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About Fuel Made

We help ecommerce companies grow on Shopify Plus.

We specialize in premium Shopify work, and in doing an exceptionally good job. We build high-performing, conversion-focused, functional and beautiful websites on Shopify Plus. Shopify work is all we do.

We take on a select number of projects each year that fit us well. When you hire us, you get the personal, devoted attention of our talented team working to help you achieve your goals.

We are also Klaviyo Professional Partners, helping our Shopify clients leverage the tremendous power of automated email marketing (significantly more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined) to capture maximum value from your website visitors.

We have a passion for doing work that engages visitors, and converts them to sales. We’re honored to contribute to the success stories of our family of multi-million dollar revenue clients.

We would love to hear about your needs to see if we can help.


Custom Design & Development:
Let our team of experienced designers and developers help bring your brand and store to life. Worried that Shopify isn't capable of what you need? We'd love a chance to surprise you.

Migrating from another solution like Magento? You’ll love the reduction in hassles, the improved ease of use, and the cost savings you’ll enjoy by switching to Shopify Plus. We love doing migrations, and will help you every step of the way.

Managing Growth:
Growing rapidly and need the extra support of a dedicated team on both sides of the Shopify fence? Pairing our premium support service with Shopify Plus ensures your shop can grow without any technical limitations.

New Initiatives:
Do you have a new initiative that will demand flawless stability, performance and execution? Let us help you put together a plan with Shopify Plus that will meet your needs.

All our services include solid SEO help (we've even written a 6,000+ word guide to Shopify SEO which we'll provide to you for free).

★ Visit our website (link on the right) to learn more about us, and see our full portfolio.

Please also read the customer reviews below to learn what it's like to work with us.

(p.s. We're hiring!)

31 Testimonials


Fuel Made helped us bring our new branding to life. They are true leaders in Shopify website development and provide excellent recommendations while also accommodating our custom requests. They made our Shopify transition stress free, educational and enjoyable. I highly recommend them and know this will not be the last time we work with them!


Finding Fuelmade was the best thing for my company since I started my business. I was operating my business on an old platform (Yahoo Store) and contacted Fuelmade to assist in rebuilding my store and migrating to Shopify. The whole team was excellent from the beginning. Very friendly staff & honest about everything. My site has customization for the products I sell and it was important to get that right for our customers. Fuelmade executed this perfectly and provided me with new better ideas. Since my launch I have seen increases in mobile conversions, decrease bounce rates and a nice boost in sales. It's very hard to find great trustworthy companies online but I will say that Fuelmade is the company you want for your Shopify Store.


Olympus Health

I ran my own web agency for ten years, and I've subcontracted work to agencies and launched more sites than most have had hot dinners. Fuel Made exceeded my expectations on all fronts.

They are professional, timely, honest and get the job done. We have seen a 50% increase in our conversion rate, and a 20% increase in revenue since site launch.

We could not be more impressed with FuelMade, and would recommend Carson and the team without hesitation.


Our experience with Fuel Made has been fantastic and we highly recommend them.

Carson and the Fuel Made team helped translate Sketch files handed over by our web-designer to a fully functional website with 0 bugs.

- Clear communication
- Fast response time (Carson adds you to Skype)
- Super organised (they use Trello for project management and you as a client always have visibility on where the project is in the development phase)
- Really knows Shopify in and out (including it's limitations) - e.g notice how fast our site loads even with such large images - all thanks to Carson and the team

- None.

If you are serious about your webshop and want it to be perfect, you should work with them. For v1 of our website, we used a developer with a much lower rate. We weren't very happy with the end result. After working with Fuel Made, we won't turn back -- they're professional and amazing at what they do, and it's worth every penny.

Inked Gaming

Working with Carson and his team was a really great experience. Their knowledge was top notch and they were very helpful with ideas on how to get my vision into existence in the Shopify world. Carson is a true professional and has really great methods to keep him and I on the same page through the process. He has been helpful after the project has ended as well. I feel very comfortable recommending him to others.


AtmosFX was very satisfied with Carson and his team's communication skills, diligence, flexibility, responsiveness and results. We were very concerned about migrating our store to Shopify. Carson alleviated those concerns from start through completion. I would highly recommend utilizing Carson and his team for your Shopify solutions.

-- Pete Reichert
AtmosFX Inc.

SMS Audio, LLC

I’ve worked on a lot of interactive projects over the years and have found it is not easy to find capable and committed development experts. It has been our pleasure to work with Carson. He and his team are extremely capable, and 100% committed to the success of our site. Carson doesn’t over-promise, he provides valuable guidance and exceptional service.

