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About sineLABS

sineLABS is a web software development firm specializing in Shopify store implementations, customizations, apps, and integrations.

Our services range from small batches of tweaks, repairs, or enhancements to your existing Shopify store to full-scale custom design/build of new Shopify stores and custom apps.

Our pricing begins with a minimum engagement of 5 hours of miscellaneous enhancements/fixes for $450. Our hourly rate for maintenance, tweaks, enhancements etc. is $90.

Our rate for new theme build/design and application development is $110 per hour.

A Shopify store implementation using a pre-built theme (from the Shopify theme store) usually begins at about $3000. A fully custom Shopify theme build from your supplied site designs in PSD files starts at about $5000. A custom theme design for a new Shopify store typically ranges between about $2000 and $4000. Custom private applications for your store to add special functionality are typically also about $4000 and up. Depending on your needs and budget, we will give you an honest assessment of what we can do for you, how long it will take, what we need from you to get started, and our commitment to deliver what we promise without delays or surprises.

We are also the author of several public apps on the Shopify app store including:



67 Testimonials 10 months ago

We've been working with sineLABS for a little over a month now. In every way, they have been great! Great customer service, great response time to calls/emails and most importantly, great results. We have been very pleased with their professionalism and quality of work and we'd recommend sineLABS for anyone looking to make changes to their Shopify store. I'm sure we'll be using them again in the future. Thank you Chris! about 1 year ago

I had a specific modification I needed made to our store... So after calling half the people in the experts section and either not getting a hold of anyone or being told that they couldn't do it I found sineLabs. I worked with Chris who was very helpful. He took time to understand what I was looking for and got a working build of my modification completed in around a week. We worked through a few changes and I was up and running WAY ahead of schedule and UNDER budget!

Several months later a client noticed a minor bug so I emailed Chris on a Friday afternoon before I left work for the day. He responded and assured me it would be taken care of Monday morning. True to his word the bug was gone and he didn't charge me to fix it.

Having worked with quite a few freelancers and design firms on both our store and our main website, I can say with confidence that sineLabs has been the best. I look forward to working with them in the future!

We worked with Chris to make improvements to our website and we were extremely happy with the work. Chris took time for us on several conference calls and his follow up was top notch. The work was completed quicker than we expected and was exactly what we needed. We will definitely be coming back to sineLABS and Chris. Thank you so much!!

Drukker Designs about 1 year ago

We spent the past three months working with Chris and the rest of the team from sineLABS on developing our Shopify website, and couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Chris was great to work with, easy to get a hold of, and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of website design, development, as well as the intricacies of Shopify, including setting up and walking us through using their metafield management app for our use. We're going to continue to use sineLABS for ongoing work and maintenance of our website and would highly recommend them to anyone else looking for a competent, reliable, and trustworthy development company.

Lithiumstart LLC about 1 year ago

Working with Chris and Sean at sineLABS has been a revelation about how web development should be done. Fixed bid, fast turnaround, expert service. They know Shopify inside out, and can create beautiful custom themes or modify any you already purchased. Bravo...

Virgin Vapor about 1 year ago

It was a pleasure working with Chris from sineLABS! Job was done quickly, professionally and beautifully! Thank you!

HeadbandsofHope over 1 year ago

Chris was amazing to work with. He was extremely responsive and customized everything I was looking for. I highly recommend Sinelabs!

The Tailored Shop, LLC over 1 year ago

Chris is great at sineLabs! No matter how big or small the issue was, Chris took care of it quickly and efficiently. Since we sell custom suits online and allow users to view videos to provide us their measurements, we knew we did not have an ordinary website. We had several use cases that all required a different display of data each time, along with embedding videos, all of which Chris handled easily. We could not have finished our store without his help! We highly recommend sineLabs services!

Chris Kresser L.Ac over 1 year ago

sineLABS was incredible to work with. Sean was responsive and translated our design into code perfectly. Not only does the code make the site look right on the front-end, they built it the right away in the back-end. The theme settings are detailed and clean & they worked with us to make sure we understood how everything is setup so we can manage it moving forward. We could not have been happier with the experience of working with sineLABS and the final product.

