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About Ultrafade

Founder, Wes Grasty, started in e-commerce back in the late 90's and has been helping small businesses ever since. Whether you are new to e-commerce or Shopify, we help you get setup (or converted from your current platform). If you are already on Shopify, please contact us for your marketing needs.

9 Testimonials

Brisk Buddha

He is a wonderful man! I told him I cannot afford to pay him for help as I am a student and he still helped me with some things here and there.

Snug as a Pug

I requested help from Shopify Experts as we needed to improve our organic search ranking for a specific search term as we were sitting 7th/8th at the bottom of the first page on Google search. Ultrafade contacted me (as well as other companies) and Wes said he was confident he could take Snug as a Pug to 2nd/3rd position on google. I liked the confidence Wes had in his strategy, which he was refreshingly transparent with, and took him up on his offer of help as I was looking for 3rd position on Google.

Amazing! Roughly a month later and Snug as a Pug is now 3rd on Google organic search ranking - exactly where we wanted to be! Wes is completely professional, keeps the technical talk simple and works away, emailing with a plan of action as to what he can do to achieve the goal. I had complete confidence in Wes and absolute peace of mind from start to finish.

I cannot recommend Wes enough and will seek his help again.

Thank you so much for everything!

Snug as a Pug


Only did the complimentary review but definitely worth it and got great value out of it.

The New School | thenewstore.nyc

Wes saved the day. He was honest, patient, and always available. He responded to my emails within minutes and accomplished everything he said he would. I feel fortunate to have had him as an expert as he was very attentive to anything I asked. I hope I get to work with him again as o continue to grow my business on shopify.

The Appalachian Trail Game

He was outstanding. Very on it and responsive. Was able to talk with me during non-business hours, which really helped us to move things more quickly.I can't tell you how much more comfortable and confident I feel about our website and online retail platform. Our sales have significantly increased. Overall, just a fantastic experience.

Untamed Campus Clothing

Awsome!! I'll be calling him again...

Purl & Loop

Wes responded very quickly to an issue I posted on a forum. I had a simple problem but due to my lack of experience, did not know how to fix it. He explained how to fix and I hired him to do it. I had a lot of other people contact me and offer to "redo my website" for an astronomical amount of money and I really appreciated Wes's honesty. He would be my go to person (and has been) since.

Tah Tah Makeup

Wes did a fantastic job helping us set up our Shopify store and make it exactly what we wanted it to be. His customer service is excellent!

Skinplicity Therapeutic Skincare

Wes Grasty has supported our web efforts for a number of years and is very knowledgeable and helpful in all the efforts.

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