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About Whole Design Studios


No need for multiple agencies and tricky relationship juggling.

Whole. is your all in one Fashion Shopify design and marketing agency.

If you’re looking for a friendly team of senior Shopify experts to help you design + grow your Shopify or Shopify Plus business, you’re in luck!

Founded in London, UK, we’re experts in fashion ecommerce theme design + growth marketing.


We offer monthly marketing services, no contracts cancel anytime, no hidden fees or hourly rates, transparent upfront pricing

* SEO (search engine optimization)
* Facebook/Instagram ads management with Smartly.io
* Google Shopping ads management
* Facebook messenger chatbot marketing
* Email automation and newsletter marketing
* Instagram growth marketing
* Google Search ads management
* Conversion rate optimization + A/B testing


We offer custom Shopify theme design, replatforming from Magento (or Bigcommerce / Woocommerce) and redesign.

* Ecommerce UX design best practices
* Optimized for high conversion rates
* SEO Ready
* Fast page load times and site speed
* Mobile first design
* Responsive design for all devices and screen sizes
* Ongoing marketing and design support optional

We’ve helped some of our small clients become 7 figure businesses within 1 year and helped large client increase their conversion rates significantly.


Get in touch to find out how we can work together.

We work on one-off projects and also offer long-term marketing engagements.

Book a call with our CEO: https://calendly.com/gilesadamthomas/chat/

Email us at: hello@wholedesignstudios.com

View our work at wholedesignstudios.com


* Free initial consultation
* 500+ projects completed
* Transparent pricing and cancel anytime contracts
* We work with 100+ Shopify stores monthly on marketing


* Facebook/Instagram ads management (PPC) - Monthly ad set up, DPA ads, optimization and reporting, starting from $499/month.

* Google Shopping ads management - Monthly ad set up, DPA ads, optimization and reporting, starting from $499/month.

* SEO - Get higher rankings in Google and drive more organic traffic and sales to your store, starting from $699/month.

* Facebook messenger chatbot marketing - Get more sales from automated messenger marketing and optimization from $299/month

* Instagram growth + management - Get more followers, traffic and sales from Instagram, starting from $299/month.

* Instagram growth only - Get more followers, traffic and sales from Instagram, starting from $149/month.

* Conversion rate optimization - Get more of your visitors to buy with our monthly optimization service, starting from $1999/month.

* Custom design and build - Mobile and tablet optimized, minimal designs, following ecommerce best practice for higher ecommerce conversion rates, starting from $5k USD.


Our specialities include fashion, jewelry, apparel, cosmetics and home decor.

* ByCharlotte
* Erika Pena
* The Citizenry
* WP Standard
* Luxe Fitness
* Mitera Collection
* Beach Gold Bali
* Wolf + Ordnance
* Holos Sydney
* Project Social T
* Hudson + Bleecker
* Nice Martin
* Haute Hijab
* Baseballism
* Rugemporium
* Bfyne
* Elizabetta
* Happy Feet
* Paolo Costaglo
* Anabolik Clothing
* Brst LA

Health + Wellness brands

* Foursignmatic
* Kettle + Fire
* Truvani
* Athletic Greens


We've worked on hundreds of website and marketing projects over the last 5 years and thousands of subscribers read our ecommerce growth blog and newsletter acquireconvert.com ever month.

We’ve been featured on ConversionXL, UserTesting, Optimizely, Neil Patel, Olark, SpeckyBoy, A Better Lemonade Stand, Smart Insights, Wordstream and more.

Our business has been running 7+ years and all our designers and marketers are based in-house in central London.


CEO, Giles Thomas is an ecommerce marketing expert, founder of ecommerce growth blog AcquireConvert + Risepro.co

He teaches companies how to grow as the head marketing mentor at the Google Launchpad Accelerator. Giles is also a member of the exclusive Google Experts program, a curated group of the world's 30 leading experts in marketing.

32 Testimonials

Monastery Jewellery

I ended up realising that I wanted to build my online following myself; but within the first week of using Whole design my following grew threefold. I think without their help I wouldn't have as much exposure I have right now. Giles and his team were very easy and pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend them.


We started with Whole Designs and refined our email marketing campaign before stepping into paid ads. The entire team was really adept and provided insight into how to attract, retain and convert customers. Prior to working with Whole Design, we had freelancers as well as retained a large agency. Whole Designs by far has delivered above and beyond and has been the best experience.

Kendall Conrad

Fast and friendly with great expertise!


Giles and his team have been a pleasure to work with. They are extremely knowledgable and are always looking for innovations in the digital sphere. The team has been very prompt and flexible with communication. We would recommend using them for your digital marketing needs!

Hampton and Astley

Whole have been working with us for several months on our paid social campaigns focusing on Facebook and Instagram. We have been delighted with their continual focus on optimisation in regards CPA and CPC and have seen our revenue grow from acquisition and remarketing campaigns over this time. More than that we have been pleased with their proactive support and recommendations in areas not directly related to paid social. This includes attribution, improving cart abandonment and data integrity. Overall very happy and looking forward to continuing to see long term profitable growth in our activities with them.