BELLA J CANDLES over 1 year ago

sineLABS was a great partner. They jumped in and completed our project swiftly and proficiently. Brian, who I was working with, has a strong understanding of the shopify platform and executed and reacted to changes quickly and effectively. I highly recommend them!

FiftyThree over 1 year ago

Sinelabs has been an amazing partner. They have capably done everything we asked and much, much more. They do fantastic, high quality work and often suggest great ideas and solutions beyond our requirements. Everyone on our team from design to development has loved working with them and we will continue to use them for a long time to come. We can honestly give them our highest recommendation.

A Rood Awakening over 1 year ago

sineLABS as a company represents everything you could ever ask for in a Shopify expert - period. The combination of professionalism, quality work, expert knowledge, and outstanding communication is unparalleled. If you are looking for help with your store that requires creativity, innovative thinking, and out-of-the-box problem solving, there is no better option. Additionally, if you are looking for more conventional help with your store, they are still the best choice, hands down. I cannot express enough how awesome it is to be in direct contact with a true expert throughout your project, and have said expert eagerly communicating with you in order to ensure that each and every detail you are asking for is done perfectly... not "good enough", but exactly how you envision it. They are also an amazing resource for best practices and information. The original idea for our store was changed throughout the project according the outstanding recommendations of Chris, who went above and beyond in providing these recommendations and then fulfilling them. I cannot speak highly enough of the capabilities of this team, their knowledge, expertise, flexibility, and fair pricing.

GroomStand over 1 year ago

In our quest to move our online store, to Shopify we interviewed several development firms. We were lucky to find sineLABS! To get things started our negotiations were unbelievably smooth. Once the actual work started, Chris (Sr. Developer) and his team were outstanding to work with. They provided our account with so much attention and expertise that I was blown away. I would highly recommend sineLABS! over 1 year ago

sineLABS was great to work with. They were very professional in their communication, fast in executing our requests and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend sineLABS if you have shopify development needs.

John.E.O. Art over 1 year ago

I am a first time Shopify user and working with SineLabs was an excellent experience for having some custom enhancements made to my website. They are really professional on the phone and email. They are very timely with quoting the enhancements I requested as well as providing a super quick turnaround. Two thumbs up SineLabs!

Game Day Treasures almost 2 years ago

My experience with sineLABS has been wonderful. I have had the pleasure to work with Brian and Sean. Both are very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Their ability to perform every task I threw at them in a very timely matter just amazed me. I would highly recommend sineLABS to anyone looking to make their site much better than it was before. I will be use them again and again. Thanks

Johannes Hunter Jewelers almost 2 years ago

Sean was so incredibly helpful every step of the way building filters for our website. They turned out perfectly and we're so happy with the results. We'll definitely be using SineLabs in the future. Every store with tons of product needs to talk to SineLabs! Affordable, efficient, and great people to work with.

SwimSpray almost 2 years ago

sineLABS got back to me right away and they were very responsive during the initial phase of the project. Even more impressive was then their developer came back with a detailed presentation of the work product that went above and beyond what I had asked for. It was a great experience and we'll definitely work with them again! almost 2 years ago

Great job and very professional. Sinelab quickly understood our job requirement and implemented it according to our expectations. We definitely recommend sinelab and we look forward working with them in the near future.

Kennington almost 2 years ago

Extremely satisfied with the work sineLABS did for me and I definitely look forward to working with them again. Super fast turnaround (Quoted 2 weeks of dev work, completed in one week). Fast and efficient communication from Sean (dev) and Chris (biz). My client is very happy with what I was able to deliver thanks to the work that they did to help get the shop launched this month. Thanks guys!

Online Fish Market almost 2 years ago

The team at sineLABS was amazing. They did an incredible job for us. I give them the absolute highest of recommendations! I will be using sineLABS for ALL my Shopify needs from here on out. Thanks guys for doing such an amazing job!!

Seven Directions almost 2 years ago

Easy to work with and successfully made all the changes I needed.

Warm 'n Fuzzy almost 2 years ago

Chris and Sean were wonderful to work with. They reviewed my needs and made suggestions for what would work best for me. They worked quickly and did an outstanding job. They were also always willing to work out any kinks that were left once the initial work was done. Highly recommended!

