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About Mote

Southern California's leading Shopify Design and Development Experts. Call (424) 645-0349 or email — We create elegant websites for intelligent brands.

Mote is a full service software engineering and digital creative agency based in Venice, California. We specialize in e-commerce, design, branding, development and engineering.

Our agency is the only Shopify Partner to be recognized by Shopify for exemplary work and groundbreaking engineering by receiving all three honors: Shopify creating a case study about us, having us write a chapter in their latest Grow book, and inviting us to speak at Unite 2017.

We do not outsource or believe in unpaid interns.



We received the great honor, as one of only three Experts worldwide, to be recognized for our outstanding work by having a case study created about our studio by Shopify.


Our Creative Director and Co-founder, Sara Mote, spoke at Shopify's International Conference, Unite, in 2017 on the main stage during the first day. The topic, for an audience of Shopify partners and fellow Experts, focused on cultivating the right tools to build trusting relationships, deliver successful projects and offer the best possible experiences to clients.


Shopify invited Mote to author a chapter in their book, Grow, to share insight and help creatives and entrepreneurs build thriving businesses of their own.


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We are a team of creatives lead by one of the industry's most talented software engineers. We have been designing and developing websites for over 20 years and have been working with Shopify since 2011. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to some of the most innovative and disruptive startups.

70 Testimonials

Our Heiday

When we committed to a website overhaul, we searched for a long while to partner with a team who understood our brand aesthetic and could execute our operational needs. We were very pleased with Mote's ability to capture our vision and create a site that is so visually on point while offering a smooth shopping experience for both our wholesale and retail customers. Mote did a wonderful job creating a site that reflects who we are as a rapidly growing gift and lifestyle company and we're very much looking forward to working alongside them again.

13 Bonaparte

We are a contemporary mid-season label founded in Paris in 2011. Our design studio and boutique is located in the Haut-Marais of Paris and we recently opened our first US store presence at ROW DTLA. A strong mix of distinctive design, innovative fabrication, and functional details forms the foundation of our evolving seasonless wardrobe. Given our passionate and growing North American customer base, now was the right time to expand, first through a Pop-Up in New York City and ultimately opening our store in Los Angeles. A fundamental part of this development and our continual efforts to better serve our clients in both the US and Canada was the construction of an e-commerce site dedicated to these customers. It is critically important to us that our brand identity is communicated clearly and consistently through every aspect of the customer’s experience. So, we searched for a singular team that were both aesthetically and technically inclined.

Mote’s team proved the perfect partners and collaborators for us. Their understanding of art, fashion and culture in combination with their high-level of technical skill provides for a unique perspective and incredible experience overall. Sara had even mentioned that she had visited our flagship store while in Paris, confirming for us from the beginning they had an authentic connection with our brand. Mote understood our goals and kept them in mind throughout the entire process; perhaps most importantly they found a way to effectively remain true to the thoroughly-developed brand identity that had been cultivated to date and simultaneously sought out the right places to compellingly push the boundaries for more cutting-edge solutions in design and development. The final product was something that was both completely in-line with our spirit and an inspiring reflection of the brand’s evolution as we continue to expand in this important market. We appreciate and trust every recommendation Mote has offered to us.

Dawn Michelle Wolfe

Selling art started organically for me and has exponentially grown beyond what I expected. Initially, my art was geared toward the children art space. As my practice evolved, I began receiving more press, interest in my work grew, and my pieces began to encompass a higher level of sophistication. I signed on with Mote to portray this new direction my work was taking and to create a site that reflected this same refinement. Throughout the entire project, they have been incredible to work with. Their design and build reflected the level of quality and passion in my pieces. Had a wonderful experience with the entire Mote team and so happy to have my work represented beautifully.

Sustain by Kat

Sustain makes clothing with a conscious, healthy for you and the environment. We consider every element of our clothing from the organic natural fibers we use, to our sustainable dying processes and environmental friendly packaging. We’re more so about making a difference and bringing about awareness than simply selling clothing. Mote understands this and created a site that truly speaks to the value of our products. They sincerely care about our ambitions as a brand and their gorgeous work is proof of this. Everyone at Mote is skilled, passionate, and a joy to collaborate with. We’re glad to have found them and highly recommend if you are looking for the right team for your project.


Sexy Beast for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles is the shared vision of a group of influencers within the creative community, united to effect positive change and create lasting social impact in the city we love. Our first two benefit events raised nearly a million dollars for Planned Parenthood, and it’s vital that we keep that momentum going, especially in these unpredictable times. We are incredibly proud of the values we stand for, and the cause we fight for, and we have a mission to inspire that same passion in others. Being deeply involved in the Los Angeles art scene, we’ve known the team at Mote for several years and were confident they would be ideal partners to help us share our message online in a beautiful, effective way. It is essential for us to work with individuals with integrity, who believe in and fight for the values we hold so dear. We know that Mote only works with clients they truly believe in, and their dedication, passion and meticulous attention to detail are proof of how much they care. We wholeheartedly trust our digital presence in their hands, and are incredibly excited to continue our collaboration with Mote as we gear up for our biggest event yet in fall of 2018.


