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About W3 Affinity.com

W3 Affinity offers clients creative and effective shopify design, setup and marketing through actionable search engine optimization.

4 Testimonials

Simple Living Home

W3 Affinity developed a brand from the ground up for us, and we couldn't have been more pleased in the process, service and cost. W3 also helped us source new products to help us grow our business and set up a very effective advertising campaign. Working with them was very easy!

Parkside Barber Shop

W3 Affinity has been doing my digital marketing for over 6 years now. We're very excited to continue growing through our recent move to Shopify. We have been growing every since bringing W3 Affinity onboard to handle it all. We get excellent service and results year after year.

Photobooth Supply Co.

John at W3 Affinity has been integral with our SEO, social media strategies, blog strategies, and more!

Pick a Bloom

Working with John from w3affinity was so easy, comfortable, and just an all around positive experience. He was very knowledgeable and really took the time to explain things in a way that I could understand them. I so appreciated the fact that I never felt rushed or like I was bothering him when I had a question, and believe me, I had a lot of them. He handled all of my needs in a timely manner and was very encouraging and positive throughout the entire process. Working with John actually made all of the stuff that I dreaded having to do for my business...fun. I am very pleased with the professional relationship that John and I have built. He made me feel like we were a team and he will now be my go-to guy for all my web design and seo needs from here on out!

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