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About Ecommerce Shot

Shopify is the ONLY Ecommerce platform I work with. I could rave about the benefits & usability of this platform all day long but that's not why you are here!

You are here because of one of the following reasons:
1.) You want to migrate your online store to Shopify.
2.) You need help with the basic setup of your online store.
3.) You are looking to custom design your online store that's synonymous with your brand.
4.) You need help in driving traffic to your website to generate sales.

And that's exactly what I can help you with. I only work with 2-3 clients at one point of time. This way, I can put the time and energy into doing extraordinary work for the clients I work with and clients who want to work with me.


New: Now launch your Shopify website within a few days only without costing an arm and a leg. Introducing two plans to help you launch a great looking website - Shopify Basic and Shopify Advanced Setup

More details here -



Please fill out the form by clicking on "Contact Shopify Expert" and don't forget to mention these things (IMPORTANT):

1.) What are the features essential for your Ecommerce website?
2.) What are some of the ideas and goals that you want to achieve with your project?
3.) What style do you envision for your website - Are there any particular websites that you like?
4.) Do you have a budget and timeline in mind?

Typically, a custom design project costs between $1500-$3000 approx. and takes 3 weeks time.



You'll get personal training via Skype on how to use Shopify to its full potential and run your store successfully. You'll learn not only technical aspects but also marketing and conversion strategies.


- Collaborative working Google Hangouts or Skype 

- Detailed project plan with to-do lists and milestones 

- Fast response times across timezones
- Regular updates via email



If you have any question about the services or want to discuss your project, you can call me on 502-410-4309 between 9am - 12pm EDT.

2 Testimonials

Artisan Sugarcraft

Sagar has an excellent knowledge of shopify, I found him to be polite and friendly and happy to answer any questions about things I did not understand, he works to a high standard and produces quality work quickly. I was a little concerned that there may be a communication problem with Sagar been in India but this was not a problem at all Sagar speaks and understands English almost perfectly. I will be changing my theme very soon and without doubt will be using Sagar to help me with any work I may need.

WOOED: Handmade Wooden Sunglasses and Accessories

Sagar has worked on a few of our updates of our site in the past year. Professional, responsive and fast. He understands shopify very well and is open to new challenges. He is a good problem solver!
We enjoyed working with him throughout!

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