Kyle Newton
Creative Director
SMS Audio

Right Channel Radios

I've worked with a lot of contractors, programmers and designers in my years online. And working with Carson and ShopifyCustom.com was, hands down, the best experience I've EVER had working with a contractor. These guys blew me away.

What did I like? First off, they're insanely detailed oriented so things don't get missed. You tell them something and it's gets remembered and gets done. They're incredibly responsive: most of my emails were answered within an hour, if not 15 minutes. Finally, they do top-notch work. Take a look at their profile it's really, really good.

Not sure if I can recommend them highly enough. Thanks guys for doing such an incredible job!


Having worked with many development teams on our store in the past, we can say with 100% certainty that Carson, Jacob and the rest of the team at Shopify Custom are one of the best in this game. What we appreciate the most about working with them is that are easy and quick to communicate with (responses often within minutes), and they use a simple project management system that keeps us involved and engaged throughout the project.

From a technical standpoint, we often present problems or functionality requests to Carson without knowing if a solution exists. His team has always come back and suggested/implemented a solution that is far superior to anything we could have thought. They have automated many of the tasks on our site which resulted in a significant cost savings - their work pays for itself. I don't think there is anything these guys can't do, or functionality they can't build.

After two rounds of significant development work, Shopify Custom has delivered an outstanding product exactly as specified, on time and on budget. We highly recommend them as your developers of choice.


We had a fantastic experience working with Carson for our site redesign. Carson understands Shopify and its capabilities thoroughly and was able to help us customize our site with unique features important to our business. He was very communicative and responsive through the whole project. His process was very organized and we always knew what he was working on, what he needed from us, etc. Any issues or questions we had were addressed quickly. There were no elements of the project that we discussed prior to signing the scope that went above his original estimate. The project was completed right on time without any rush. We are very happy with our updated site and would not hesitate to work with him again.

Noble Carriage

Carson was a dream to work with. My business partner and I have worked with dozens of programmers in our past jobs and Carson was by far the best programmer we have ever worked with...ever! He has a keen eye on every detail of launching a Shopify store, believes programming and design can work together, sets clear goals, and meets EVERY deadline. If you want your website developed right the first time, hire Carson. We can not tell you how many Shopify experts and people in general have geeked out on what an amazing job Carson did in customizing our online shop. Thanks Carson!


Carson was knowledgable, professional, and prompt. He was able to both advise and effectively execute, which helped us move quickly through the project without hassle. We provided comps and were not forgiving on the layout details. Carson was always right back to us if we found something that was overlooked. Visibility on progress throughout the project was also strong. In short, it was the kind of contractor service we hope for.


I spoke with several developers and I am so thankful that I went with Carson! Carson is diligent, professional and wonderful to work with. I appreciated the way he took the time to understand our project and he executed the tasks promptly and with excellence. Carson's pricing is fair and he is worth the extra dollars as renovating the items on our site was hassle free. I also did an SEO training with Carson and we can see the difference in our orders each day. We look forward to using him again when we make some advancements on our site. Thank you Carson!

Seven to Seven

We were fairly far along in the development of our site but realized that we had some technical needs that we could not handle on our own. We were referred to Carson who was immediately available to answer questions and to get us on his schedule.

The work was done professionally, in a timely manner and with a reasonable price tag. He has continued to be available to us for question answering and to provide guidance and direction on things that we could handle ourselves.

RM, Seven to Seven Apparel LLC

Littlefield Lane

I was completely swamped with a large number of tasks that needed my attention to get my store ready to launch, so I hired Carson to help me push everything out the door in one week. I was delighted and amazed at how attentive and helpful he was, and how much we were able to accomplish. We went from absolutely nothing, to a launched, fully functional store that complimented by branding and that I absolutely love.

Carson was great and went way above and beyond with lots of little things to help us successfully launch. He answered all my questions, gave me excellent recommendations, and just made it happen. Plus, he has a happy, cool personality that made me feel comfortable with all of my inexperience in this area. He let me know that although we had an initial launch deadline to hit, we could always make changes to further improve the site in the future. I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out, and will absolutely continue to work with him.

Beloved Paperie

I came to Carson with a challenging set of expectations. I had a complex site and limited budget. I was also apprehensive after having had a bad experience with a non-shopify developer. Carson quickly eased these fears. He is intelligent and a true problem solver. He went above and beyond to understand my customer and make their experience on my site user friendly. He was able to find clever solutions to accommodate my budget restrictions. He was always prompt and professional. I would highly recommend Carson and will be using him for any of my web needs moving forward.

