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About SMAKK Studios

SMAKK Studios is a digital agency based in Brooklyn, NY. Our team has optimized ecommerce platforms for global brands like Nike, Converse, Rockport and L'Oreal but we're just as passionate about helping small businesses launch. That’s why we created an internal team dedicated to Shopify for small businesses 3 years ago for design, branding, development, and theme setup.

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3 Testimonials

Minnow + Mars

We had a great experience with Smakk. They are very professional, timely and a fun bunch to work with. The work they did for us turned out great and we highly recommend them.

Vanderbilt Wine Merchants

All in all I was very impressed with SMAKK's abilty to customize the platform for my specific business needs. I'm not sure if you want feedback re: SMAKK only, or if you're interested in hearing about the process overall. I would say that the only pain points of the process arose from situations where a seemingly simple functionality proved not possible given the Shopify platform. E.g. Allowing customers to select multiple items within a given filter, not having a sort functionality for filter results, changing the default sort for collections to something other than alphabetical.


SM&KK is the shit. I mean, they're basically experts at everything, but Shopify especially. If there's anything they don't know, I haven't heard about it or seen it. They are patient and nice, and they deliver. Everything they've done for us has been above and beyond, and our site is the first thing that is complimented by every person we discuss the brand with. No regrets, so grateful!

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