Our brand is getting more attention as we grow, and our goal for this year has been to evolve our online presence along with our brand’s success. I was referred to Mote from a friend who works at a notable fashion brand here in LA, and from our very first encounter have had a wonderful experience working with them. They’re extremely considerate, knowledgeable, and through this actively show they value us as a client. We’re currently working on a custom build together, and glad to have Mote as a collaborator. Looking forward to rolling out our new site soon, and excited for whats to come.


Aesthetically, Mote is the perfect fit for my new brand. This was obvious from my first look at their work, which was a big reason we partnered together. What I didn’t know was how innovative, meticulous and caring they were and how they would go above and beyond in every case to ensure my site is a huge sucess.

Caïya is a line of handmade jewelry and home decor created from and inspired by nature. Our products are exquisite, unique, timeless home goods and accessories distinguished by natural materials and a minimalist design. Each and everything is handmade, so there is a strong personal connection to absolutely every product created and I wanted to partner with a team that understands and embodies that same mentality.

I found the perfect collaborators in Mote. Their talents in both design and engineering truly allowed me to trust them from the very beginning and create an overall wonderful experience from design into development.

Caïya is launching soon and I couldn’t be more excited to share. I recommend Mote to anyone looking for a tailored experience and a talented team with dedication.

Allen Schwartz

We are a heritage fashion brand that has been around for over 35 years. During the past few months we have been working on a complete rebrand – reevaluating our target customer, strategizing how to adjust consumer perception and educating our customer on our new advanced contemporary collection. Knowing that our website would be vital in establishing our new image, we were very careful about who we awarded this task.

We signed on for a custom build during a period of rapid growth and change for our brand and found an exceptional partner in them. They saw the potential we saw and invested themselves in delivering a site at the level of quality our brand is known for.

In addition to migrating over from Magento, we were looking to completely reimagine our online presence. The re-launch on Shopify was precisely timed to coincide with the unveiling of our rebrand to celebrate our evolution and support future growth.

We knew the importance of having the right team on our side, and chose wisely. Mote’s reputation and experience in fashion e-commerce initially drew us to them. From the start of the project, we were impressed with the designs they presented and their complete understanding of the type of functionality and experience we were looking to create. Throughout the project, it became clear this expertise and passion is paired with a strong data-driven approach and valuable insight of conversion strategies.

This combination made for a great experience during this transition. We felt at ease knowing that Mote understood and valued preserving the core DNA of our brand, while striving to innovate. We brought questions and ideas to the table, and they ensured we made the strongest choice every step of the way.

They saw opportunities to take the site to another level and took the time to explain the thought process behind their recommendations. It became clear that every component of our site had been carefully considered. An example of this is our menu - it is an unexpected enhancement that has been designed and engineered to delight our users. Our menu is not only user-friendly and intuitive, but visually striking and further positions our site in a league of it’s own.

We are very excited to have the online presence we envisioned with this rebrand - and thanks to Mote, very much looking forward to achieving the full potential of our new website.

LAYOP Clothing Company

We have a strong following because our customers connect with our brand message - to live at your own pace. We’re constantly inspired by the dedicated community around our brick and mortar and our basic Shopify theme didn’t reflect that. We wanted to be able to extend our reach and the community we’ve built to give a piece of our LAYOP style and feel to everyone online. We’ve been focusing on shooting lookbooks to share even more of our lifestyle. Mote understood this and ran with it. They designed and built a custom site that catered to showcasing our imagery and creating an experience unique to LAYOP that reflects our values. They elevated our basic web presence to reflect the established brand that we are. Couldn’t be more excited to have launched, and looking forward to continuing to grow our brand with Mote.


Ollanla is a lifestyle brand that honors the African Heritage with designs that combine African iconography and details with modern silhouettes. We create unexpected, beautiful pieces that reflect and celebrate our heritage. Our brand is steeped in history and it was important for the website to honor that in an elegant way. I am very thrilled with the website Mote is creating. It is modern, clean and the perfect platform for me to launch my brand.


At Jeulli, we are dedicated to providing premium kidswear for any occasion with our expertly chosen selection of international designers and the highest quality fabrics. Our selection bridges the gap between high-end and street wear. We’re a new business with a strong start. Along with opening our flagship brick and mortar, we wanted to continue this momentum and work with a team that can achieve our goals digitally. We teamed up with Mote because we felt their sense of design was exactly what we were looking for. We had a clear vision for our site and the online experience. Mote truly listened to us. They provided invaluable insight on the design and thoroughly explained every decision involved with their concept and through their strategy. Mote guided us through the process and worked efficiently and timely. We recommend Mote to anyone looking for an exceptional as well as educational experience.

Sheryl Lowe Jewelry

We were looking to elevate our site to further increase our sales and take our digital presence to the next level. Our website matches the quality of our jewelry for the first time. The combination of Mote’s talent and experience within the luxury market made them a perfect fit for us. Their designs are fresh and strategies are smart. Their concepts were perfectly catered to our industry and market. We’ve just launched and have already received incredible feedback on how our jewelry and brand are now represented online. We wholeheartedly recommend Mote to anyone looking for a personal and wonderful experience.

