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About SeaMonster Studios

Before you dream in color, you need to think in yeses and nos, ones and zeros, passes and fails. We start the web design process by getting to know you: your business, your goals, and how you define success. From there, we dive into what’s possible, with just enough impossible to keep it interesting.
Best practices and functionality breathe life into great design. Stories, art, and carefully measured user experience goals all come together as we sketch and design sites that get noticed. And we know that someday we’ll have visitors, and like any good host, we want to make sure they’re comfortable and can find the bathroom. But most important, we want them to come back.
We’re hungry for what’s next, but maintain a steady diet of what’s working. We build while we dream—testing and prototyping form, features, and functionality from the beginning of the project and ensuring a strong, reliable, and ultimately successful site.

We put to work an agile development process that keeps projects on track and on time, with clear milestones and yoga-style flexibility. We also work with clients to maintain sites with updates, refreshes, and day to day management.

6 Testimonials

Wes and Logan, thank you so much for a job well done. You guys are the best! Keep up the great work!

We had a last minute glitch in the migration. Seamonster Studios did an incredible job for us in jumping in at the last minute and helped get it launched. We have thousands of customers to move to Shopify. The have created and implemented a system to to complete this task seamlessly and simple.

We have been live 72 hours and not one complaint from the customers. I am glad we have moved to Shopify. Business was up significantly the first two days.

I look forward to a long friendship with these guys. A job well done. High Fives!

Bill McClure, CEO, Inc.


My experience with SeaMonster Studios was 5 stars. Wes took the time to discuss and understand my project, and he came up with a precise, detailed and very well executed solution with a very reasonable pricing. I definitely recommend them.

Aqua B Boutique

We had a wonderful experience with SeaMonster Studios. They were very knowledgeable and took the time to understand the vision we had for the work needed on our store. They completed the job in a timely and professional manner and were willing to make even the smallest tweaks. We would highly recommend them to anyone!

PK Supply

I have rarely had the pleasure of working with people as professional, talented, and highly qualified. Wes Buckwalter is a great listener and has provided me with a broad spectrum of advice and built my website with skill and imagination. I received many suggestions to improve performance and those suggestions have been extremely beneficial. If someone has a need, Seamonster Studios will provide a terrific product.

Scratch Coffee Market

We really enjoyed our experience working with the team at SeaMonster Studios. Scratch Coffee Market worked with them to create the world's first international coffee marketplace - and they helped us create our entire brand design and identity, messaging, marketing and the development of our website. When they say full service, they mean it.

In Shopify- they expertly integrated an online merchant marketplace to work with many vendors and customers across the globe, allowing our coffee roasters to create, manage and sell their products directly through our centralized marketplace. We also worked with them to design and build a custom coffee subscription flow that works a little bit "out of the box" and looks just like our brand. Much to our excitement, we also found out that their design for this feature won the "Best Implementation for the Recurring Orders App" for 2017 from the app developer, Bold Commerce.

We're very glad to continue to work with Wes and the team at SeaMonster Studios - they're an invaluable partner and we continue to tap into their expertise for projects of all kinds.

Aviation Technical Services Company Store

SeaMonster Studios not only set up our company store for us, but continues to manage our day to day operations, fulfillment, analytics, and various marketing and customer service operations with great success. Throughout the project, they provided just the right amount of guidance and hand-holding that we needed while taking control of the things that they do best. All in all, they are highly recommended and we would be happy to work with them again on a future project.

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