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About Strawberry

We're Strawberry, the creative marketing agency.

Around for over two decades, we're a successful agency and no fly-by-nights. You can trust us with your project.

Ask our expert team to design and build your new shop and get a store that not only drives sales but looks great too.

First-time seller? Want to leave another platform like Magento behind? Thinking about Shopify Plus? It's what we do.

Looking for Shopify apps & integrations? Want your stock control system to talk to Shopify? Or want to make it easier to dispatch your orders? Some other problem that’s keeping you awake at night!

Lastly, launching is just the start - nobody said it would be easy!

Let our marketing team guide you through SEO, PPC, remarketing, social advertising, basket recovery and email marketing. And that's just a few of the tricks we've got...

1 Testimonial

Hugh Rice Jewellers 2 months ago

The Strawberry team moved our site across to Shopify as well as integrating our stock control system to our live store too using the Shopify API. They also handle all of our online marketing and run several PPC campaigns for us. Lastly but just as importantly for us as a Plus store, they are also on hand with any queries or issues we run into. We've worked with them for several years now and continue to do so!