Broken English

Jewelry is an incredible industry to be apart of. It’s more than adornment, jewelry can spark a story that lasts generations. Our brand is synonymous with masterful craftsmanship and highly original design. The designers we support and the pieces we carry are so considered that our customers expect nothing less than an overall fantastic experience with us.

Our New York and California locations offer an impressive experience, our goal was to reach the same level of consideration online that we’re known for in our brick and mortar stores. We were looking to re-platform to Shopify and approached Mote after seeing their portfolio. After meeting Sara Mote, we knew we would be in good hands with her team. She is not only a collector and appreciator of fine jewelry but also happened to be personal friends with many of our designers. We immediately felt her team would have the level of understanding to achieve the vision and experience we had in mind for the new site, and we could trust that they will be equally as invested in it’s success.

We take great care in shooting our beautiful Lookbooks, editorials, and profiles to spotlight our jewelry and showcase our collaborators. They took this into consideration and created an advanced blog flexible enough to adapt to each unique story. They even made browsing the site an elegant experience by developing a mega menu that surpasses even the biggest luxury sites. We now confidently feel our in-store and digital experiences align. From design to development, the custom build Mote created for us is far beyond what we could have hoped for.

Asherah Swimwear

Asherah Swimwear exudes confidence and individuality. Our pieces are designed to enhance what every woman has to offer and support them to be unafraid to celebrate their form. We have a loyal following on social media which is a reflection of the incredible amount of care taken into our business - from our exclusive designs to high quality production to the attention and appreciation we have for our supporters. I partnered with Mote on a custom build. After chatting with Sara, I knew it would be a perfect match. They’re a team of considered and talented developers and designers. I was looking for some advanced features throughout my site to cater to the unique needs of buying swimwear online and Mote hit the nail on the head. We recently launched and the results have been incredible. We’ve already been receiving great feedback and we’re thrilled to be able to give our customers the experience they deserve.

Arik Kastan

The core values of our brand highlight jewelry as an art steeped in history and a true artisanal craft that sends a powerful message through tradition. Our brand is more than just Jewelry, and we found the perfect team that really understand that. Mote is thorough, they understand the industry, our audience and most importantly how to effectively communicate our message through design. They collaborated with us to ensure our message was on point. They created a beautiful site that is easy for me to maintain in-house and we are so happy with our new site.

Core Med Science

Our products are hand picked for their high therapeutic value and quality. We first started off by selling on Amazon and as our products became increasing popular and sales grew, it was time for our customers to have a more personalized experience. Mote’s design was exactly what we were looking for - clean and user-friendly. They made a point to highlight the benefits of our product and the difference behind our brand.

Avec Les Filles

We are Avec Les Filles, a forward looking contemporary lifestyle brand innovating the shopping experience for the strong millennial women. A customer base at the nexus of technology who know what they want and shop high and low to create a look truly their own. Our brand is carried in hundreds of stores across the country, inspiring and connecting with women from coast to coast. We strive toempower self expression through the lens of fashion with authenticity and poise -whether our customers are shopping for seasonal trends or covetable wardrobe staples they will reinvent for many seasons to come.

Our line is a refreshing and open dialog with our customers, a Story Told by Joyce Azria. As a manifestation of Joyce’s intuition into the complex millennial, and coupled with her influence in the fashion industry, our brand has been highly pressed since it’s infancy. Knowing the potential of what we were soon to be launching, we knew selecting the right team to partner with would be key. When exploring potential studios it was imperative that the team we selected would be as thoughtful and dedicated as they are skilled. We sought collaborators which not only understood our brand, our customer, and our industry but also welcomed the opportunity to push boundaries considerately and successfully.

We needed to be able to rely on a sharp team to fullydelight our customers and deliver up to our brands expectations, and found a perfect fit in Mote. They are a team of highly skilled developers and engineers that have an incredible eye for design and years of experience working together. Working with a lean team of accomplished and passionate professionals enabled us to have full trust in their process and abilities. Everyone at Mote was involved and a valuable asset to us, completely in tune with our needs at all times, and able to match our pace throughout the project to meet our goals. The site they delivered is everything we envisioned and more. We have just launched and couldn’t be more excited to welcome everyone into our world.


My brand is about more than just bikinis. Our suits make women feel sexy, powerful and chic. Our designs are highly considered and highly regarded so once I saw Mote’s portfolio I knew this was the team I needed to work with to further enhance our online experience. They are responsive, skilled and I put my trust in them completely. I handed over what I envisioned for the updates and they executed on point while also recommending additional solutions to make the site more user friendly. They understand our industry and it’s obvious in their work. I would recommend Mote to anyone looking for a great experience and a team they can rely on.

