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About Sonrisa Ventures

Sonrisa Ventures is a one-stop-shop for launching brands in Europe. We focus on the following services:
- Shopify website design (EN, FR, IT, GER, SP).
- Amazon Seller Central account set-up.
- VAT & EORI registration in Europe.
- Listing translations and optimizations.
- Shopify and Amazon account management.
- Digital Marketing activities (Amazon PPC, AMS,etc.)

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Our company is based in Mainland China and we specialize in the design of electronic gadgets such as camera stabilizers. We contacted Sonrisa Ventures several months ago to plan our product launch in the US and Europe. Part of the product launch strategy was a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, a Shopify website, an Amazon EU store, and several other digital marketing activities. We loved the fact that Sonrisa Ventures provided a wide range of services. Their team is clearly comprised of E-Commerce experts fully equipped with the knowledge to handle our store and many things beyond. Communication was excellent, feedback cycles were short and deadlines were all kept. We highly recommend their services!

我们是一家位于中国大陆的公司,致力于电子产品如手机云台等产品的设计与开发。几个月前我们联系Sonrisa Ventures计划在美国以及欧洲发布我们的品牌产品。他们团队帮助我们制定整个营销战略,其中一部分便是帮助我们在Indiegogo上众筹, 建立一个Shopify电商网站,和一家欧洲亚马逊店,以及其它一些数字营销活动。我们非常满意Sonrisa Ventures所提供的这一系列服务。他们整个团队是由一批具有全面电子商务知识的专业精英组成,帮助我们打理我们的店面及策划营销活动。卓越的沟通,及时反馈,能在制定的时间范围内完成所有的承诺。我们强烈推荐他们的服务!


We were looking for a web design studio which could not only design our E-Commerce website but also plan our strategic product launch on Amazon in the US and Europe. Sonrisa Ventures gave us exactly what we needed: Their support was fantastic, their understanding of the E-commerce world outstanding and their product launch strategy very detailed. We were very satisfied with the web design and delighted with the end results. If you want to take your online business to the next level and not simply get your website built you'll be in good hands.

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