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About ShopaFree

★★★★★ Interactive Shopify Setup.

Your Shopify Guyde ~ One U.S. Call Away.

Ever wish you had a Shopify Expert on call? Now you do! We have several setup options depending on your timeframe and budget.

Book an Interactive Shopify Setup Bootcamp. We dedicate 3 days, 3 hours a day, and design your site interactively while we share screens & chat. Then Bob's your uncle, your store is done and you understand how to use and update it. Pour a glass of your favorite adult beverage and pull up a chair. This is going to be fun :)

What we do :
✔ ShopaFree : It's our name. It's what we do. Sign up @
✔ FastPass : Skip the queue! Setup & Design ~ $900.
✔ Bootcamp : Share screens & chat while we build. 3 days. 3 hrs a day. $3k
✔ Logo Design ~ $500
✔ Migration from Volusion, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Etsy, etc

Look through our FAQ on for more info & to get started.

Any questions? Schedule a free consultation call here >


21 Testimonials

Turdnugget Teez

“Get your Shopify store set up in just a few minutes!” I can’t tell you how many of those blasted videos I watched on YouTube. Several hours’ worth. That time would have been better spent learning Chinese Braille. The Shopify concept is great, and navigating their site does become somewhat less painful with time and repetition. But if you’re a newbie like myself, store set-up can be extremely intimidating. I needed someone to steer me through those choppy techy waters. Thankfully, such a person showed up. If you’re looking for unbiased guidance and excellent service, look no further than Michael and the crew at ShopaFree! From my first visit to their website, I knew they were my kind of folks. They use humor to relate to prospective clients! How insane is that? ::sarcasm::

These guys aren’t sterile suit-wearing robots. If that’s what you’re into, go
elsewhere. Michael’s sense of humor is priceless…and his service is costless!
There is no charge for setting up your store. There were probably a few occasions when he wanted to charge me (ha), but he remained a patient teacher throughout the project. That’s another thing that bumped him even further up my “cool scale”. He gets you involved in the tweaking process so that you’re not totally dependent upon someone else to maintain your store. Responsive, accessible…I’ll run out of space before I run out of adjectives to describe these guys. I endorse them without any hesitation or reservations.

Edgy Hippie Boutique

AMAZING company to go work with!! I am in LOVE with the look of my shop, and that is all thanks to ShopaFree! The team was great to work with, and helpful for someone like me whom is completely computer illiterate. I seriously had no idea what the heck I was doing lol. Best part of it? THEY DID MY WEBSITE FOR FREE. Yeah, amazing right? You can't beat free! As a new Small Business Owner, I have a small budget and did not have to pay a dime for them to build my site the way I wanted it to. I am really thankful that I found this service, it's much appreciated for those of us like me. THANK YOU! Highly recommend their services!

Rebel Marys Boutique

The staff was excellent. They helped me learn how to work with the software and was very patient about explaining things to me. Mike Dragich and Lee were amazing to work with!!! They also made suggestions to help organization, pics, marketing ideas etc on my site ! We discussed everything in detail. My site is beautiful !!! Their customer service is top notch. They were timely and always got back with me answering every query. I can't imagine doing this without them. They have so much knowledge about Shopify. Very impressive and professional !!!

Day to Evening

Without ShopAFree, my shop would be a mess, if it even existed yet! Michael and Jeff are both knowledgable and easy going, and met me where I was at with my business' online presence (which was ground zero). My store is both beautiful and functional now, what more could I ask for? Oh, and did I mention this was FREE?!

Pup Bright

This company was ABSOLUTELY lovely. I'm a woman who works full time and didn't have the time, money or resources to build the Fabulous Website I know my product deserved :-). I reached out to them and they were more than willing to give me free advice on my website and offered to help with the Set Up of my Store. I had some cute, but unprofessional, photos of my dog wearing my product and they gave me advice on getting professional photos taken on a budget with a DSLR camera, gave me the best camera angles to use to highlight my product, gave me feedback on my logo and the positioning of my logo, gave me ideas for my website name, and helped me create an AMAZZZZING Shopify website.

Even though it may take a while since you're in line waiting for them to work on your site-- it's FREE.. FREE.. FREE.. Did I say FREE? The wait is WORTH the price of $ so don't complain. :-P

If you want it done faster, you can also pay for an expedited process. They are amazing and I'm so happy for their feedback, guidance, and help. Thank You ShopaFree :-)

Did I mention it's FREE? Okay.. Just had to repeat it in case you missed that part :-)

Good Hair Days

This experience kinda blew my mind. The design and thought and cohesion of this process was stellar. The truly mind blowing part of it was that it was free! Like no strings attached no upsell after the fact truly free.