Samantha Alley

My passion is to educate smart, conscious, creative women in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. I’m so grateful to work with the wonderful team at Mote. They understand my practice encompasses more than just exercise. They took the time to understand It’s a transformation, a guide to help ease into a healthier, happier, more balanced lifestyle. Translating that into my site is incredibly important to me. My clients should feel at home, comforted and thoroughly educated while still being able to recognize my distinct style. The team at Mote walked me through the process step by step as well as their concepts and decisions catered to my business. Excited to launch soon to extend my reach and start connecting and inspiring.


Our goal is pretty simple yet very important, we strive to help maintain and cultivate relationships by providing meticulously curated and beautifully boxed gift assortments to match any mood or celebration.We love to give and our team is completely dedicated to our clients and their loved ones. We could only work with a team that values and understands our brand and our clients. Mote was the perfect team for us. They understand our market, our aesthetic and most importantly they understand that gift giving is meant to be an incredibly enjoyable experience and their design does just that. So excited about our new site launching soon and can’t wait to share!

Ranavat Botanics

My skincare line uses the wisdom of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicinal science, brought to life with powerful botanicals sourced directly from organic farms in India. My goal is to pamper the body and soul by sharing this unique practice passed down from generations within my family. The concept and passion behind my brand runs deep and I firmly believe that smart, considered design will be able to translate this in ways that words cannot. I chose Mote for that very reason. While searching for the right team, their portfolio and reviews were what told me I had to work with them. After speaking with Sara and hearing about their engineering accomplishments as well, I knew this was the team for me. Their experience and niche within the beauty space was a plus and Mote has been a wonderful sounding board as we work through the design and I am so excited to see my vision come to fruition!


We make clothes that make people feel good. Inspired by Rock’ n ’roll, love and living the dream, we design for the free spirits and wild at hearts. The quality and attention to detail we put into our tees speak for themselves and we were excited to update our online presence and branding to match the passion and fun behind the brand. From viewing Mote’s portfolio and speaking with Sara, we knew just who could achieve this. Their custom design is fresh, playful, current and matches the Daydreamer ideology. They understand our market and really care about our brand as well as the goals of the project. Our site is the perfect way to welcome in the new year. We would recommend working with Mote to anyone who is looking for the right studio to team up with - they are dedicated, talented and you’ll be in good hands.


We are a direct to consumer brand with a rapidly growing business. As a business who relies entirely on e-commerce, our online store is vital to our continued growth. We pride ourselves on our high quality products, and knew that we would need an online presence that represented that.

Working with Mote, we found a skilled team of both designers and engineers. They were willing to work with our specific requests to create custom solutions that we wouldn’t have been able to find elsewhere. Their lead engineer found us a solution that allowed us to display our products exactly how we wanted, while ensuring easy scalability moving forward. His decades of experience and depth of knowledge and Shopify were invaluable assets for our team.

We reached out to Mote based on their design and ended up getting so much more. Our customers can finally have the shopping experience they deserve.

Jeux De Vagues

I am very glad to have partnered with Mote on the design and development of my store. As the founder of a sustainable swimwear brand, I was looking for an agency that was able to see my vision, and work with me as advisors and collaborators. I was in good hands with Mote. Sara and her team offer outstanding savvy and knowledge of the Shopify platform. Top that off with their impeccable design instincts — they are that rare breed of technologists with a highly-refined design aesthetic — and the results are spectacular. I am so happy with the store, and I look forward to working with them in the future as my brand grows.

Made in Mendoza

I’m proud of my roots. I’m from Mendoza, Argentina - a region steeped in history and a wine capital of the world. My family runs a prestigious classical winery that has been around since the 1800s. I have lived and breathed the rich tradition of wine making my entire life and the cultural reverence of Mendoza follows me everywhere I go.

As the go-to for friends and colleagues for recommendations on travel and wine, it occurred to me what potential there was to create a site where I can reach out and share my unique perspective beyond this circle. I envisioned a current travel guide that steps away from the standards so visitors can explore the city like a local and for those who are daydreaming of a trip, a curated selection of products from the region they can purchase and enjoy at anytime.

Starting from an idea and experience, I was searching for the right team to do my passion justice and that I trusted with representing something so personal. I couldn’t be happier with Mote. I brought them on for branding and custom design of the site. The concepts they presented were sleek and modern with an ode to tradition. Their creative process opened the door for me to envision what type of experience I wanted to cultivate and what type of connection I could form with readers, playing a role in guiding them to creating memories or new interests they had never been exposed to or wanted to learn more about. Their attention to detail is apparent in each phase of the project from research to execution. As all the pieces come together, we’re even more excited to launch the new site.

Beneath Your Mask

What separates my brand apart is my personal story which is the inspiration behind my newest endeavor. I have a lot to say, a lot to tell and more importantly a lot to share. I had a very clear vision and I wouldn’t settle for anything less. After speaking with Sara and hearing about their process, I knew Mote was the perfect fit. They really took the time to learn and listen to my story and fully understand my aesthetic to represent and elevate my brand just as it should.


We are a curated lifestyle brand that embodies an appreciation for beautiful design. We strive to inspire those in search for a little individuality and simplicity and It’s all in the details for us. It was imperative that we find a team that had the same appreciation for consideration and our highly curated artisanal products. I definitely found that same level of care in Mote. I knew they were the right team to work with from the moment I saw their work and it’s been such a pleasure working with them.


