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About Jötunn & Co

We are a professional Setup Expert and have set up various types of stores. We deliver beautiful websites in a timely manner at a competitive price.

We love to work on a new project with our clients! From small projects to big ones, we deliver impressive websites according to your requirements.

Why Choose Jötunn & Co?

- Fast project turnaround times
- In-house designers, developers and marketers
- Speedy replies to queries
- Tailored stores according to requirements

Send us a message with your requirements and lets get started on your online store!

2 Testimonials

Crowbar Protein

I highly recommend Jötunn & Co for creating a MyShoppify website. Jötunn & Co were a tremendous help during a time where we were in need of a great looking and trustworthy website, quickly. Today, our website for Jungle Bar the insect powered energy bar looks great, is easily manageable for us to make changes here and there, plus people are buying our product on there and that is what this game is all about.

Check out www.junglebar.co if you would like to see our website for yourself.

Best Nato Watch Straps

Great service. Helped us to get our store setup from day 1. Definitely recommended!


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