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About WhatArmy

WhatArmy has been providing website development, design, updates, monitoring, maintenance, and security for websites since 2011.
We work closely with you to gain an intimate understanding of your site to implement your marketing initiatives, while our team keeps your site safe and secure.

1) Store Setups & Ongoing Work - Your project manager can help you setup a store, create a theme, and add customization to new and existing Shopify sites. We can also assist with heavey lifting projects like migrations from other eCommerce platforms such as magento, squarspace, etc.
Or let us help with the minor changes such as adding a blog, changing content, or design a landing pages. Our team of experts can help you build out a custom feature or even a new site.

2) Website Support - Our monthly program keeps your CMS, themes, and plugins up to date, while tracking your DNS, SSL, and domain so they don’t expire. Most importantly we scan your site regularly to ensure it is malware free.

A majority of our customers have been with us over 5 years and view us as a trusted partner. We help them craft solutions and solve their problems.

7 Testimonials

Hydrow by CREW

WhatArmy helped us to create a beautiful ecommerce store using Shopify and integrated with our existing wordpress site in <3 weeks. The timeline was tight and the work they accomplished was incredibly good. We are very happy with their services and would recommend to anyone looking to stand up a site for the first time, or anyone looking to update their existing wordpress site.

Pavement Coffeehouse

Super awesome, very responsive, very professional. Would recommend

Artisanal Being

I had a very positive experience working with WhatArmy to get my Shopify site running more effectively. I needed a number of different changes made, all of which centered around making my shop more clear, more streamlined, easier to navigate, and ensuring that it was highly functional. The WhatArmy team was competently and successfully able to deliver within budget and on time. It was easy to communicate with them and I felt confident that the project was in good hands. I will be continuing to work with them to make sure that website operations continue to run smoothly.

Grant Graphics

WhatArmy has significantly helped us with our Shopify store. We used to poke around at the back end of our site and try to hack some stuff together, but What Army has really helped us with creating easy systems to create and manage the custom content on our site. They are quick, reliable and great to work with. For anyone looking for part time help on their store, I recommend What Army 100%


They listened to what we wanted for our project and completed the tasks accordingly. They were easy to work with and have a very quick response time. We would certainly go back to them for another project.

I'd Rather Be With My Dog

Great experiece! They transfered all of my data from my WooCommerce store, including products, order history, etc all in a very seamless way. This made it very easy for me to customize the shop! The theme was set up very well and there were practically zero hiccups whatsoever.

Center for Case Management

I am very new to shopify, but so far it has proven to be so smooth and easy to use. I have used a few other products before but never one this seamless, I simply have to ship the product out. It gives me the option of printing labels and everything. We are very pleased that we made the move per WhatArmy.

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