Stories + Objects required an elegant custom solution to present our destination storytelling and curated object souvenirs from our artisan collaborations. Mote understood the complexities of our vision and delivered not only a highly sophisticated design, but one that is also easily navigable and delivered on our wish to create an experience in which viewers could be transported to each place through the films and visuals that we share our unique storytelling lens through.

I had spoken with other developers prior to engaging Mote, and many of the proposed solutions lacked the unexpectedness and refinement that were present in the very first designs proposed by Mote.

Jamie Leilani Pelayo, founder Stories + Objects

Eight Sixty

I have a lot of experience in fashion and this was my first dive into the digital realm - it was fantastic working with a team that really understands the industry and were more than happy to explain this very new process to me. They truly have a great eye and took the time understand what our goals were and more importantly who we were trying to reach. From their presentations to the final product, everything was considered and the concepts were strong. We really appreciate the experience we’ve had working with Mote and would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Styled Settings

What we do is pretty unique - Styled Settings is selective collections of tabletop décor and accessory kits designed to make dinner hostesses and their tables look great. We provide the inspiration and essentials and our clients add their personal touch - so you can focus your time on good food and friends rather than running around to a dozen stores simply to find all the perfect details for your centerpiece.

Since this is a new venture for us and an overall fresh concept, it was crucial to find a team that could clearly translate this and make it easy for our supporters and curious viewers to understand what we’re all about and how we can help. Mote’s design is the perfect pedestal to showcase our brand. Sara and her team really focused on introducing our business model and guiding our customer through the entire process in the Styled Settings fashion.

I also personally have a background in technology, which is perhaps one of the reasons I was inspired to launch my own start up, so it’s safe to say I have a good understanding of the process - it was exciting working with a team that really included me and listened as we bounced ideas back and forth to make this a collaborative effort. They’re extremely knowledge and it was easy to trust such a considerate team with my project. All and all, they did everything necessary to lead up to an extremely smooth launch and we’re so excited for the holiday season to begin!

Third Base Market & Spirits

Third Base Market and Spirits carries a large variety, ranging from your go-tos to rare vintages. My staff and I pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge, expertise and our extensive as well as eclectic collection. Our brick and mortar has a great following and reputation, so we decided to expand and venture into online sales. Mote was thoughtful. They came up with a not only attractive but clever design. We’re excited to grow our online following as we have with our brick and mortar.


My brand is very much so an extension of me and my personal experience - women are my muse, mothers are the source and the inspiration. At Marikoko we sell thoughtfully curated products that could make the soul of you or your home feel more comforted, more beautiful, and all around healthier. This is a project very close to my heart and has a very strong, intimate and compelling voice. So it was a big job to fill. Mote was the perfect team to nurture my ideas and transform them into a compelling and absolutely spot on design. We’re launching soon and I can’t wait to see my vision and collaboration with Mote come to life.


It started with this idea that kept coming back to me - I wanted to re-invent the online store: making it more experiential, more editorialized, and all around more thoughtful and engaging.

My vision was to create a shoppable online magazine with interactive layouts that invite the viewer to shop from a selection of highly curated products displayed in a new way. It was ambitious and innovative and to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how that vision would translate digitally. I reached out to Mote after looking at their past work and knowing they have a strong background in fashion. I am so glad I did - they listened, really understood my concept, and accepted the challenge.

Their design concept for my site was better than I could even imagine - knowing the same creatives that brought my idea to life will also be building it comforts me in knowing a incredible amount of attention to detail, care and consideration will be carried through and through. From what my collaborators have seen, they’re so intrigued about what is rolling out and excited to learn more. We’re launching soon and can’t wait to share!

Shoppe 815

As a Creative Director myself, I’m very aware and have an eye for attention to detail, consideration and concepts. My brand has a strong voice and story, so I needed to choose a team that I felt understood this voice and could elevate it.

After seeing some of Mote’s previous work, I felt that they were the right fit for this project, then I spoke to them on the phone and I knew I made the right decision. Working with Mote has been an incredible experience - professional, positive and undeniably experts. I was confident knowing that a strong team was executing my vision.

We are thrilled with the outcome of the site and the response from our clients has been extremely positive.

FlyAway BlueJay

Working with Sara and her team was an absolute pleasure! We were ready for a fresh look and they made the experience of updating our site so easy.

Flyaway Bluejay sources products from small artisans who are as passionate about their craft as they are the environment. Every item within our store is carefully selected for it’s beauty as well as it’s beginnings - something we are proud of and known for. From the beginning, Mote took this in to consideration and shared suggestions for us to both educate and engage our viewers, offering for them to take part in the conversation and join us in making ethical shopping choices.

Throughout the project Mote providing ideas for how to showcase our products as well as our unique story. They worked with our creative input and feedback to achieve the vision we had in mind: a design which aligns with our brand values.

It’s clear the team at Mote is both talented and hard working, and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to work together.