I really enjoyed working with this team and I'm blown away at the design. I've been an e-commerce store owner for 10 years and have paid 25K for designs that were not in line with the quality of this design at all. Thanks to the team highly recommended.

Monarch Butterfly Shop

What can I say about working with ShopaFree? I was working with an underwhelming, overpriced shopify "expert" and knew I wanted to go in a new direction. Even though Michael and the team usually work with new shopify stores, it was great to see that they help existing stores too. They had the expertise to go in and make the necessary changes to confusing code that others before were not!

My only regret is that I didn't go with ShopaFree first. Their freemium business model is genius because it allows them to make a fair income through shopify affiliate fees, so it won’t cost you the money you desperately need to start your business…the textbook definition of WIN/WIN!!

Even though our initial project is done, I continue to work with Michael and his expanding company because he is a true Shopify EXPERT and knows how to help you put your best foot forward with your new Shopify store…don’t make the same mistake I made. Start with the best and have money left to invest in growing your business.

Auralite Lifestyle & Performance

Using ShopaFree made the starting of my business a thousand times easier. The idea of creating a well put together and functional ecommerce store was a daunting task as I had no coding experience. The experts at ShopaFree were there for me and helped me to create a website that was functional and aesthetic. Not only are they great at what they do but they're super friendly, creatively fun, and service oriented. They were all about what I wanted and tailoring every detail to how I envisioned.

The fact that they created my Shopify store for FREE just makes the experience all the harder to believe! I had always assumed free meant less, but in the case of Shopafree, FREE means amazing end products with amazing support.

Use them for your site! I have already recommended them to other friends of mine that are thinking of starting their own businesses. Good luck!

Jewelry Uniq

My experience with the team at ShopaFree was excellent - the website build went very well and the result was a great Website and the best part - it was Free!

R. W. Summer Imports

Mike was a thorough professional. He is extremely knowledgeable and polite. Great to work with!!!! I would recommend him anytime! The whole thing took a bit longer than I was hoping, but he had some staffing issues and the end result was spectacular. Very pleased!

Silly Tee Shirts

Great service, very patient and able to deliver what I was looking for. Highly recommend!!


Looking to get started with a Shopify Store, but have no clue how? The experts at ShopaFree were awesome! If you can be patient and wait for them (they are quite busy), they will help build and guide you to a great place while learning the ropes as a new store owner. With expert eyes for design and business savvy, you’ll be up in no time - They built us a great site and would recommend them in a heart beat to anyone!


Great work, communication was fast, positive tune, and effective. My website looks great thanks to them. Fun to work with!

Equal Identity

Great customer service and communication! Created a clean professional website.


Friendly, fast, professional service with consistant follow up. Still can't believe it was free!

Free Brands inc

Very helpful, very knowledgeable and I would recommend them a million times over! Great experience!


After more than one year searching for the right designer, wasting more than $1000, I finally found ShopaFree! They were excellent and very knowledgable plus Michael did more than just design the web site and I will do business again and again with him for all my future web site...


Michael has already started to bring my vision to life! He has gone above and beyond what I expected and I cannot wait to see what my site looks like once he and the team are finished with it! I highly recommend them to everyone and am forever grateful!

Boho and Lace Fashion

Michael with Shopafree was absolutely wonderful. He had the same image in mind for my logo as I did and had it all completed and updated before we even had a chance to discuss what I wanted. He knew by listening to me during our initial conversation. He was a on top of everything and helped me complete my website with shopify with a better than imagined image. I truly appreciate his help. Top notch service and I recommend his services every chance I get.


Finding ShopaFree was a blessing. It was a very impressive experience with Michael. He set up the website ( ) we always wanted instantly with only few simple lines of description. And the most unique part of it’s service is such a service is for free (or with a minimal fee you could have expedite service). Michael also provided many valuable and professional suggestions that not only enhanced our website’s presentation but convey our mission clearly. After we launched our website a few weeks ago, Michael answered our questions and implemented the changes we requested within a day. It is really worry free when we have Michael and his team's continuing support.
Awesome Gift House

Motherhood Rocks

My store was totally transformed to how its suppose to look. I started out on my own with no experience and my store looked half-baked. But with their help they transformed my store to a very excellent standard. Michael was very friendly and patient with me throughout the process. I am grateful I had this opportunity for free and my store really looks amazing!

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