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About Token Creative Services

Token Creative Services Inc. is creative agency specializing in all-things eCommerce. Our team provides expertise in web design & development, product photography, videography, graphic design and all forms of digital marketing. We believe strongly in helping businesses of all sizes turn their website into an investment that makes them money!

Originating in Waterloo, Canada (the heart of the Shopify ecosystem), our modest agency has grown quickly to become a leader and advocate within our community. We believe innovation is impossible alone; so we utilize both a team of passionate individuals and rich partnership network to provide the best possible solutions for our customers.

Your business is unique, much like the problems you face on a daily basis. We tailor each website to help with what you need most, bringing expertise and results to your project. We start with designing the site in a way that is eye-catching, easy to use and allows your business to display you. Imagine an easier, faster way to turn casual shoppers into high converting buyers. What could that do for your brand? Let's find out! Working with our creative team, we grow your business by attracting more visitors, improving your conversion rates, and enticing return customers.


See how we can help before you pay a cent. We sit down with you to work on every piece of your project and provide immediate suggestions on how to go about getting.
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4 Testimonials

Katie's Chaos

In October of 2017, I approached Token Creative Services with the idea of having an outlet to sell some of my artwork on and wanting to create my own unique products. Token proposed we design and launch a Shopify store.

I was given a few things to consider; who my target audience is, store name and theme, product pricing, budget etc. Any questions I had were answered.

They taught me how to create my own products, operate my store, and to create costing spreadsheets.

Marketing and promoting my store were my next steps. Token Creative Services shared a link to my store on their Official Facebook Page, giving me a beginner audience. After that, I was taught how to create my own advertisements, given ways to make a good impression simple, quick and to the point. - Eye Catching.

I am able to operate my entire store and even create products ALL from my smartphone.

With the help of Token I have had the great experience of being able launch my own business at 21 years old. Working alongside a team of people who want to see your dream come to life as much as yourself is something I will be forever grateful of. I am finally able to do what I love from the comfort of my home and in my own time!


I always dreamed of starting an online business. Something I can run from my home, bed, or better yet my phone. A job that could replace me full time day-job. Something to make me feel excited to wake up in the morning. I needed more meaning then 9-5 work….

Shopify and Token were that secret to success for me. I am a proud store owner. The team was professional and delivered everything to my expectations. I continue to work with them almost every day whether it's website updates or continued social media marketing. You simply can't go wrong with these guys..

Without the creative minds at Token driving our online business, our idea would have ended up dead in the water weeks after we came up with it. Make no mistake, starting an online business might seem easy, but when you break it down there is A LOT to think about. Social Media, product images, marketing videos, logos/branding, website, emails…..the list goes on.

Jordan's team took my business from an idea to a fully flushed out online store, which I am proud to say is actively online and selling. Our social media is rocking, storefront marketing solid. Our logos and branding is sleek, and our website is beautiful. Token really does it ALL. I am extremely lucky to have found and worked with such an awesome agency.

Lion Heart Living

Token Creative Services is absolutely brilliant! Working with them for close to two years now, they have developed in their skills and services at great speeds. This means that as they grow your business grows with it.

My Brand is Lion Heart Living, I have gone through 3 development stages with Token, and each time over it gets better and better. I am extremely pleased and happy with what I have received from Token and what I have been able to give them as a long term project.

The variety and depth of their abilities when it comes to Website development, Marketing, Advertising, Videography, Photography and Brand Building is exceptional. Token Creative Services has everything one would need, consider and want when it comes to Brand building and Business Development.

I am eternally grateful for everyone who works on the Token team, and I would recommend them over and over again to anyone searching for Business Development and Brand Building as a whole, or even for the individual services they offer.

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