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About SnappyFly

SnappyFly is a revolutionary way of product photography. We are an Online Ecommerce Photography Provider - trusted by 3M, Stabilo, TheWalletShop and many other reputable brands!

We know your time can be put to better use than to be spent taking photos, cropping and editing them. And we want to make the process of product photography hassle-free for you. No more meeting up with photographers, supervising photoshoots or anxiously waiting for your photos to be processed and edited.

Everything is conducted online from ordering our service, to reviewing, selecting and downloading your photos. You get to choose and pay for only the photos you like! That means our SnappyFlies must work extra hard to make sure they churn out quality photos for you to pick from.

We pick up and return your products to you for free too if you have 5 more more items to shoot. Absolutely hassle-free. Worry not if you have less than 5 products - we accept any job from 1 product! And it will cost you as low as SGD15 per product.

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