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Trust the Shopify SEO Experts who rank #1 in Google for "Shopify SEO Expert."

Whitecap SEO is a search engine optimization company specializing in SEO for Shopify stores. We are a team of dedicated US-based SEO professionals located in beautiful Miami, Florida. We have worked with Shopify since 2008, helping businesses of all sizes compete online. Our focus is based on results-driven white hat SEO practices to help position your site #1 in Google in order to bring in targeted traffic and sales.

Our client engagements begin with our Initial Discovery Package, which includes the following:

-Technical Analysis
-Content Analysis
-Competitive Analysis
-SEO Scorecard
-SEO Roadmap

From the detailed SEO Roadmap, we’ll have a plan of action that will allow us to move into a monthly arrangement, typically between 6-12 months. This is when you’ll begin to see results that will directly boost traffic and sales.

We accept customer-focused businesses who are truly passionate about their brand and are looking to build something that lasts. Contact us if you have a marketing budget and are serious about outranking the competition.

Shopify Site Audit: $3000+
Monthly SEO Packages: $3000+
Contact us at sales@whitecapseo.com

24 Testimonials

We had an excellent experience with Whitecap SEO, starting with the initial phone consultation where Michael Salvo took the time to get to know our business. The report we received for proposed action steps was very detailed, clear, and comprehensive!

When are are ready to move forward with out SEO projects, we will only be using Whitecap SEO. Thank you Michael!

Bead Charmed Jewelry Ltd. about 2 months ago

"Although searching for a trustworthy company to provide SEO work left us in despair, Michael and his team at Whitecap SEO came to the rescue! These guys know that most people search for honesty and integrity and that's exactly who they are and best describes the service that they provide. Their expert knowledge of E-Commerce business, SEO work, Marketing skills, and Social Media really separates them from the rest. Their creativity and passion knows no bounds. We were literally drowning before we met them and consider our selves quite lucky to be working with such dedicated and professional people! We are seeing amazing results..... and we look forward in celebrating our success and continued working relationship with Whitecap SEO."

Whitecap SEO was always professional to work with in helping us make the right decision for our SEO efforts, our representative was great to work with. They provided us with actionable advice and put us in the right direction for success with SEO. I would recommend them to any site looking to really invest in SEO.

Fragrance Talk about 1 year ago

Wow! Aaron has provided me with an amazingly comprehensive SEO analysis of my current shop! Some great stuff that I look forward to implementing very soon. He is also very professional and an excellent communicator, with an excellent understanding of a constantly changing industry. Thank you! 10 out of 10!

Excellent advice received regarding our SEO. We are really impressed with the service we have received and the recommendations suggested regarding our SEO.
Really efficient SEO reporting which is clear and understandable.

Vice Merchants over 1 year ago

I happily recommend Michael Salvo for your SEO needs. From his keyword analysis through site changes, his process is insightful and high quality.

Hattan Home over 1 year ago

SEO seemed like something I should investigate for my eCommerce store, but never did I imagine the impact implementing it would actually have on my sales. Micheal's review really opened my eyes to so many simple things I was able to do to make a huge difference. I feel like a little SEO pro now!!

Below the Boat over 1 year ago

Michael and Aaron have been a breath of fresh air. We get form emails all the time pitching SEO services and it takes about 2 seconds to skim them and click delete. What these guys do is different-- they actually look through your site and put together a detailed, personal report about the status of your storefront. There's no question to us that they're experts in this field, and we appreciate the effort they put into putting together a review for us. We hope to jump in with both feet... after we get through the holiday season!

Flying Lanterns over 1 year ago

Aaron has shown his professionalism in many ways, specifically in: delivering audit report in a very concise format, which is a rare skill that not many SEO specialists have. His recommendations helped us to fix some important issues that we'd otherwise not be paying attention to. He has also done the job in a timely manner. I'd recommend his services to anyone.

Tizarre over 1 year ago

It was a pleasure to work with Michael Salvo. In addition to his depth of knowledge and experience in SEO, he has a great personality and he is very reliable. He did keyword research, competitive analysis and site optimisation for our website. Michael was so professional and timely since the beginning and we impressed by every piece of work he did for us. We hope to work with him in the future again!

