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About The Vaan Group

- 2016 Shopify Ecommerce Design Honourable Mention

We are VAAN a forward-thinking, design-driven, and client-loving digital agency. A small team with big visions, TVG crafts sparkling Shopify experiences for standout brands We help online retailers increase conversion rates through UX driven design processes and proven digital marketing tactics. Our current ecommerce clients collectively capture $460 million a year in retail sales - and growing. Shopify Partner Studio participants.

5 Testimonials

FLI Charge

It was a pleasure to work with Xavier and the rest of the team at The Vaan Group. Immediately following our first meeting, they sent us a full fledged mockup exemplifying their unique creativity and deep understanding of our technology and brand. They are innovative, creative thinking and extremely talented at animation. The team is willing to work within a budget and is fully transparent and upfront about costs and timeline. We look forward to our continued relationship with TVG and recommend that any company meet with them before going with another Shopify expert.

Wandering Bear Coffee

Incredibly professional. Undeniably creative. Uniquely collaborative. Very fast.


Xavier and the Vaan Team produced an excellent website (JUISI - for us to help drive our business. Would recommend to anyone looking to create a great Shopify experience for their potential consumers.

Joseph Savino
CoFounder of JUISI

RVS Eyewear

An amazing team with full expertise and understanding of design and how to incorporate it perfectly with the tools shopify offers.

Goat Tape

Working with The Vaan Group has been an incredible experience. They took our old, hard to use website and turned it into a clean and easy to navigate website. Sales have skyrocketed since hiring TVG. By making our website so easy to navigate, it has not only helped drive sales but has decreased the amount of time we have to walk customers through the checkout process.

Our company, Goat Tape, manufactures and prints custom athletic tape. Our biggest challenge was explaining what our company offers and then the physical process of interacting with our customers to receive their files, create proofs, and accept payment. Our original process was slow and very hard for both our company and our customers. The Vaan Group recognized this issue and helped figure out a brilliant solution. They created an easy to use "Custom Orders" page on our website, created a clean pricing chart and then a very easy to use three step ordering process. Users can now upload their logo right to our website, fill in their desired color and style options, and their shipping information. It has saved Goat Tape tons of time and money.

We highly recommend working with The Vaan Group.

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