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About The Digital Media Consultancy (Pty) Ltd

With a team of developers based locally & abroad, TDMC provide custom web development services for each of their clients based on their unique set of requirements, their business objectives and their in-house resources. TDMC are Shopify build specialists and also manage the integration of any 3rd party service providers. Build from scratch, upgrade or simply in need of webshop management - TDMC are well placed to assist you.

7 Testimonials


Great work great team to work with


Excellent communication throughout the whole process.

Gitana Crystals

Is there a rating higher than Excellent? Simply amazing!! I reached out looking for an expert to make some changes to my website, I was told by most that the changes aren't possible and I had to get a new theme. Duncan reached out and said it was no problem and the changes could easily be made thank you so much Duncan!!! im keeping you on speed dial (well, speed email!)

Neko Rose

He was very helpful and fast, his communication was everything he made sure I was aware of what he was doing GREAT WORK.


We have had a great experience dealing with The Digital Media Consultancy.

They have managed to automate all the intricate details for our website - quickly and efficiently. There were many custom development items that we needed as the apps do not exist yet, and these were handled with ease.

Their knowledge of coding combined with their online marketing expertise have contributed to an increase in our online sales and online presence.

Highly Recommended.


In a niche market that is still finding it's e-commerce feet it is priceless to have an expert that is forward thinking and fast moving! Personally not having a tech background and being consumed by other needs of a growing business, having an expert team take care of the backend is critical for me. This team provides me with the confidence and support I need to drive the business forward. My experience has been exceptional and they have been key to helping me get the business to where it is!


My experience with TDMC has been amazing and with Shopify - it has been a pleasure working with both.

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