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About Wallaroo Media

At Wallaroo Media we build and grow your brand. We specialize in social and search advertising, website branding, design and development, SEO, and all types of content creation. We serve clients both large and small whatever their needs.

5 Testimonials

Heirloom Clothing

Heirloom Clothing's experience with Kristin and Joe was exceptional. Wallaroo was responsive and the effort put in to get us up and operational in a timely fashion was fantastic. I can truly say that this experience was a 9 out of 10 if not a 10. And when compared to a previous experience with Volusion, it was a 15. Kudos to those who brought our site up along with us. Also, as we have needed slight changes or even some development, the team has been exceptional in their response times and getting the changes done right.

Blue Light Resort

I can't say enough good things about the work that was done on my site. The team over at Wallaroo was so great in helping us develop our brand and bringing it to life. I wasn't exactly sure how to go about building something as complicated as a website, but they certainly made the process simple and were very easy to work with when making changes and updating the look of the site as well as how it works.

That's a Snap!

Wallaroo Media was not only amazingly accurate with bring the site to life, but extremely quick and stuck to the timeframe that we had agreed upon. The site works amazingly and the experience has been far superior to those that I have had with other development projects in the past. The development of the site, as well as the ongoing marketing, has left me completely happy and I look forward to seeing the success continue.

Humble Hilo | Creating a Common Thread

As a small company we were referred to Wallaroo media as someone who may be able to help us increase our social media presence as well as increase online sales. They have been honest, kind and very easy to work with. They showed a genuine interest in our brand and a willingness to help, even with a very limited budget.

They have kept all their promises and time commitments as well. We have regular communication where they are able to show us true ROI which is exactly what is needed with small businesses who get hit up constantly by marketing companies that promise real returns. We have been very happy with their performance with the short amount of time we have worked together and hope we see continued success and partnership.


They were great. I had purchased a new template but I needed quite a bit of customized work for it that I didn't know how to do myself. Wallaroo was able to do everything I asked very quickly. I worked with Erik and Joe and they rock. I would definitely say that they are experts on Shopify. I don't know very much about Shopify so it was great to work with people that could do what I needed done.

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