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About SellerSmith

We are SellerSmith - a full-stack Shopify team. Starting from WooCommerce with Nitro theme, we switch to Shopify with the aim to help more merchants sell things online easier.

Our services include:

# Landing Page audit
# Landing Page Design
# UX consulting
# Analytics consulting
# Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
# Theme customization

Our latest project PageFly - Shopify page builder app -go to

3 Testimonials

The Brickslip Brothers


we are a manufacturing company based in the uk who took the plunge to move our website to an e commerce platform in order for more marketing options, it has been a bitter sweet experience but through hard work we are very close to going live.I found pagefly at the start of our design work, and there was a bit of a learning curve but like anything that is worth doing there usually is, one of my issues with Shopify and many e commerce sites is the what would appear to be deliberate design restrictions, and this is where pagefly fits right in, the flexibility and bespoke editing this package provides to you is worth its weight in gold, a lot of the initial problems we had design wise just went out of the window, the team and I know most of them quite well now hahaha, are superb customer support is fab, above and beyond doesn't come close, there always or seems to be a next stage coming with pagefly and unlike many they deliver, a huge update recently opening up a multitude of options which is obviously well received, I have watched this company for 7 months now expand and expand and I think I can see what round the corner and this excites me. PageFly recently introduced premium level subscription 30 dollars a week and some may think that's a lot but its worth every penny trust me, the time, the expertise and having it all under one roof with technical support that provide just that TECHNICAL SUPPORT, "not I cant really do that or can we email you a solution lol" REMEMBER MY WORDS WORTH EVERY PENNY :)


Abingdon Spares

SellerSmith created a custom view for our collection pages. Quick, good communication, would definitely use again. Do not hesitate to request a quote from this group.

Millennial Kitchens

After careful consideration, I hired this team to help with some visual & functionality changes to my site. After talking through the ideas and concepts I needed changed, they were incredibly fast in offering their services and making all my ideas come alive, beautifully.

However I was most impressed at the lengthy support this team were willing to offer after project completion, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Will be using again, and highly recommend to all!

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