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We are a leading Vancouver Web Design & Development company with a focus on happy customers.

We design and develop Shopify websites for small business owners, designers, and agencies. We are experienced in App, Mobile and Wordpress integrations for Shopify.

No design? No problem - we can provide you with a full design & development package.

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Basic Store Setup $500
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Full Custom Design & Development from $6,500

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Teadora 4 months ago

We had an outstanding experience working with the SplitMango team. They were extremely knowledgable. Delivered to their timeline and budget. Communications were fluid and easy and the entire site migration process was a breeze. We had challenges with our old system and even transferring info from own old system that they were able to overcome on their own without any hand holding and despite this being a complicated project they handled it with extreme grace and easy and the end result was also fabulous. We are already reaping the benefits of being on a robust shopping platform from the get go. I highly recommend SplitMango and Shopify.

Organic Makeup Sale 6 months ago

We hired SplitMango for a couple of our stores (USA and CAD). Their knowledge of the Shopify system was excellent, their workmanship, attention to detail, cost - all spot on! Thanks guys!

Organic Makeup Sale 6 months ago


The Teaguy 6 months ago

Davide and his team were very good to work with. They have a lot of technical expertise and are very responsive to requests and provide great feedback. Our project took an exceptionally long time to complete because of the content we needed to create and add. Most of this was our fault and not the fault of Split Mango, yet there were a few times when it took awhile to have new material added to the new site.
All in all though, I would not hesitate to work with David and his team again.

Highly recommend!

Vertical Suits 6 months ago

We enjoyed our experience with Split Mango. We have a unique product that is very technical and highly customized to each clients. They were able to build our website on very specific requirements and they helped us connect all the dots together. We now have a great system that enabled us to speed up procession and increase our sales.

The team is very friendly and professional, and they are really responsive to constructive feedback.

I would recommend them to anyone needing a great online solution.

I found David and his team on Shopify's directory. Their office is close to my company which enables us to meet in person. This is important because my last web developer moved away a year ago and I found it very challenging to communicate over email and phone.

What I liked most about SplitMango is the communication. They listen, respond quickly, and always follow up. I also like that I can always depend on them to come up with good solutions. They are knowledgeable about putting a robust and attractive website together so I can focus on running my business. Since we migrated to Shopify's platform with Split Mango, we have not had any complaints from customers and my staff absolutely love the new Shopify website and POS.

Seneca & Spruce Inc. almost 2 years ago

The SplitMango team was great. Their prices were reasonable and they have a deep understanding of the Shopify platform.

The Borrowed Collection almost 2 years ago

David and his team are truly excellent at what they do. They have a streamlined process that allows their clients to stay very up-to-date and as involved as they would like (for me, I appreciated the opportunity to be hands on!) Building a website can involve a multitude of moving parts, but the Split Mango team were able to handle every component proficiently and quickly (something to be appreciated when paying on an hourly rate).

In conclusion, Split Mango did a phenomenal job with the website and have provided excellent support afterwards as well. They are certainly worth the investment!

High Calibre Miniatures over 2 years ago

I was and continue to be very satisfied with the service and quality of work at SplitMango. I know that my business would be in a far colder place if a dramatic shift hadn't been suggested and handily implemented by your staff.
I have received nothing but excellent reviews on how the site looks and functions from customers and friends. My own experience working with the tool set that is Shopify has been extremely positive in that I am now, for the most part, self sufficient and can solve minor issues on my own.
The staff whom I worked with showed real 'moxy' in carrying out their tasks and were a genuinely positive aspect of the process.
Thanks very much for the hard work and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
James Gates, High Calibre Miniatures

Sail Strong Team Store over 2 years ago

Good listeners. Quality results.
Ready to re-hire for other critical needs.
Strongly suggest considering this vendor for your work needs.

Pinknbluebaby over 2 years ago

Working with SplitMango was great experience for me. SplitMango team was incredibly professional and insightful. They "got"exactly what I needed done. I would happily recommend SplitMango to anyone.

fabricationsinc almost 3 years ago

Every time I had a questions SpiltMango was accessible. Elizabeth was patience and took care to make sure I understood the reasons for the store modifications we were making. I would be pleased to work with SpiltMango and Elizabeth again.

Exhibitree Display almost 3 years ago

SplitMango did such a great job on our website and fulfilled all of our expectations. The programmer was great to work with - so helpful and any requests were taken care of immediately. He had so much knowledge of the Shopify platform. We were so impressed with the speed of their service.

We highly recommend using SplitMango for your website programming.

No AdMail over 3 years ago

Working with Split Mango was a great experience! The team was organized, professional yet extremely friendly and personable, had great ideas and actively listened to what we were looking for.

I would highly recommend working with Split Mango. I know that I would go to them again in the future for any web design and development needs.

Jen Goodman
Co-Founder, No AdMail
Interactive Project Manager

quadbar safety over 3 years ago

Split mango were so professional and helpful through the whole process. I would highly recommend split mango to anyone who is looking at establishing an website for their business.

SplitMango is by far the best Shopify Expert to work with! We have been working with them on various projects over the years and now with their referral to Shopify we cannot thank them enough. Don't think twice before deciding on which Shopify Expert to use!

MyFootyBoots over 3 years ago

Very happy with the work I had them do for me. Completed in a timely manner and would definitely recommend.

Cheeky Umbrella over 3 years ago

The new website that SplitMango built us achieved the goals we had set for it initially and exceeded expectations in some areas also. We're looking forward to working with them on our next website project!

Cheeky Umbrella over 3 years ago

The new website that SplitMango built us achieved the goals we had set for it and exceeded our expectations in some areas. It now looks and functions so much better than our previous site! We're looking forward to working with SplitMango on our next website project.

Petals A Florist over 3 years ago

The expert fixed our coding fast and at a reasonable price. We are very satisfied with the work and recommend them to all who need help tweaking their sites.

Capital Books and Wellness about 4 years ago

We are very happy with the website that SplitMango designed for us. There were some follow-up issues that required attention and SplitMango addressed and solved those. Overall this was a good experience for us.


Moms Helping Schools over 4 years ago

“Thank you, SplitMango, for the outstanding work that you did for our MomsHelpingSchools.com website. I was greatly impressed with your expertise and speed in completing the work ahead of schedule. What most impressed me was your team’s great communication skills and customer service. I knew exactly what was happening with my project at all times and your team proactively followed up with me. I have already referred your company to others and I will definitely do so in the future. I look forward to working with you again myself.” Tamara Monosoff, Founder & CEO

iBottleopener over 4 years ago

I contacted Shopify to recommend some Designers that could help us out with a few changes on our website shop.ibottleopener.com, Out of the 7 prospects I sent emails too, Split Mango Media was the only one that responded promptly, and offered competitive prices. David was super fast and I would definitely recommend using SplitMango for anything from small changes to total redesigns.

Art of Giving over 4 years ago

excellent experience. easy and pleasant to work with. i would absolutely use them again!

Very good.

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