Ruth's Beauty almost 2 years ago

Chris was terrific- he got back via email with lightning speed and immediately offered to set up a Skype screen share to walk me through the Meta Fields App. Chris walked me through using the app, answering all of my questions and also being available for future assistance. Meta Fields will save me countless hours editing and updating my site and the support was truly first rate.

Ken & Dana Design almost 2 years ago

Excellent work. Everything we asked for was done well, in a timely manner and within the agreed upon budget. On top of that, Chris was very pleasant in our exchanges and was great with offering suggestions to work out some of the more difficult problems we were having. I would definitely use Sinelabs again.

Corporate Class Event Decor almost 2 years ago

We would highly recommend Sinelabs. We were assigned Sean for our programming needs. This company was great to work with! Sean immediately went to work, was efficient, had great customer communications skills (we knew exactly where we were on any given day) and both he and Chris cared about our online store. We felt looked after. We will be working with them again.

Great Soles about 2 years ago

The best experience! Had almost given up hope of getting the website to where I wanted - having spent much time & resources on developers that went AWOL or charged too much and delivered too little. Working with Chris at sineLABS completely changed this experience. I feel like a "customer" once again and so happy with the results!

Urban Hamper about 2 years ago

sineLABS was very knowledgeable and always happy to explain where they were throughout various stages of the project they completed for us. I would absolutely recommend working with them in the future!

MetaHerbal Labs about 2 years ago

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Chris and Sean. They deliver top-notch work at a very reasonable price. Everything that was promised has been delivered, and then some. Whether you are looking for a few site tweaks or a full overhaul, SineLabs has you covered. I can't give these guys enough praise... they are simply THE BEST!!!

Ceravelo about 2 years ago

These guys are good. Really good. After trying 2 other Shopify recommended developers which turned out sub par it was a relief and pleasure to work with the guys from sineLABS. After delivering the list of requirements they turned around the work well within their estimated time frame. I feel like Brian, developer, understood exactly what I was asking for and his execution with stellar.

The sineLABS team was great! Sean and Brian did a wonderful job customizing our store. They kept us in the loop throughout the entire editing process and were quick to answer all of our questions. It was a great experience.

Madesmith about 2 years ago

James and Chris were a pure delight to work with. They understand design and don't just program... they also try to make things better and provide useful suggestions. They also handled all our work with great enthusiasm and professionalism. I'm super happy with the end results and ease of maintenance. I loved working with them and hope to continue our working relationship in the next project.

Gift A Feast over 2 years ago

I hired sineLABS to address a list of tweaks I needed to my site after another developer had gone AWOL on me. Chris was responsive in setting up the project, and Brian was dogged in figuring out solutions to my requests. The project was completed in the time and budget that Chris had quoted. I plan to use sineLABS again as my website evolves.

Mr. Canary over 2 years ago

I've been working with Sinelabs on some website updates and I recommend them HIGHLY! Great follow-through and rates are very reasonable. Chris is professional, efficient and personable. He answered my questions and completed the work expertly AND promptly. Hiring help via the Internet can be a gamble, hiring Sinelabs is not. I'm already back for additional work.

LocationLock over 2 years ago

sineLabs were very professional, extremely prompts & overwhelmingly affordable. sineLabs has an entire team of developers & project managers. I found the process from start to finish extremely easy and delightful.

Most important, the team at sineLabs delivers & goes out of their way to make sure you are 100% satisfied. sineLabs is my go-to-team of developers for all things Shopify.


Dflyco over 2 years ago

SineLabs helped me finish up some stuff for my website so much faster then I expected. Definitely going back whenever I need something changed or Upgraded.

Stick with these guys and you won't be disappointed.

kiss the ring new york over 2 years ago

Chris Gregory and James Heston took care of everything I needed to have done in a timely and professional manner. For under $500, they helped me create a site that was better looking than the one I paid over $6,000 for, spent over 8 months working with the developer on, and was never even delivered. These guys are TOP NOTCH and helped me create a beautiful site that is also easy to use!

saagara over 2 years ago

These guys were the absolute most professional contractors I've ever worked with. They were quick, dependable, and very experienced. The best part was there wasn't a single request that they couldn't figure out (even if they hadn't done it before). I would definitely recommend them.