BodyMantra Blends

Carson is professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with in all things Shopify. It's easy to give a glowing report, but for any skeptics:

First, don't be turned off by Carson's higher hourly rate. He is blazingly efficient and gets more done in an hour than most will do in twice the time. His workflow process is one of the best I've worked with - project details are well-tracked so that things don't fall through the cracks. He kept me well-informed about budget along the way so that I didn't end up with sticker shock (and an uncomfortable situation) at the end of my project.

Second, if you've ever worked with developers that "do their magic" and leave you in the dark, wondering how to manage the site yourself, you won't have that problem with Carson. It was clear from the start that Carson likes to educate his clients to be self-sufficient. He will train you to use Shopify tools for their primary purpose: to empower the user (not the developer).

Lastly, Carson is easy to work with. No red tape of large design firms with complex processes. No indecipherable "developer talk" complicating the process. He's straightforward and no-nonsense.

Higher Ground

I could not have been more pleased with both my interaction/ communication with Carson or with his ability to execute our modifications. He clearly has a thorough understanding of the system and bends it to his will. He worked efficiently and communicated effectively throughout the process and provided a valuable amount of advice once completed. Post completion, we discovered a few more tweaks that were necessary and he was quick to help. We would definitely recommend Carson to anyone looking to customize their Shopify cart. Thank you again Carson!

Raw Food Central

Carson was amazing to work with. He took our design and simply brought it to life. Not only did he make it happen but he helped us flush out the best customer experience. He was always extremely responsive, professional, and helpful with everything we encountered. The most impressive part of Carson was his overall willingness to not just simply complete the project scope but to make sure we could were able to launch the site without any issues. Every minor bug we found was fixed by Carson instantly. Not only do I recommend others to work with Carson as a Shopify developer but I will be using him for more sites in 2014. Great job Carson!!! Thanks again for bringing our vision to life.

Cool Material

Carson was absolutely amazing to work with! He has a great understanding of not only eCommerce business but also Shopify and all the little tricks to make it click. He went above and beyond to working out revisions along the way, ensuring our satisfaction. He always responded quickly and was more then happy to jump on the phone if needed. I highly recommend Carson and would certainly work with him again!


Carson was great to work with. He responded quickly and took the time to understand exactly what I needed. He was able to provide a quick turn around on his work at a time when I really deeded some fast changes. I would definitely work with Carson again and recommend him to my friends.

Küchenprofi USA

Excellent experience working with Carson.
Knowledgeable, Fast, and down to earth.
We anticipate working with him in the future.

Ritual Hockey

I can't recommend Carson highly enough!

He did an amazing job with our web site development and we will continue to utilise his services in the future.

Our site has a ton of customisation that would not have been possible without Carson. If your looking for a professional operator who knows Shopify inside-out then Carson is your man.

Phone Repair Miami Beach

We presented Carson with the challenging and time consuming task of recreating our website. With hundreds of detail specific products and categories. Carson executed well beyond our expectations. Not only will we use his services again, but I will also gladly recommend them to anyone. Thank you again Carson.

Elementem Photography

We had a great experience working with Carson. From the very beginning, I felt like Carson understood our needs for the project, offered us helpful suggestions for how to get them implemented, even when it was at a lower development cost on his end. All in all, weve had a great time working together, and continue to work with Carson.


An exceptional talent.

A must interview before you hire an outfit to work on your web project.

His deliverables were always on time and exact.

We are fortunate to have found Carson McComas to build our website.

Palomas Nest

Carson was so great to work with. He was professional, timely, and made sure all of our requests were executed to exceed our expectations. He also made sure to explain and teach every detail of our shop to us before going live, so that we would be fully able and comfortable updating and changing things on our site. We highly recommend Carson and look forward to working with him more.

Odd Future

Carson has always been very helpful with every task we've asked of him. Our website is a clothing store, music store, video hub, blog hub and we're constantly evolving with the Hip Hop music group we represent. Carson has helped us make our site efficient to handle all of those services. He's a very reliable resource and we're thankful to have him on the team.

Hudson Made New York

Carson was fantastic to work with. He exceeded our expectations and brought our ambitious website design and vision to life. He has a great attention to detail, he is an excellent communicator and he often went above and beyond what was expected. We highly recommend Carson!

Unsung Hero Apparel

Carson did a great job with our project. He was able to meet our ambitious timelines, paid attention to even the smallest details, and maintained an open line of communication throughout the entire process.

I'd strongly recommend Carson!

Madsen Cycles

Carson was and is great to work with. Just look at our sight!

On top of doing a bang up job making our sight and shopify work and look seamlessly. He gave us and set up great tools and ideas to bring crazy traffic to our sight and store.

Carson and shopify were what we needed to turn our ideas of selling marketing and promoting on the web into reality.

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