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About Kaleido

★★★★★ WHY KALEIDO ★★★★★

Sure, there are tons of experts you can work with. However, we pride ourselves with offering an experience rather than a product. We think of everything. From the dot on the i in the first email we send to your pet needing a vaccine to celebrating your first $1,000,000 earned.

We are here to help you through growth, expansion and remove the technological barrier so you can focus on what you do best - your business!

Let's begin! Click "Contact Expert" and let us know how we can help you.

★★★★★ WHAT DO WE DO ★★★★★

✓ BUILD SHOPIFY STORES - we carefully nurture your idea to maturity and then launch it to conquer the world

✓ EXTEND EXISTING FUNCTIONALITY - we actually made one store sing

✓ PRIVATE APPS AND SHOPIFY API - one of our developers has memorized all 100+ pages of Shopify API. To be fair, he does have photographic memory

✓ THEME DESIGN AND TWEAKS - we love gorgeous things. Just like Frank Sinatra, we love to make it look classy!

✓ OUTRAGEOUS DEMANDS - while we won't file your taxes, we can do pretty much anything else. The bigger the challenge, the happier you're going to make us. We specialize in those.

✓ REPLICATE SYSTEM FUNCTIONALITY from other systems - you show us, we make it for you

✓ VIRAL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS - just imagine monumental scale plague, that's how efficient we go

3 Testimonials


We were migrating our web shop to Shopify and guys from Kaleido helped us with advice, setting up project and working on it. Migration and later customization of the new web shop went flawless.


Kaleido is one of the most trustworthy companies you can work with. They have a very high knowledge of what they are doing, their workflow is smooth and on time, and their customer support is excellent. We have been working with them for 4 months now, and they will be our Shopify partners as long as our website exists. We just couldn't have made it without them.

Ioannis Lamprianos
Founder of Bethackers


Thanks to Kaleido team we have built a successful online store. They are a group of experts that you want in your team.

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