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About Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest self-created Open Source Marketplace in the World. We are crafting plugins for the open source communities since 2010.
Webkul with its team of 200+ creative engineers, strive to build Enterprise Businesses and Innovative Products.We aim to be known and respected as the world’s best and the largest source to boost Enterprise Level e-Commerce Businesses.

Its been years that Merchants are using our app and are satisfied with the features and the kind of prompt support that we provide for our app. We are still in the process of creating new and more advanced features for our app that will help our buyers to gain more and more profit. The apps are now trusted by 2000+ users which have almost around 10000+ vendors with over 30000+ products and have successfully delivered 50,000+ orders. We are still counting on numbers...

7 Testimonials

Cool Approved World

Whenever I have an issue, Webkul provides immediate support. They have great communicative and troubleshooting skills. I am thankful for their service.

Humble Market

Really great experience using this app, Neha is incredibly helpful and quick at getting back to me! Its allowed me to create a website that otherwise would've cost me a small fortune - there are obviously limitations but there are usually work arounds or with Neha on hand she'll be able to recommend an alternative!

Thanks Webkul and Neha, look forward to working with you in the future!

Very Canadian

WebKul really works for the money!
You can expect to receive communication in 24 hours or less (remember they are far away, pay attention to time zone) They fix problems quickly, maybe 48 hours. For customizations on their apps I've seen 1 week turn around, for real.
This is coming from a company that uses WebKul everyday for various apps, so you can imagine that we fix, customize quite a few things on a weekly basis.

I would give them 5 star review :D

Superhero Collective

The app is exactly what I was looking for. It is a basic marketplace app that allows me to test my project idea. As mentioned it is quite basic, so if my marketplace grows I probably need to look for an alternative as quite a few necessary features are missing and the backend for sellers could have a better set up and be easier to use.

The customer service is good. They always answer emails and look into the problem. They don't admit if they mess up and the problem is their fault which is a bit annoying, but at least they fix it which is the most important thing. Nothing beats the Shopify customer service and comparing to that standard it is difficult to keep up with the quality Shopify is providing.

All over it is good value for the money paid.


The service I received from Webkul has been exceptional. The work done is always well tested, therefore no bugs or errors and they always meet set deadlines.

New Hand

The Webkul-Team and Neha, who I normally wrote/write with, are doing an excellent job. They are very responsive and quick in fixing the problems I have. Especially, when the look and feel of my shop shows some issues due to my theme and the Marketplace App, they are really helpful and fast!
For example, it did not take 10 minutes from contacting Webkul and fixing the look of my vendor feedback page (which is part of the app).
There are smaller issues in the app, which can not be fixed as easy as problems in my store but I am sure we will work something out :)
I really appreciate the work with Webkul and I am happy to have them as a partner/shopify expert! Thank you Webkul!

Y Stryd Fach

They have been great with us and worked through everything that we have asked. No negatives at all and such a great product.

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