Whole Design Studios is a professional company that offers skilled experts in each field of work. Giles is very personable and was able to assist in growing our online presence in a short period of 3 months with his team. We were impressed with the quick growth in this time and appreciated the hands-on communication with each expert in developing our SEO, Facebook and Instagram ads and digital marketing EDM. Overall we were thoroughly impressed with the service and would recommend WHOLE to new and emerging businesses.

Larone Artisans

Whole Design Studios help us build our instagram presence and engagement. They are very knowledgeable and responsive and are a real pleasure to work with!

Atlanta Mocassin

Ghiles and Tim are helping us with email marketing strategy and paid advertisement. The results are strong. We recommend them!

All For Color

We are very early in our campaign, but they have set everything up as expected. Just waiting for some good results now.


Great to work with, great team

Ankerherz Verlag

Whole helped us redesign and develop our website, migrating to Shopify from another platform. We really enjoyed working with them and are very happy with the results!

Whipping Post

Very knowledgeable and attentive staff. Helped get things running profitably and continue to try and improve on efforts.

Luilu Jewelry

Giles and his team are a VERY great help and always very supportive and easy to work with.
We are more than happy with their service and kindness and will continue working with them!


We worked with WHOLE for about 3 months, they were looking after our social media advertising for us. The monthly fee they charge for this service was better than what some of the other agencies I spoke to were charging, probably because they have a remote team around the world instead of an expensive office in a North American city. So after a very positive call with the owner of the company we decided to go with them. Their account manager who was looking after us was a very capable, helpful and attentive guy who went above and beyond the call of duty, and definitely knew his stuff. After 3 months though, we didn't have very much success in terms of ad performance, which may have to do with our content or our offerings and not necessarily with their social advertising expertise. In any case, after spending over $4K in ad spend and not having positive results, we decided to end the work. I can say that aside from not getting the ad results we had hoped for, the team at WHOLE was very professional and very nice to work with.

Paolo Costagli

We have been working for several months with Whole Design Studio and we are very impressed by the depth of their knowledge, particularly with every aspect of Shopify platform. Giles has been a real pleasure to work with.
We highly recommend them


They are doing good job and reliable too. CEO Giles is doing best for providng the useful information through newsletter. If we can have more time to have communication with Special Expert Giles, we can be much happier with their service and business.

Fashion Music Friends

Giles and his team were helpful and support from the moment we started working with them. They provided insightful suggestions on what could be improved with our site and what could be done to help improve conversions.

The resulting design was both well designed, on brand and eye-catching.

We couldn't be happier and would highly recommend them.

Athletic Greens

"We engaged Whole Design Studios over the last 3 months to help us with our websites redesign, creating paid marketing funnels, SEO and more. I highly recommend them to mature businesses looking to level up their web presence and customer understanding. If you're growth focussed, look no further."


They know exactly what they are doing
because there was a significant amount of traffic to my site until even now.


The service was pretty good.

Tiny Devotions

We were very happy with their work!

Air Lounge

Thanks to Giles and his Team. Had a good experience - special thank you to Jeremy for his hard work, he managed our Facebook ads and was even available late in the evening and on weekends.

Asara Leather Goods

Whole are a great fit for any ecommerce fashion business looking to grow


Great experience, Good growth results. Just a little expensive for us at this stage.


Giles and his team helped me develop and tweak my shop function and capabilities. They are highly trained professionals who deliver excellence and expert experience in their field of ecommerce, marketing and functionality. Their turn around time is quick and I would not hesitate in recommending their services. Thank you Giles & Whole Design Studios


Giles is an expert in his field in ecommerce functionality, design and marketing. His skill level is at an extremely high calibre. All his team are a pleasure to deal with and they ensure the job is done in a quick turn around with optimum measured results. l have no hesitation in recommending his agency if you're looking for professionals with a fast and cost effective growth strategy. Thank you Taryn

Rug Emporium

Whole Design Studios are a great fit for anyone with a home decor business looking to grow. If you're looking for marketing and optimization experts on Shopify, you've found them.

Baseballism Online

Giles and his team at Whole Design Studios are truly marketing
experts. They helped us set up and manage our Facebook ads in
Smartly and achieve 400%+ ROI on campaigns. They also ran successful
A/B tests that resulted in 6 figures lifts in our business.
I'd recommend them to anyone looking to grow their
ecommerce business fast.


Whole Design Studios are experts in fashion marketing, they helped us launch and grow our business. We'd be happy to recommend them to anyone looking for marketing help with Shopify.

By Charlotte

Whole Design are extremely professional.
I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Haute Hijab

We have worked with Whole on a number of projects including our recent addition of Loyalty Lion, our loyalty program and always had a great experience. If you're looking to grow your Shopify store, give them a call.

Anna Kemp

From the first ideas to site completion I have been happily guided step by step by Whole Design Studios. I could have spent time making my own site, but having a site that has all the features I wanted and is created with knowledge of all the industry "best practices" is worth paying for. But this was not simply about the website- Whole Design Studios walked me through brand creation, copywriting and how to approach web marketing.... If you are looking to make a real business online I cannot recommend them highly enough!

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