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About WeTheme

We're experts in digital who specialize in design solutions for boutique and fashion eCommerce companies. We have a theme in the Shopify Theme store (Envy), and have recently carried out custom design and development work for businesses in the UK, USA and Australia.

4 Testimonials


It has been our pleasure to work with WeTheme. Not only was the theme developed perfect for our needs, the staff were accessible and interested, passionate about achieving the best results for our store. Richard, in particular, was always available to discuss, respond or instruct and advise, always with a sense of humour and sense of our levels of understanding. Our brief was understood from day one and the charges reasonable.

The end result is a store which worked from day one with the potential to improve and expand as new apps and ideas come along.

Shopify is great and WeTheme are great developers.


Recommend to anyone.

I presented to them a few very fiddly tweaks and they were extremely co-operative and patient with me! Completing what I asked within 1 working day. They were totally understanding of my lack of knowledge and were very quick to amend any small errors.

Thanks WeTheme.


Wetheme where very friendly and fast to fix a small problem i had with my theme. I totally recommend their services and products!


Malishus NZ

We're a small fashion brand who originally purchased a We Theme template then decided to engage their development team to undertake some further customization work. Their communication, interpretation and execution of the work was exceptional and well exceeds that of all the top theme developers we've dealt with in the past. They met all our requirements and delivered the customization work well under our initial budget. I'll continue to use We Theme for further enhancements and have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody who is looking for great template options, custom development and ongoing support.

Keep up the good work guys!

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