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About Ultrafade

Founder, Wes Grasty, started in e-commerce back in the late 90's and has been helping small businesses ever since. Whether you are new to e-commerce or Shopify, we help you get setup (or converted from your current platform). If you are already on Shopify, please contact us for your marketing needs.

4 Testimonials

Untamed Campus Clothing about 2 months ago

Awsome!! I'll be calling him again...

Purl & Loop 2 months ago

Wes responded very quickly to an issue I posted on a forum. I had a simple problem but due to my lack of experience, did not know how to fix it. He explained how to fix and I hired him to do it. I had a lot of other people contact me and offer to "redo my website" for an astronomical amount of money and I really appreciated Wes's honesty. He would be my go to person (and has been) since.

Tah Tah Makeup 2 months ago

Wes did a fantastic job helping us set up our Shopify store and make it exactly what we wanted it to be. His customer service is excellent!

Wes Grasty has supported our web efforts for a number of years and is very knowledgeable and helpful in all the efforts.