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About Steven Chu Studio

I’m an expert facilitator at helping businesses channel their brand ethos into their strategy, visual design, and technology execution. Brand-to-Table is my foundational six piece workflow to ensure your startup business resonates with your customers and successfully carves out a niche for itself at the market table.

Service Offerings:
1. Planning Brand Strategy
2. Designing Brand Identity
3. Designing Your Customer Experience (UX)
4. Technology Strategy Recommendations
5. Building Your Shopify E-commerce store setup and customization tweaks
6. Executing Digital Marketing Campaigns

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2 Testimonials

Flora 1761

Steven was a pleasure to work with. Not only is he extremely talented in web design and coding, but he is also very organized, efficient, hard-working, and personable, making ours a great partnership for my business. His immense creativity has resulted in a beautiful and fully-functional website that is precisely in line with our vision and core branding and I look forward to partnering with Steven on future projects as our business grows.


Steven has helped us make our website more interactive, to create a more enhanced user experience for our customers. Keeping in mind our brand identity, Steven has offered both solutions and ideas – he’s shown us that there are truly unlimited possibilities. We are constantly working on improving our website every day, but our customers have been greatly appreciative of the more user-friendly and engaging components implemented by Steven thus far. We’re excited to continue to develop our website with Steven and look forward to further improving our user experience!

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