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About Slingshot eCommerce

Slingshot eCommerce specializes in harnessing the potential of affinity and loyalty brands on and offline. We are e-commerce experts focusing on direct-to-consumer sales and marketing, with an emphasis on entertainment brands.

8 Testimonials

Official David Cross Online Store

My experience with Slingshot has been nothing but fantastic from the second we started working together. They are enthusiastic, very collaborative (both listening to me and coming up with their own great ideas) and extremely quick and efficient. I can highly recommend the team at Slingshot.

The Doors Official Online Store

As manager of some of the most iconic musical legacies of all time, it is imperative that I work with people I can trust and who will honor those artists. I have known the team at Slingshot for many years and am highly confident in their ability to manage the online presence and e-commerce for my artists. They are creative, talented, innovative and most importantly, honest and good guys with a lot of integrity. In our time working with Slingshot, we have seen exceptional and measurable results.

Stacey David Gearz

The guys at Slingshot are standouts in communication, organization and customer service among their peers, so when we were looking to have our store built on an open platform, Slingshot was the most comfortable choice for us. Slingshot exceeded expectations by getting the store operational quickly with a killer design that matched our website. They continue to come up with new ideas to increase store sales, and respond to our requests in a flash.

GroundUP Music | Official Online Store

Simply put – Slingshot is a game-changer. Not only do they give us the best quality products, the most competitive pricing, and the most unique ideas on marketing and sales, but they give my company something even more valuable – peace of mind. I know that I can focus on my job and never once have to worry about our merchandise or e-commerce because I know that with Slingshot on board, we have the best possible people in the industry running our music and merchandise division. But what really puts them over the top is that they care about us as much as WE care about us, and are available 24-7-365 to ensure that we are receiving the best possible quality and service. Such an old fashioned concept but one that is surely appreciated by our team every day in every way.

Bluegrass Underground Online Store

It has been a pleasure working with Slingshot. They listen with depth, talk with passion, and create with one eye in the sky and the other on the ground. In other words: creative solutions. They’re also easy to work with and cool folks.

Matrix Labs, LLC

Slingshot has been a pleasure to partner with on The Hot Crazy Matrix. We brought them a product idea on a niche product which blew up on YouTube; The Hot Crazy Matrix has been viewed over 10 million times and has a very loyal following for both men and women. Slingshot followed through with excellent marketing, design, and fulfillment strategies which have helped us make quite a business out of the merchandise that has come from this video. In my opinion, this is highly specialized work. Many marketing companies can help you with getting your message out, and vendors can design and ship product, but having the excellence in execution and strategy under one roof has been extremely valuable for us. We highly recommend their services.

Isaac Hayes

Managing a legacy brand from an eCommerce perspective requires careful consideration and careful attention. Slingshot eCommerce provides just that. They are full of creative ideas and have seasoned experience with a personal touch that makes me feel at ease knowing the brand is being treated with respect and passion. They understand the market and how to best execute a plan of action for success. I’m glad to be working with them.

Snarky Puppy Official Online Store

For the first time in the 12 years I’ve run Snarky Puppy, I finally feel like our merchandising is working for us. Rather than telling us what we should do, the team at Slingshot respected our creativity and listened to us in order to build a store full of products that we both felt excited about. They were open, communicative, and quick in every exchange. As a result, we saw more sales in our first month with Slingshot than any other in our history as a band.

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