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About tCd Digital

We are an independent digital boutique located in NYC with over 15 years of experience in eCommerce and retail, specializing in convergence commerce -- integrating the web, mobile, social and in-store experience. We have extensive backgrounds in digital analytics, reporting and marketing. Our focus is finding creative solutions for small businesses using the latest emerging technologies and the most up to date data. We have aligned ourselves with Shopify because we believe it is the best product out there. With Shopify you have a “Bricks & Clicks” methodology, allowing you to easily integrate all aspects of your operation, virtually manage all channels from one dashboard, so you can focus on creating a seamless and complete customer experience.

Let us help you enhance your brand and grow your business.

2 Testimonials

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Working with TCD Digital, has been a great experience and the best choice we could have done in order to get set up our online store with Shopify.

Their professionalism, detail oriented service and immediate responsiveness have been very valuable to us.

I will highly recommend their assistance and expertise.

Extremely happy with the result

Olga Sasplugas, manager of Exceptionlab Inc.

Because I live in a small town selling on-line is a major source of my income.

However, I need to be painting not spending time revamping my website. That

is where tCd Digital came to the rescue. With their expertise they were able to

update my site, advise me on the latest trends and help me understand how to

improve my chances in the competitive world of ecommerce. They have simplified

my “business life” allowing me to devote more time to my “artistic life”. I plan on

using them again as I continue to grow my business.

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