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About Sintra Consulting - Digital Business

Sintra Digital Business is an E-commerce Agency specialized in E-commerce design and development, in the specific in Magento and Shopify platforms.

Sintra Digital Business is the E-commerce partner that can help you to drive sales in the right direction througth services like: design, usability test, integrations, digital strategy, development and webmarketing.

With more than 10 years of experience in software and web, Sintra's eCommerce Team is specialized in customization and integration of new functionalities to meet customer and to create an excellent user experience.

7 Testimonials

Gruppo di lavoro preparato ed eterogeneo. L'ottimizzazione del sito e creazione campagne hanno generato aumento di traffico e stiamo valutando l'aumento di fatturato che ne deriva. Approccio professionale. Un partner importante per la nostra attività che giustifica l'investimento che richiede.


company close to the customer's needs, excellent skills and solutions suitable for project and commerce development.

Velasca (World)

Excellent service both during the analysis phase and in the web development execution phase. Sintra is one of the few outstanding companies when it comes to developing websites and apps on Shopify.


Very knowledge on Shopify features and willing to go out of his way to test additional apps compatibilities and in general test potential new solutions. Flexible working with the customer and very accessible.


Perfect choice to develop a modern, technologically advanced and appealing design e-commerce site. Very skilled and professional staff.


Fantastico, molto soddisfatto del servizio reso dalla ditta Sintra.
Un elogio particolare al Sig. Iacopo di Sintra per la professionalità ed efficienza dimostrata nella realizzazione del mio progetto " on Shopify"

Enrico Coveri

Great Team, great reliability! They developed the website quickly and efficiently. Sintra has a great structure with client managers able to solve any problems within few minutes.

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