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We know e-commerce and we know how to make awesome merch. Let us be your Shopify Expert, bringing your brand and your bank to the next level.

You know you need your own site, and you know you like the Shopify look, but after that, are you stuck? No matter what stage of design or production you're in, TVP Shopify Experts can take you and your e-commerce site where you want to be. From concept to customer hands, we do it all, and we keep it simple.

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Brand Identity
UX Design
Visual Design
Merchandise Design

Site Mapping
Web Development
Technical Support
Integration into Shopify Theme Settings
Ongoing Site Support and Edits

Ideation and Design
Sourcing and Production
Vendor Management

Order Management
Storage and Fulfillment
Inventory Management
Customer Service

Starting with the site.
Do you already have a bunch of SWAG created and now need an eye-catching way to start selling? Let’s elevate your brand with a thoughtful, slick Shopify site that will engage your followers and keep them coming back for more. And, we’ll help keep your design fresh and your products in-stock by managing both your digital store, inventory and sales. Sound too easy? We promise, it is.

Starting with the products.
Do you not yet have any merch, but want to start selling and need a creative platform on which to do it? We'll work with you from start to finish — design some gear that makes sense for your brand and your audience, then we’ll produce it, store it and ship it. All the while, building and maintaining an expertly crafted Shopify site, while you sit back and collect the extra revenue.

Just want to chat and hear more about our ideas for your kickass brand? Great, get in touch!

12 Testimonials


TVP NYC has an experienced development team that is able to execute at a high level. I was very impressed with their ability to implement a scalable solution that allows our internal team to make changes and dynamically adjusts to work with mobile. Thank you TVP!

Tough Mudder

Our relationship with TVP has been terrific. They are professional, knowledgeable, resourceful and very responsive. TVP have been able to successfully launch our online store on Shopify in a record time and our main POC, Daria Rose, is just dynamite!

Decent Humans by CrowdRise

TVP has been so helpful in setting up and helping us to maintain our Shopify store. They have been so responsive and have truly gone above and beyond with their ongoing support.


TVP's been great to work with on all fronts! They manage all our e-commerce needs top to bottom and are ever helpful to suggest ways to optimize and enhance our store. Whether providing customer service or designing and developing updates to our site, TVP's a pleasure to work with through and through. I'm sure that every Shopify Expert can get the job done (technically speaking), but it's TVP's team that really sets them apart. Everyone is highly responsive and extremely proficient in what they do!


I've had a great time working with TVP over the last 2 years. They've done more than simply help me produce a product (whether that product was a tee shirt or web development), they've walked me through the process and educated me along the way.

Kintigo has worked with them on several projects: cut & sew custom tees; the full production/finishing (patches, labels, printing) of those tees; and various Shopify theme development and general support. They have done a good job informing me on things, so that I can actually use them less at times and simply get the job done.

Their team is able to serve you in various ways and I'd highly recommend them!


TVP quickly, efficiently, and beautifully converted our site from SquareSpace to Shopify. All I did was describe my vision, provide assets, and make small revisions/tweaks as needed. Once the job was done (quickly!), Daria at TVP even gave me a tutorial on all thing's Shopify so that I could continue to manage the site by myself. Ultimately, the process was a breeze and they were so delightful to work with that I also decided to go with TVP for fulfillment.


From start to finish they did a great job planning and executing our build. Even with changing deadlines they were able to accommodate us and meet some tight turn-around dates. We had a few projects that were new for them but they researched and were able to give us a beautiful end result. They were professional and nice to work with throughout the process and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Axis Tango

Creative, knowledgeable, tenacious, competent, committed to excellence, and very easy to work with - those are just a few words that describe Daria from TVP NYC. We worked with two Shopify experts prior to hiring TVP NYC to help us optimize our website; those experiences were very challenging and fell way short of the promised results. We were very skeptical to try yet another firm, but one conversation with Daria convinced us that this time the experience may be different. And it was! Daria and her team brought fresh, modern, and best-practices perspectives to the structure and look of our website. The implementation of the improvements was handled quickly and without errors. Daria kept in close contact with us throughout the project and we felt she was fully invested in the successful completion of the assignment. She suggested several improvements that are already producing positive results. In addition, Daria solved an issue for us that was deemed by several Shopify experts and web developers as unsolvable. Daria simply did not accept this as the answer and persevered in finding the perfect solution. We are very pleased with TVP NYC work and will definitely hire them again!

Kershaws Challenge

We are so grateful for the expertise of our friends at TVP NYC. They have brought a new level of professionalism and creativity to our online store via Shopify. Their attention to detail and excitement about what we are doing makes our partnership an easy fit. We are thankful for how they make our job easier! It makes sense to lean on the experts.


We are so #GLSENproud and grateful to be partners with TVP for our online store. TVP provided step-by-step guidance for how to build, stock, and market our products. In particular, Daria Rose is Shopify wizard. There isn't a question she can't answer or workaround she can't discover. Thank you!


TVP has the best team we have worked with. They switched our domain, site and data from wordpress to Shopify swiftly and without any issues. They are fast, incredibly knowledgeable and consistently go above and beyond for their clients. We are honored to work with them!


TVP has been an excellent resource for our team. When we started out on Shopify we had very little experience with the platform. However, under the guidance of TVP we were able to learn very quickly, and we soon began to expand our operation together.

TVP currently helps us with the sourcing, printing, warehousing, and fulfillment of our products. Aside from quality work, the best aspect of TVP is their incredible response time. If I ever have a question or a problem I know they are just a quick email or Gchat away. I don't believe I've ever had to wait more than a day to receive a helpful reply. I definitely recommend TVP as a Shopify Expert as they have consistently been a great team to work with. They are very friendly and are always willing to help us solve difficult eCommerce problems.

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