PartsXpress over 2 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about the SineLABS team. Very responsive with open & honest feedback, and a “nothing is too small” attitude. Bryan and I reviewed what we needed and after that he hit the ground running (even in the midst of a hurricane). We are now exploring some unique search filtering options and I look forward to hearing their creative solutions.

Biased Cut over 2 years ago

The guys at SineLABS are fantastic. We had unique website and shopping cart needs that required a lot of customization. They quickly understood our issues and came up with a way to solve them.

These guys are more than just experts on the Shopify platform - they are flexible and adaptive to your situation. And they work quickly and efficiently. Would happily work with them again!

Genius Pack over 2 years ago

Brian is AMAZING! He knows Shopify coding with his eyes closed, and there is NOT ONE REQUEST that he cannot do. Diligent, Always states when the task will be completed, gets it done, and figures out how to always GET TO YES. Don't think or compare designers/developers, Brian is your guy!

PANYL over 2 years ago

Sinelabs are serious Shopify hackers. They are waaaay up inside the guts of the platform. I would especially recommend them for projects that use JavaScript to manipulate certain "untouchable" core shopify components. The best thing to do is just take a look at Look at our samples page, our product pages, our cart. AND, they did all of this work in about two man-weeks. over 2 years ago

I will admit....I was skeptical having the ask a third party team to build my Shopify Store.....

Let me just say that everyone at sineLABS, including my dedicated developer Chris, was superb! Everything that I asked for was done on time, fully functional, and most importantly within budget!

I would recommend sineLABS to anyone looking to bring products online with Shopify!

Thanks again!

Heads Up Apparel almost 3 years ago

Our experience with sindLABS could not have been better. Most importantly, they listened to our needs to adapt the Shopify platform to our needs - everytime...they never swept aside our requests. We were able to get many more answers from them than we could from the Shopify folks (sorry Shopify, but true - maybe we just never were able to get thru to the right folks at Shopify). Joe and James at sineLABS consistently came up with innovative ways for us to get the functionality that we need- every time and on time. and we would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Lastly, we always felt like they cared about our success, and the relationship seemed personal. We felt they were honest with their time and their biling was very reasonable. Hats of to sineLABS. Dan Paxton, Heads Up Apparel

TSP Turf Equipment almost 3 years ago

Very quick. Very reasonably priced. Very responsive. Would highly recommend!

BARB AND BEAR almost 3 years ago

sineLABS and our designated developer, James, did a fantastic job for us over at! Attentive, personal, professional and efficient... couldn't have asked for a better experience. Great value for a great service. We highly recommend these experts! Thanks guys!

VMS 4x4 - Find A New Path almost 3 years ago

Their service was awesome! I can't believe how easy they were to work with from the other side of the world. Thanks guys for all your effort!

MANGROOMER almost 3 years ago

Excellent work, communication, and they delivered the project very quickly. thanks! almost 3 years ago

sineLabs did what 2 of our local contract workers said was impossible to do! We now have the personalization we need with our Shopify store. We had a parade in our office for Grant and the team at sineLabs and even snarfed down some tacos to celebrate. 2 thumbs up.

Catch a Piece of Maine almost 3 years ago

The sineLABS team is a total class act, super responsive, on time and on budget. I have done a few websites over the last 15 years and I can honestly say you don't find teams that get it all. Needless to say I am one happy customer and know who I will be working with as things come up for this new site. Thanks guys and keep up the great work!

Natural Form almost 3 years ago

I could not have made a better choice in vendors by picking sineLabs. My requirements and customizations were rather unusual for a Shopify store. Joe and Chris were unbelievably responsive in scoping, defining and executing the assignment. Chris was a pleasure to work with, very articulate accommodating and easy to work with.....They were a dream to work with.....I highly recommend them.

MIKEKARG.COM almost 3 years ago

We requested sineLABS to do advanced configuration and custom programming for our Shop such as a sortable Shows-Blog, a Press-Module, manual product sorting possibilities and more.