Après Push

I approached Mote to help me start up a passion project of mine. I did my research when looking for an agency. By far they were the most responsive, positive, helpful, and straightforward people to work with. I strive to help new mothers through my work and wanted to continue this online. Après Push offers a curated package designed to gracefully ease a mother into and out of the postpartum period, educating her and comforting her every step of the way while ensuring she feels pampered and taken care of.

It was refreshing working with a team that admires the entrepreneurial spirit and was equally as excited to get my startup online. They took my inspiration and ran with it.
Working with Mote was a wonderful experience through and through - and I’m so excited to start selling.

VSA Designs

We are a jewelry brand of unique handcrafted statement pieces - we found Mote to help us transfer from Squarespace to Shopify. Our brand has a very distinctive and strong voice and Mote really helped us understand how we can translate this onto our site. They know Shopify in and out, and helped us with recommendations as well as guided us throughout the entire process. Great working with the team at Mote and can’t wait to launch our new site!

Wild and Woolly

I was on a tight deadline as my new brand, Wild and Woolly, was scheduled to be featured in the New York Times. Sara and her team at Mote made sure to make it all happen in time for launch. Mote was there every step of the way to guide me through the process...a great experience through and through. Thanks Sara and Annamarie!


We absolutely love our site! This was a very new process to us and a project we truly have our hearts and souls in so having it fall into Mote agency’s hands was so refreshing. We’re young entrepeaurs with a very particular and strong sense of design so the look of the site was very important to us not only to speak to our target audience but also speak our visual language. Mote kept up with our fresh ideas and made great recommendations while also using Shopify’s platform to it’s fullest. We’ve had such great feedback and are so proud to call this site ours!

Tempo Italy

Mote agency was a perfect fit for us. We sell beautifully crafted, luxurious outerwear made from the finest Florentine materials. We’re incredibly passionate about our brand and have dedicated a lot into our capsule collection. To truly do our designs justice, our site needs to reflect this same air of refinement and empowerment from someone who understands this industry and market. We’ve had a wonderful experience with Mote throughout the project. We felt as though they were truly invested in our goals, and not only understood our brand but appreciated what we are building. So excited to have launched and looking forward to this upcoming season and many to follow.

Mod Thread

Sara and her team at Mote are true professionals, with a great eye for detail. Mod Thread is based on disruption and innovation - giving customers the ability and freedom to design their own fashionable apparel versus relying on traditional retailers pushing trends.

The Mod Thread app allows people to express themselves in ways they haven't been able to do so ever before, allowing them to unleash their inner designers. Our team is built of entrepreneurs with strong creative/design sensibilities, we needed engineers to understand this and run with it for our website. Sara and her team at Mote listened to us, really cared about what we are doing and that respect translated through their work.

Pint Sized Fashionista

Aesthetics are very important to us. My sister and I have a strong following and we take a lot of pride in our brand. From the perfect shade of lip gloss to insight on the world of travel and fashion, our genuine connection to our followers is important to us. We needed our site to reflect this to continue that loyalty and trust as we build upon our brand and grow our e-commerce. Mote was the right expert. After giving them our inspiration, Sara and her team really paid attention to the experience we’d be offering. This was a new process to my sister and I so we gave them the reigns and stepped back - wonderful experience through and through and we’re so excited to launch.

Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care

Mote was absolutely the right studio for us - it was such a pleasure working with a team that is genuinely interested and was familiar with my brand even before we reached out.

They understand our customer and were able to make recommendations to improve upon the online experience we wanted to offer them. Sara and her team at Mote were fantastic to work with all around.


With a very distinct and ambitious vision in mind, I needed the right studio to help me translate my ideas into both print and digital media. We’re a mind-body studio based in Chicago with a mission to shake things up a bit and re-frame the idea of self-care with the end goal of helping people achieve a connection within themselves. I was so lucky to find Mote to work with me from the beginning to develop my brand’s identity with a site design and build to match. From logo to letterhead and all the recommendations in between, their ideas were fresh, smart, chic and really catered to my studios ideals. They were able to hone in on the message and the voice of my studio and turn it into visuals that I couldn’t be more proud of.

Not Vodka

As Not Vodka began to prepare for our launch in August, we knew we needed a new site to better reflect our brand and message. After interviewing several agencies, Mote was the clearcut winner. From the first conversation Sara and her team grasped our concept and saw our vision. We needed a partner that could see where we wanted to go and build an easy to modify template at a great rate, and Mote did that. Not Vodka is a very visual company and being able to quickly adjust graphics and design elements was crucial to the buildout and Mote knocked that out of the park. We have a good amount of mobile traffic, so they ensured the design translated seamlessly across all devices and was optimized for mobile. I'd recommend them to anybody looking for a top notch partner.

Hello Crisp

Big thank you to Sara and her team for creating my new site. I outgrew my previous platform and was ready to migrate over and launch with Shopify. All that was needed was the right team to help throughout the process, and I’m so glad that I reached out to Mote. They were friendly, approachable, and made each step of their process easy to understand. They worked with me to fine tune the layouts to better reflect the aesthetic of my brand, and were able to jump in and provide advice and support for the questions I had throughout. I am so excited with the result and to launch my new site!


