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About TaskHusky.com

Welcome Shopify Merchants!

My name is Oreo and I’m the lead dog at TaskHusky. TaskHusky.com is a Kalamazoo, Michigan based agency dedicated to helping you with all your Shopify needs.

We aren’t your average agency, we do things a little different:

1) No Project Minimums. Whether you need something that tasks an hour or 40, we are always here to help.
2) Shopify Experts. We’ve helped thousands of stores with tens of thousands of tasks on the Shopify platform. We know it, like we know all the good toy hiding spots.
3) Unlimited Revisions. We want you to be happy with your project. Even if sometimes you go chasing after squirrels (Who me? Never).
4) Always Available. We are an on-demand service. Use us when you need us, no retainer required.
5) 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your project, we will either keep working until you are or we will credit your account for the project total.

My tail is wagging after all that. You probably want to know what our talents are. Outside of the obvious of sleeping, eating, TREATS, digging, being adorable and, of course, being an escape artist. We are really great at the following:

Small Tweaks
Theme Upgrades
Website Reviews
Premium Theme Setup
New Websites
Shopify Store Setups
Shopify Store Migrations
Speed Optimization
App Installs
And More

If something isn’t listed and you need help with it, Create a Task anyway. A member of our team will quote the project or recommend a really great Shopify Expert who will be able to help you.

As a thank you for stopping by and giving us a try, mention coupon code “experts” when you submit your first task request here. You’ll get 15% off your first task.

Happy Digging,
Oreo, Lead Dog

13 Testimonials

Propagate Consulting

The completed work was high quality - exactly what I asked for. They were great to deal with. They were quick, and delivered work when they said they would.
But, more importantly, when there were a couple of details that didn't turn out as I'd requested, they were responsive and worked quickly to fix them.
I'll be using them again, and would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Antique Jewellery Online

Requested a modification to the mobile template theme for my Shopify platform and the work was done swiftly exactly as the brief requested.
I will not hesitate to use TaskHusky again for any further tweaks.

Kristin Coffin Jewelry

Very responsive, and did the job quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Task Husky and plan to use them again for small jobs.


The Task Husky team took the Kippo.com product pages to a new level. I truly feel like Task Husky is an extension of my team. We don't have full time developers, so we needed a cost-effective way to get work done. Not everyone understands the Shopify platform, so that knowledge is critical. Task Husky went above and beyond. I'll be sending more work their way.


It was the first time for me to work with a remote based-on-tickets-agency.
And I really started to love working with them!

You get a personal developer who´s there for you, does his job - quick, efficiently, without much of a hassle.

Communication is easy, professional and friendly and the quality is steady.

Highly recommend working with those guys. They take their job seriously.

Azio Corporation

Simply put, Taskhusky offers Shopfiy store customization with excellent efficiency, patient to work with the customer, and reasonable price.

We have some quite specialized customization jobs requested through Taskhusky that included homepage carousel, customize the product pages layout, picture presentation, and many more. Taskhusky can quickly analyze and evaluate the task for us and provide a decision as if they can take on the role or not. If they do, what will they do and how will do it and give the quoted regards to the task. Some of our requests were turned down, but all the ones they claimed to be able to do had all delivered with much satisfaction.

Their project/task manager Mohana is always polite, professional, and respond promptly.

Our tasks were handled and coded by Aman, who fulfilled all our satisfaction many times through all the tasks. Not to mention the patient and well-detailed response to all our requests and revisions, which sometimes even myself feel there are too many. (The numerous changes were not due to Aman's work quality, which was/is excellent, but because we feel like need to be modified for the better result after the review of the previous version). We are not professional coders (otherwise we won't use the service), but we do get what we want in aesthetic and with the ability to do more self-customization ability through the custom fields Aman built for us.

TaskHusky was recommended by the theme developer of theme that we use (SPlIT), but honestly speaking, we were having a bit of doubt to go with Taskhusky or not, since I did see some negative review left for them from another reviewer. At the same time, I do also understand that sometimes this customization job does have two sides of the story, as potential Shopify owners who do not have coding knowledge might easily misunderstand as what can be done within the limitation of Shopify Customization. After several rounds of back and forth communication, we still decided to go with them with a more straightforward task first, and I am happy that we did. Then, we followed with some more extensive and more complex tasks. So far, I am pleased with the results.

There was no over promise. Taskhusky will inform me straight up if our request is out of the scope of their capability, and also recommended me to where else I might find the right help.

A suggested tip for all future Shopify owner if you want a customization done, Taskhusky does offer a 10% additional cost on top of the quote task price as a future-proof service to update or carry over the customization you have done with them to your updated theme (the same theme I assume) in the time of a year. DO IT! If you use a popular theme that developed by a good theme developer, they will update the theme frequently for improvement. Like our them updated from 1.1.1 to 1.1.7 in just about 5 months of time. The issue is that the customization will most likely not automatically been carried over to your updated theme. Sometimes you can manually update the theme (if the theme developer support that), or you need to download the new version of the theme and add the all the customizations back with additional cost. If you did not choose the future proof option and having lots of customization as we did... then the price won't be cheap to add all the customizations back to the new theme... since this type of task is quite time-consuming and frankly, customization specialist makes their pay by the time spent.

One more note. Before you use task type customization, you do need to do a bit more research and homework on your own as to see if what you want or expected can be done with simple task customization. Since some complex effects or functions you wish for might not able to be done through task type customization, but needs more advance coding to achieve, which is apparently out of the service scope of Taskhusky provides. I believe Taskhusky do offer a list of what counts as Small Tasks from their website.


Nicky Jameson Art

They did the work very well and in good time. I did have to follow up to get notified that the work had been completed, however other than that they were on time, polite and happy to answer any questions I had, plus they did this promptly as well. I would use them again and have already recommended them to others interested in making changes to their Shopify sites.


Task Husky has a great team who has helped us build the website of our dreams. They are prompt and willing to bring our ideas to life. We've appreciated that they've made changes to our site that have increased our sales and conversions. We highly recommend them!


Over the past 10 years, I've worked with a wide variety of outsourced development teams. Some were very bad. And some were okay. But none were great. Yes, they may have had decent development chops, but they lacked the most important ingredient, the "care factor".

Well, Zachary and his team at Task Husky are completely different. Yes, they have top notch development skills and are very experienced with the Shopify platform. But more importantly, they genuinely care about delivering a final product that works flawlessly.

For example, even after Task Husky launched our redesigned site, they were willing to correct for minor issues months after the site went live. I've never worked with an outsourced team that was willing to do that. They take pride in their work and consistently over-deliver.

I will continue to rely on Task Husky for all of my development needs. They are incredibly responsive, very experienced with Shopify, and genuinely care about the work they deliver. I think you would be wise to consider them for all of your needs as well. Task Husky has my full endorsement.

Pure Living Space

I needed a different menu structure that would allow users to see the offerings without having to scroll all the way down their screen. I sent in a request and the TaskHusky expert offered the perfect solution that I could do on my own that completely solved the problem. The menu looks great now and is easy to navigate. I was unaware of the mega nav option, so I was appreciative that they offered this information with links to how to do it. Love this service and am using them for a third time.


Taskhusky keeps their project efficient with a great schedular so you always know whats going on at all times plus their prices are fantastic. Highly recommend them for your shopify website.

Kirk Hinckley

Skull Rider

Excellent and fast work with TaskHusky.com, I will work again with them in future shopify request.


Zachary and Taskhusky team provides first class service with great task execution accompanied by excellent personal and professional communication - I feel very lucky having them on board!

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