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About Ecommerce Shot

Shopify Design & Conversions Experts


Before diving into how we can help you, here are some results we've got working with our clients and can help you too.

1.) Increased Ecommerce conversion rate by 97.69%.
2.) Revenue Growth over the last year - 148.83% growth.
3.) Email subscribers growth by over 110.5%.
4.) 100s of authentic reviews generation through marketing automation.

So, if you need help with Shopify Design/Redesign, Increasing Conversions through Site Improvements, Marketing Automation and Email List Growth, we can certainly help.


We only work with 3-5 clients at one point of time so that we can deliver extraordinary work for the clients we work with and clients who want to work with us.


What can you expect from us
- Fast response times across timezones
- Regular updates via email
- Results that will help you grow your online store further

2 Testimonials

Artisan Sugarcraft

Sagar has an excellent knowledge of shopify, I found him to be polite and friendly and happy to answer any questions about things I did not understand, he works to a high standard and produces quality work quickly. I was a little concerned that there may be a communication problem with Sagar been in India but this was not a problem at all Sagar speaks and understands English almost perfectly. I will be changing my theme very soon and without doubt will be using Sagar to help me with any work I may need.

WOOED: Handmade Wooden Sunglasses and Accessories

Sagar has worked on a few of our updates of our site in the past year. Professional, responsive and fast. He understands shopify very well and is open to new challenges. He is a good problem solver!
We enjoyed working with him throughout!

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