After having no luck using E lance for our SEO work, I reached out to Michael after I found his expert profile on Shopify. After applying his advice to our website, our sales have increased, and we are attracting visitors that actually want to buy our product instead of just "window shoppers." Highly recommended.

DownLinens almost 2 years ago

Working with Michael Salvo was truly a pleasure. Michael is open from the get go about exactly what he intends to do to grow your business and how much it is going to cost. Michael is always on schedule and is very realistic with his timeline. I highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a great SEO specialist and I personally will be using him again in the future.

Blu Kicks about 2 years ago

We contacted Michael to do a preliminary evaluation of our site and formulate a plan to set up the SEO groundwork on our site. Throughout the entire project, Michael was easy to work with and responsive. His work was thorough and detailed and he was always very clear and informative when walking through the data. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to build out their SEM strategy.

MADiL about 2 years ago

What a pleasure to work with Michael Salvo. He was extremely helpful and efficient in quickly identifying and fixing all our SEO issues. He is very specific about his work and process and explained everything to us up front with no surprises. We're already seeing the results and we look forward to continuing our relationship with him. - Flip Flops that do good.

Eclectic Artisans about 2 years ago

Michael dissected our site, found our weaknesses and strengths, and then implemented a 3 part SEO strategy. We are now ranking 1st page on many high volume search terms, as well as a raise in sales. You don't need a huge marketing firm to achieve great results, you just need an individual who has experience, the willingness to take on challenge as well as follow through and dedication.

My Ugly Christmas Sweater over 2 years ago

100% recommend Michael Salvo as SEO expert. Brought my site to #1 in 3 months. Keypoints: 50 top keywords ranking #1 in google in 3 months. Amazing! He tripled my organic search traffic; doubled # trans and doubled revenue from org search traffic. He did keyword research, competitive analysis, site optimization. He fixed tech errors, made SEO friendly design changes, link building. He's the best!

Urban FLRT over 2 years ago

"Michael provided a straightforward, professional and timely review of our website. The recommendations he made were quickly implemented and we look forward to seeing our traffic increase." -- Urban FLRT

ShyViolet over 2 years ago

Michael's review of my site was extremely helpful! I had a number of SEO issues that were fairly easy to fix once he pointed them out, and several others that required more work on the backend. He was helpful throughout the process and explained a number of things I didn't understand. He is professional, great to work with, and extremely competent. I'm looking forward to seeing how my site grows!

Lauren Rolfe Jewelry over 2 years ago

Michael completed an SEO review of my website that was extremely helpful. After reading up on SEO and trying to do it myself, I realized there was a lot I didn't understand, and Michael was great at addressing all points in a clear way. He gave me action steps to fix the SEO problems- many of which I can do myself such as implementing good keywords. I would highly recommend Michael.

Pearl Furniture almost 3 years ago

Michael was very professional and timely. He clearly laid out the plan for optimizing our site and executed on time and with quality work. I would highly recommend Michaels work

Wild World almost 3 years ago

Michael is knowledgeable and was very up front and honest when I spoke with him. Was easy to get a hold of and even explained why certain more expensive options would not work for me. He doesn't try to talk over your head and sell you on anything you don't need. Great addition to Shopify's Experts!

Kenny Powers Jerseys almost 3 years ago

As an e-commerce only business, we believe in the value of SEO and Michael has outperformed our expectations. We've been able to achieve top Google rankings for many of our key searched terms and in some cases even at #1, #2 and #3 simultaneously! Michael has helped us with on site optimization, link-building, Google Product Search feed integration, Adwords, affiliate program setup and more.

Jackie Moon Costumes about 3 years ago

We get results with Michael leading our SEO efforts across our seasonal niche shopping sites since 2008. He maximizes Shopify's strengths while finding workarounds for Shopify's quirks. The recognizable boosts in traffic speak for themselves and have really grown our revenue. It's obvious that Michael has technical SEO expertise but best of all he is very easy to work and communicate with.

DieHardThreads about 3 years ago

Michael Salvo developed our e-commerce SEO & social media marketing strategy. He grew our Twitter following into the thousands & pushed our products viral across the internet. Last week we went from 100 hits per day to over 10,000, netting our small t-shirt shop $15,000 in the past 10 days alone! To say that working with Michael has more than paid for itself would be an understatement.

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