Very happy with the finished website Mote delivered. They were able to take my vision and build a beautiful site. They even took the time after the site was complete to address a few minor issues with some theme features. Sara made sure I was happy with the finished product. I am more than pleased with how everything looks and functions. Thank you Mote.

Huset | Your house for modern Scandinavian living

We’re known for our curated selection of products centered around modern Scandinavian design, and value a website which compliments this. We have a loyal following of stylish clients and wanted a site that reflects not only our unique selection but feels current and is fun as well as intuitive to shop. We were referred to Mote from a fellow Abbot Kinney boutique and from the minute we introduced ourselves to Sara and her team, knew we would be in good hands - they understood our sense of design and needs of our business immediately. Their recommendations not only forwarded the aesthetics of our site but were centered around the overall user experience which we are grateful for as our business continues to grow. Really excited to expand our online sales and couldn’t be more proud of our new site!

The Glad Hours

Couldn’t be more thrilled and excited to launch my new site! Sara and her team were friendly, professional, and extremely skilled in guiding me through the design and development process. This is a new venture and I was impressed how seamlessly they were a able to translate the core values of my company into the digital space. Throughout our time working together I felt as though they truly cared about my project and made the most intricate and considered suggestions to help me represent my brand. Their work is intuitive and their talent is undeniable. Will always recommend my friends at Mote and look forward to working with them in the future.

Buff You Intimates

"We were new to the Shopify platform, and our first conversation with the Mote team helped us understand that it was right for our new business. They are very experienced, experts in using Shopify and were able to make great suggestions about which templates to use and what general design would be best. Their correspondence with us was always extremely friendly and encouraging, yet they remained very business-minded and professional. They went above and beyond to take care of additional details such as creating a color swatch for our products and editing our product photos. The aesthetic is streamlined and exactly what we wanted to represent our new brand. We're very happy with our new website and are thankful for the effort put in by the entire Mote team."

davidpirrotta DISTRIBUTION, Inc

Working with Sara Mote and her team has been great. We brought them on to collaborate with us in rebranding our company and creating an online experience to compliment. Our own mission is to build successful brands. It was refreshing working with an agency who dedicates the same attention to detail, care, and consideration into their projects as we devote into our own work. We have a new platform to showcase what we’re proud of : our experience, our services, and our brands. And, for the very first time, we also have the opportunity to explore the possibilities of e-commerce with our own online boutique.

Bows and Arrows

We reached out with a few ideas as well as a concept mock for our homepage, and Mote Agency hit the nail on the head. We’re a design driven company and working with people with as much talent and experience as Mote agency helped us evolve our ideas into design. From ping-ponging our creative input, we were able to collaborate and create something we’re excited about. Really appreciate how much effort and time Sara and her team spent to fine-tune and make things just right. Feel like we partnered on this creatively in taking our concept and building off of it to create what it is now. Such a great improvement, thumbs up. Looking forward to working with Sara and her studio in the future.

Moon Juice

Sara Mote and her team have been instrumental in the relaunch of our website. They understand the unique needs of our business model, and the way Shopify works. As an added bonus, they are located near our flagship store in Venice Beach and have been frequent visitors since the first day we opened. They’ve watched our business grow first-hand, and share our excitement to continue evolving the online experience. We’re a creative team, always thinking of new things to try and ways to reinvent our website. Glad to have a like-minded team to collaborate with to make it all happen.

Assembly New York

Extremely responsiveness communication and workflow


With a recent stateside launch as well as being rated one of America’s top coffee roasters, we’re always on the lookout for ways to step up our online experience and offerings. It’s been great working with the team at Mote, who understand our brand and put a lot of care into what they do.

Christy Dawn

It was great finding a local Venice studio to work with, as well as a team that considers and understands our brand, our ethos and most importantly our customer. We have enjoyed working with Mote and look forward to continuing our partnership.


Bringing Mote on as creative partner has been instrumental to our success. Sara and her team devoted tremendous attention to the development of our identity - we brought a concept to the table, they worked with us to turn it into a thriving brand. 

They crafted our Shopify site from the ground up, tailoring it to ensure visitors had the mobile friendly modern conveniences needed to turn them into loyal shoppers while letting the true heroes of our site, the products, shine. The unique photography they delivered sets us apart from the competition and gave a distinctive edge which lead to steady, constantly growing sales from day one.

Without a doubt a factor in this success is the pride Mote takes in keeping design and development in-house. Without outsourcing a single task, they delivered us the brand, strategy and success we hoped for and more - with one point of contact that grew to know us well.

We’ve surpassed our initial goals in a fraction of the time anticipated. This allows us to further invest. With the talented team at Mote now working on a cutting edge rebuild of our site using the latest React.js front-end tech, we’re delighted to see what the future brings.

