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About Studio Brnd Centrik

Quality. Consistency. Creativity.

Studio BRND Centrik produces premium imagery for established and emerging brands.

From advertising to e-com, we believe that your images need to be cohesive and clearly express what your brand represents.

Our solution; to come up with unique or apply proven concepts to your imagery to ensure the conveyance of your brand's message.

ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY - Stand out against the clutter.

What’s the difference between a campaign that turns heads and one that falls flat? Expertise. Our passion, drive and proficiency will get your brand noticed. Studio BRND Centrik conceives, creates, and produces all photos pertaining to your campaign from end-to-end, creating a seamless brand experience. With our solid network, and photo and video studio, our personalized service allows us to meet your advertising needs effectively and efficiently. If you want a passionate team that will work around the clock to make sure you’re happy, then welcome— you’ve come to the right place.

LOOKBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY - Tell a story and create desire.

A lookbook is a designer’s chance to highlight the key pieces from an upcoming collection while telling the brand’s story. That’s why BRND Centrik handles the project in its entirety, from photography, to artistic direction, to post production; working closely alongside your team to make sure your brand’s voice is always present. Our professionals have the skills and vision necessary to create a lookbook or catalogue as unique and inspiring as your business.

E-COMMERCE PHOTOGRAPHY - What’s photography got to do with it? Everything.

Photography is the best way to create aspiration for a product online. That’s why BRND Centrik believes in a creative and functional philosophy that portrays an item in the most desirable way possible. We have in an image-centric approach that focuses directly on what’s driving sales: the product. This way, we create a successful consumer experience that will blend in naturally with your website’s other components.

COPYWRITING - Seal the deal with copy.

So you’ve piqued their interest with a beautiful photograph, but the product description can make or break the sale. That’s why BRND Centrik has sought out the best marketing copywriters to join our team. Whether you want a romantic narrative, or a list of specific functions, our copywriters know to make a product sound desirable based on your target. We believe that product descriptions should not only inform a customer, but inspire them all the way to the checkout page.


Sometimes you just need a few extra product shots and don’t want to pay for an entire day in the studio. That’s why BRND Centrik offers a monthly subscription option. This way, you get as much or as little photography as you need, at any time throughout the month for one flat rate. It’s secured studio time that helps to take the pressure off of your timeline and your budget.

RETAINERSHIP PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES - We’d love to join your team.

If you need a high volume of photos on a regular basis, our retainership service could be the best option for your business. Getting our high-end services in-house means you get beautiful professional photos on demand — for less.

Specialties: Advertising Photography, Lookbook Photography, E-commerce Photography, E-commerce Videography, Photography Workflow Consultant, Brand Development, Apparel Photography, Accessories Photography, Catalog Photography, Marketing Photography, Pack Shots

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