to come up with creative solutions.
He is full of resources and very willing to do the best.
The Senteurs d'Orient team is highly appreciative of Wim's work.


We have an awesome site ( and I thank Wim for that. He totally rebuilt our site from scratch and in record time. Throughout the process, he was always communicative with us and paid a strong attention to detail. He is also extremely patient and is willing to go the extra mile, in order to make sure your site is nothing short of perfection. I highly recommend Wim for any web-based projects.

EFM Menswear

Working with Wim at Design By Bold was an absolute pleasure. He is a talented developer and designer, and a truly valuable collaborative partner. We had a pretty clear idea of the framework we wanted, and Wim listened and paid attention to our needs. But he also made design and functionality suggestions that we would not otherwise have thought of, and that made the site much better.

He definitely goes the extra mile and exceeded our expectations in terms of professionalism and attention to detail. His diligent work and responsiveness helped us meet every deadline. We are a high end boutique apparel firm, and our designers pay attention to EVERYTHING. I can’t say enough about how seamlessly Wim fit into our ethos, design process and production schedule. He’s a great partner and I am proud of the work we did together.

This is the guy every employer is looking for – talented, passionate, detail oriented and willing to go to great lengths for perfection. We will certainly be working with Design By Bold in the future.

Goose Barnacle

Working with Wim and Design by Bold was a very pleasant experience. Their incredible development experience combined with the ability to understand the clients design aesthetic resulted in a beautiful, user friendly and up to date website. Their rates are reasonable for such high quality work and all requests were completed quickly.

David from


Having worked with Shopify platforms before, I spent a great deal of time looking for a Shopify savvy developer that wasn't full of hot air. After speaking with Wim of Design by Bold, he completely eliminated any doubts I had about redesigning our e-commerce website. His incredible knowledge of the platform, attention to detail, willingness to go beyond our technical specification is truly world class professionalism. He has my full confidence on our future site upgrades.

Magnum Photos

Wim has done an outstanding job translating our design into a Shopify Store. His coding is excellent and the project was finished on time even though we had a very tight deadline for it. Wim pays a lot of attention to detail, much more so than any other developers I ever worked with before. He responds to emails and calls very quickly and is addressing issues right away and offers solutions I may not have though of. Our new store launched about 6 weeks ago and it has been a big success with a very good conversion rates. What is truly outstanding also is that Wim continues to give support and make updates. He delivered and delivers beyond my expectations. It has been a true pleasure to work with him and I hope that I will soon have the possibility to work with Wim again.

Connor USA

It was a pleasure working with Wim! He's very talented and he fully understood our needs and what we had envisioned for the website.

He was very fast with smoothing out changes and updates and was very informative along the way, which made the whole process a great experience.

Welcome Home Brands (GMA)

After Design by Bold did an amazing job with our website, we went to Wim in a pinch to create a mini-site for a Good Morning America event we were running about three weeks later. He quickly got the project done and once again put his brilliance on display. He created a highly functional and simple site for the consumer that resulted in an exceptional conversion rate. The design was also top notch. Wim is easy to work with and will go the extra mile to make sure his websites can be the best they can be. We highly recommend Design by Bold, and we will be working with him on future projects.

Urban La Mode

Selecting Design by Bold was the best business decision I made in starting our online retail company. We received a professional site for a great rate. Design by Bold was instrumental in all phases of design; from concept to delivery they have gone beyond our expectations.

Welcome Home Brands

Design by Bold is truly an expert Shopify designer. Wim is a special talent; he is a brilliant technician but also has a great eye for design. Wim listened carefully to what we wanted to accomplish and then provided us with a remarkable design that far exceeded our expectations. He provided excellent support throughout the process and was a pleasure to work with. Wim strives for perfection and his attention to detail is top-notch. He also did a great job setting us up for the future by giving us all the tools necessary to sustain the site.

We highly recommend Design by Bold!


Working with Wim at Design by Bold was a seamless, cooperative and enjoyable process. Wim provides all the technical expertise you could ask for while respecting and listening to your ideas.
Due to his high taste level, it was also a bonus to work with someone who understood our brand's aesthetic and gave honest input when asked.
Furthermore, I contacted Design by Bold with an Incredibly tight timeline and not only was Wim able to finish the job within the deadline, but his calm competence gave me the confidence he would do so. In our final session, he left me with the confidence that I would be able to manage my site.
He is naturally patient, dedicated and responsive in communication.
Overall - Great Experience!

Seven Barrels

Our experience was extremely professional and complete. They walked us through the entire process and had the patience to answer all of our concerns. Adjustments to our web design and function are easily made as needed. We are glad to have been linked up with Wim Tubbax from Design by Bold. We would recommend him to anyone seeking creativity and knowledge within this universe.


Creative, solution-focused, accessible, professional, superb eye for design - my list goes on and on! Design by Bold was absolutely amazing to work with. We switched over from Magento and desperately needed a better solution to our e-commerce + content site. Wim was beyond professional and truly listened to our needs and delivered a product that was above and beyond my expectations! I HIGHLY recommend him for your custom Shopify needs.


Finding Wim From Design by Bold was the best thing that happened to us. He is a PERFECTIONIST! Every detail is thought through and he is available at any time to answer questions. He thinks of things we never thought to consider. I would highly recommend working with him to anyone who is seeking to dive into ecommerce.

parke & ronen

We hired Design by Bold to create our new Shopify online store account. We were impressed by his knowledge in web design, ability to meet deadlines, professionalism, and honesty. We were even more impressed during our first few meetings when he presented our new site. He went beyond our expectations by providing us with A more user friendly, easier to navigate, extremely organized, site than we had even envisioned. The end result has left us very pleased and we plan to continue our web work with Design by Bold in the future.


Design by Bold is a extremely talented and a great developer to work with. His feel for responsive web design and beautiful web layouts is impeccable. He goes above and beyond the usual web developers and truly looks out for your best interest. Most of all, he is very responsive with your concerns and solves your concerns usually within the day.

We are more than happy with our website and have seen him work his magic. Now, it's time for you to see his abilities for yourself. Thank you Design by Bold!

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