David Gross Group

Working with Sara and her team has been an absolute pleasure. My company has been passed down among many generations in my family and as this is the first time we’ve had a web presence, choosing the right studio was incredibly important to me. It’s great collaborating with a team that compliments the same level of attention to detail I take in my creations. Sara and her team thoroughly considered my vision, and assisted in navigating from ideas and inspiration to a concept and design. We’ve just launched and have already received such a positive response. Looking forward to continuing my relationship with Mote agency.


Sara has been an absolute gift to our business!

We met her when she walked into our Abbot Kinney store location and discovered she ran an awesome design studio, it's so great to be able to collaborate within our Venice Beach community!

We got more than just a web designer, we got a team that thoroughly considered our vision, took the time to understand our aesthetic, and incorporate our ideas (as well as some of Sara's great ideas) into a website that reflects our personality.

Sara is very smart and business minded, very knowledgable, and her professionalism continues to impress me. I look forward to continue working together with Sara and her team on our store's long term design goals!


After launching my site on Shopify and getting as far as I could, I reached out for help to represent my brand as I visualized it to be. Sara and her team took my inspiration and helped me by selecting considered branding choices to pull my site together. They were punctual, professional and went above and beyond. I look forward to continuing to work with them as my brand grows.

African Botanics

Sara was instrumental in the re-launch of our site. We had an idea of our dream layout and needed help transforming our concept into a reality. We handed our site over to Sara and let her work her magic. She listened to our wishes and needs, implementing the changes that we were looking for and suggesting ways to further refine, polish and prepare for launch. She was highly responsive and skilled in leading us through the process, and we greatly look forward to continuing to work with Sara and value her expertise.


It was a pleasure working with Sara and her team to create my website. They were professional, responsive and took the time to fully understand my vision and what I wanted to convey on the site.
I was most impressed with their creative process -- by being so organized and invested from the start, all of their design recommendations were spot-on, so the final website came together with ease. Also, I am not a technical person, so I really appreciated their extra effort and patience in helping me with those issues. Overall, it is clear that they are passionate about their work and are committed to designing and developing the best possible websites for their clients. I had a very positive experience and am looking forward to working with them for many seasons to come.

Top Expert

Sara was just what we needed for our site. She brings vast luxury retail experience, passion, and an up-to-the-minute knowledge of fashion and design to the table. She knows just what customers would expect from the site of a premium brand. The custom layouts and overall site experience really honor what's important to our whole mission - stylish minimalism and precise construction. Sara helped us maintain and refine that vision from our first meeting to launch, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Raquel Allegra

Sara was highly responsive and skilled in leading us through the process of building our site. In addition to realizing our design as a functional eCommerce site, she helped us set up the basics to meet our launch date, and provided training for our in-house team that would be running our site.


It has been a pleasure working with Sara. I came to her with an idea of how I wanted my store to look, and she guided me through the entire process. Sara took the time to listen and create beautiful designs in line with my inspiration, and develop ways to to build on the aesthetic of my brand and packaging to bring a more polished feeling to the site.

Highly recommend Sara to anyone looking for a talented designer - she is passionate, professional, easy to communicate with, and delivers excellent results!

Hayden Reilly

Sara understood my vision immediately and designed a thoughtful and straight forward website to showcase my ceramic and bronze sculptures. She has an incredible eye for detail and proposed a clean yet impactful style of photography to highlight the craftsmanship of my work. She gave me the skills necessary to hit the ground running, and continues to offer suggestions how we can further customize and take my site to the next level. It’s been a dream to work together with Sara. She has my highest recommendation!

Addie Brands

Working with Sara has been wonderful . She is professional, creative and insightful. There were many times where we knew we wanted some sort of functionality/overall look but we weren't sure what was possible or how it could work. Sara was very quick to provide a creative solution to any problem we faced. She was quick to make any changes we needed and always suggesting the best ways to accomplish our goals. She is very responsive and very easy to work with. We look forward to working with Sara again in the future.

The Neck Down

Sara helped us realize our dream of launching our store, The Neck Down, an online destination for scoring amazing vintage finds. She guided us through the entire process one step at a time. As new store owners, she showed us how to run our business and offered advice and powerful insight for growing our presence. She even taught us how to photograph and edit all of our products for our website and newsletters. Without Sara, we don't believe our store would have had as successful of a launch as it did!


Sara has been a key factor in the rapid growth of our e-commerce business. She helped us migrate our inventory over from Magento, re-design the user experience of our site for a successful re-launch with Shopify, and provided fundamental suggestions to streamline our processes and offer better service to our customers.

She helped us develop a strong web presence and create a unique and recognizable online identity, driven by a custom built ensembles page which highlights our styling aesthetic to drive sales. Sara was pivotal in forming a solid marketing plan for rapid customer acquisition and continuing retention and guided us through the creation of beautiful e-mail newsletters and successful social media campaigns. I would enthusiastically recommend Sara to any Shopify store owner.

Mona Moore

We worked with Sara on a tight deadline to move us over from Magento and launch our new site. She was incredible, super helpful, always available, and understood exactly what to suggest based on our needs. We could not have asked for a better experience. We are thrilled with our new website and will definitely work with Sara again for future customizations!

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