They got everything done exactly as we wanted it, did that in time, set up google docs for a professional coordination of the tasks and - last but not least - were very nice to communicate with!

We'd anytime do business again with sineLABS, thanks Grant and Joe!

Development Manager of

WXYZ JEWELRY almost 3 years ago

Joe and Grant at Sinelabs are trustworthy, honest and dedicated guys, who are great at what they do.

Having worked with several web developers, I have found that the most important thing is trust - and with Sinelabs I got that 100%.

I will definitely will continue to work with Sinelabs in the long term - and recommend that you do too!

Standout Designs almost 3 years ago

I wholeheartedly recommend sineLABS. Developer Grant Eagon created a site that delivers a wonderfully interactive shopping experience. He proposed many great ideas, like a "Build to Order" layout. The site is easy to manage thanks to the SineLABS MetaFields app. We also use it for SEO. Grant is a master of Javascript, Liquid, CSS & HTML. If you want an exceptional Shopify shop, go with sineLABS.

New York Prime Meats almost 3 years ago

The team at sineLABS is very easy to work with. They listened to what I wanted, suggested ideas and executed flawlessly. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and would recommend them to anyone looking for a shopify expert.

EPM Live App Store about 3 years ago

Where do I start with this team? They took over a failing project and turned it around on a very tight deadline. We aren't talking mediocre work here either, this team produced a top notch solution for me. There were several instances where they recommended a better solution than what was in the spec. These guys are problem solvers, not just developers. Very highly recommended.

Idollina about 3 years ago

It was essential to the success of my ‘store’ to have advanced filtering of products available for customers to drill down into product selections – the Querystring app was perfect for this & has provided me with that functionality. The developers of this app, were flexiable, efficient & easy to work with. The application was integrated into my website easily & I am very pleased with the outcome!

monogramsonwebster about 3 years ago

I give SineLABS my HIGHEST recommendation! I had an positively excellent experience working with Joe and Chris. They were very responsive from the get-go and throughout (they even pick up the phone to talk to you in person) as well as knowledgeable, resourceful, patient and timely. I felt a strong level of trust in the work they they were doing for me and they actually exceeded my expectations.

Highbrow Vapor about 3 years ago

Simply put these folks know their business. Ideas I had were implemented and improved upon which made for a wonderful experience. They never told me something wasn't possible which I was quite honestly expecting. I really cannot say enough about their accessibility through the course of the project or their knowledge of Shopify. Very impressed with every aspect of their business.

Fifth Element about 3 years ago

Joe delivered exactly what we asked for, and quickly. Very easy to work with, communication and feedback thru-out the process ensured the end result worked well.

Grocer POS about 3 years ago

They were excellent, moved through the project quickly, had reasonable billing rates, and I look forward to giving them more work.

Favors With Love about 3 years ago

Joe was great to work with! He was very skilled, efficient, and had great communication throughout the whole thing.

We went through three developers who all couldn't make any progress. Joe managed to get all our tasks completed in a few hours. Highly recommended!

Diaper a Day over 3 years ago

Absolutely wonderful and supportive to my idea. When they say they'll get it done, they get it done and more. Definitely worth every penny. Choose sineLABS because I know I will for all my website needs.

P.S. If you see a Shopify expert named Phumo, I'd advice to pass. They'll ignore you and your emails.

FunBites over 3 years ago

we loved them. fats, honest, smart, very nice

WowWee Toy Shop over 3 years ago

Very fast, and very competitive pricing. sinLABS was honest and straight-forward with the entire project. We appreciated the knowledge and experience that Joe has with Shopify APIs and we now have the detailed statistics pulled from the API that we needed to make sense of the holiday rush. Thanks again!

Surya Organics™ over 3 years ago

Joe and the sineLABS team were amazing in their Shopify capabilities and were a pleasure to work with. Some elements of our theme were difficult and we weren't sure they would work in Shopify but Joe/co made everything work just the way we wanted. Exceeds expectations!

Monica & Joe over 3 years ago

It has been a pleasure dealing with Joe and team from Sinelabs. We are very pleased with our new site, everything that we discussed and more has been delivered, and Joe has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable during the whole process of development and launch. We are looking forward to trading the site now over this Christmas period.

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