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About Strut Design

Are you setting up a new site? Our $595 Quick Start program is the easiest, most thorough way to get started. We personally walk you through every detail of your site ensuring that you:

• Fully understand every aspect of your Shopify Admin;
• Pick the right theme for your goals;
• Add all the right apps for your needs; and
• Setup all the necessary requirements to get your store up and running.

At the end of our Quick Start you will be able to easily manage your own design changes and administrative functions. Shopify is the best eCommerce platform on the market but only if you know how to use it.

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Office: +1 479.936.1614

Learn More About Us...

• Our Process

Whether you want a completely custom site or just a revamp of your current theme, we can work with you. All or projects are by-the-hour, so you can use us for as much or as little of your project as you'd like.

• About Us

We are an eCommerce Company that specializes in boutique retail. We have worked with hundreds of retailers all across the US. We know all aspects of running a retail business from a small shop to a multi-location enterprise.

Creating an online store may be your next step in growing your brick and mortar location, or it may be your only outlet. Either way, tracking inventory and shipments is a necessary part of selling online. We specialize in making sure your online inventory syncs with your POS, which eliminates double-entry, over-selling, and endless headaches.

A 'build it and they will come' mentality is a dangerous trap for retailers especially when it comes to online sales. We can show you how to drive traffic to your website, track the visitors and market back to them so that your site generates sales efficiently.

• Our Exclusive Tools

We also have a patented system called RunShip that allows you to sell your Shopify products directly on social media. If a customer sees an item they want, they can simply comment #RunShip to purchase. Go to for more information.

•Contact Us

Give us a call or send us a message. We would love to talk to you about your needs. Even if we don't work with you, we are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Office: +1 479.936.1614

12 Testimonials

Redtop Brands

Wow!!! Zach is amazing and so easy to work with. Every step, tab and function was explained and our questions answered in terms we could easily understand. You walk away with the feeling AND knowledge that you can manage and maintain the site without additional help. Being able to avoid monthly management fees was important to us and Strut delivered! It is great to know that we can do the rest "In House" since everything was covered so well. And the price? Well, let's just say, you WILL get your money's worth!!!

Shadow Six Romeo

Jordan was awesome. I felt he went above and beyond to help me to understand how things work in my store. I would credit all the early success to my store to his guidance, abilities, and knowledge of the shopify platform. I couldn't have imagined getting off to a better start, and the decision to use Strut Design was clearly a force multiplier/launch excelerator!

I Do Declare Boutique

I learned more about what I needed to do with my website in a short time of working with Jordan than I had in hours and hours of working on my own! He was helpful and patient and a great teacher. I would definitely use Strut Design and Jordan again and would highly recommend them to others!

Native Atlas

Strut was amazing to work with! They are incredibly knowledgeable and helped me through the entire process. I have a beautiful custom site. I highly recommend them!

Bell & May

We would without a doubt recommend Strut Design. Jordan has been great to work with. He did a great job of not just developing our site, but also teaching us to use it, and maintain it along the way. That training was very important to our on-going business. Jordan was very knowledgeable, and patient. He had great ideas every step of the way, and his experience helped provide the knowledge needed in developing our site. Jordan is very knowledgeable about Shopify, and very complimentary of the site and the customer service they provide. We are very pleased with our final product.

The Sauce Bucket

Excellent work overall. Cost-efficient. Very good design - clean look. Responsive from Day 1. Have contracted them for ongoing work.

Strut is that perfect balance of big enough to cover a lot of ground and do many things well, but small enough to give you personalized attention.

For almost all of the project, we communicated with the person doing the bulk of the work. This is important - as with bigger agencies, communications get mis-interpreted and jumbled easily.

Probably the best thing about Strut is that they actually care about how your store is doing, which really is a tell-tale sign that they're a group you want behind your site.

Divine Couture Boutique

Strut Designs were very knowledgeable in the process of my website build. The team of professionals took my vision and designed a very user friendly functional website. My experience working with Strut was positive and I would highly recommend Strut Designs.

Handmade Market

Strut made everything very easy and they were always available to answer any of our questions. Even now they are always ready to help.

Ozark Natural Science Center

Strut Design worked with us linking our online store to our already established website. We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. The guys were always prompt and courteous with any questions we had. We would recommend them to anyone building an e-commerce site.


We worked directly with Jordan and he was awesome to work with. He was always timely with any request we had and went above and beyond with great advice/feedback for us on things we could be doing better.


For the last 2 years I have worked closely with Jordan and his amazing staff at STRUT. I feel that the growth and security of my business is not only from my personal contributions, but the success of RunShip and how it has driven sales through my social media channels. I have seen a HUGE increase in online sales since we have implemented the RunShip program to our Facebook and Instagram profiles. RunShip is more than a fantastic product, it's an amazing service for small retail businesses. Jordan and his staff have gone above and beyond to extend exceptional customer service. They are readily available to help and solve any questions I have. I feel confident that my partnership with RunShip is one that will continue for years to come.

Shine Boutique

The team is extremely easy to work with, creative and patient with my opinions and requests!

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