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About Voltage New Media Inc.


Located in the heart of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Voltage is a small, passionate team of professional designers, developers and marketers with clients worldwide.

We understand the intricate needs of your online business, and will create a visually stunning website that provides an exceptional user experience.

Crafting inspired and elegant e-Commerce websites influenced by the strength and beauty of simplicity. We’ll create an online presence with the selling power of Shopify that truly reflects the unique qualities of your business.

6 Testimonials

Camp Brand Goods 1 day ago

Matt was great to work with. Fast, reliable and transparent. We discussed the scope of the project and he quoted a fair price and had it done ahead of deadline. We'll definitely be working with Voltage again.

Paralax Air Hammock 2 days ago

Voltage was a pleasure to work with. From the design phase, to the development and everything in between. They also helped me setup some Facebook marketing which has converted very well. I would highly recommend them for all aspects of eCommerce and Shopify.

CORDOVA 2 days ago

Our experience with Voltage far surpassed our expectations for our custom modifications we requested. Our company worked directly with Matt and he accomplished all of the work timely, with great communication throughout the project. We would highly recommend Matt and the rest of the skilled Voltage team!

We were introduced to Voltage New Media by another supplier. That supplier was unable to solve our problem with Facebook and thought that Voltage, with their knowledge of Shopify and Facebook Ads would be able to help me. I explained our problem to Matt and after about a dozen emails back and forth, they resolved my problem at no charge. They could have charged me their minimum, but did not. I was delighted and a little shocked.
A few weeks later I had a different problem with Google this time. I sent the problem to Matt and also to a very well-known competitor. Their competitor told me my problem was too complex to be treated as a "small job" and they could not help me.
At the same time, Matt asked me many questions and again after several emails back & forth he was able to show me how to solve the problem myself. He explained that he would be happy to do it for me at their minimum charge of $65 USD but he did not think it would be necessary. With his guidance I was able to fix it myself again at no charge,
This is an honest man and a reputable company. When I have another problem, he will be my first and only contact. He has won and deserves my trust.
Thank you Matt.

Kabi Bottle 2 months ago

Matt has been great, he helped us out with some slight customisations we needed for our website www.kabibottle.com before our launch. Matt was professional and responded in a timely matter, he stated things clearly and set out guidelines and timelines for when things would be completed.
I would highly recommend him to anyone looking at tweaking their website, especially if you have the Pipeline theme from Shopify.

Actionable Success 2 months ago

Matt from Voltage New Media was extremely helpful and very quick to solve a problem for me on my Shopify store. He is friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommended to use their service!

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