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About TRADEMARK 5150

TRADEMARK 5150 is the only web design studio supplying gloriousness. No smoke, no mirrors, no double talking bs. Just straight up talent & hard work.

We’ve been around since 2002, and our background is in designing and building custom web platforms, however when we worked on a Shopify site back in 2014 we quickly fell in love. Shopify is truly an amazing value that benefits a wide range of businesses, from DIY retailers to mid-size global brands.

Our best fit is working with small - to - midsize businesses that are looking for a creative and/or technical team to help grow their business online.

If you envision a Shopify site that is authentic to your brand’s voice, really connects with your customers and drives through revenue, please contact us to start a conversation. That part is free!

2 Testimonials


TM5150 was so great to work with. Their team went above and beyond to make sure everything was setup properly and they came through with a great looking site. I really appreciated everything they did.


Very responsive, great turnaround time and they build a kick-ass e-commerce for our business.

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