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RISE has helped market four client sites land opportunities on the TV show SHARK TANK. As a digital marketing agency, we work with our clients as one while we build your website/business to convert! Hiring a company without a digital marketing background only gets HALF the job done.

Contact us for a complimentary audit of your site so we can review why your site isn’t converting at the percentage you’re aiming for.

There are thousands of website design/development companies in the market today, which begs the obvious question: Why should you pick RISE Online over all of the competition?

Our answer is simple: Experience.
Lots of website design companies claim to have experience, but there is a big difference between designing basic websites and designing and developing customized marketing websites that are focused on efficient SEO and PPC usage. We are the latter, which is exactly the type of company you need if you want to build a website that will greatly increase the effectiveness of your online marketing.

Advantages of Hiring RISE Online:

When you hire RISE Online to design, develop, and market your website, you gain the following benefits:

1. Shopify Expertise - We have been developing and designing websites for Shopify for the last five years. Due to that experience, we know what works and what doesn't. We also have developed very efficient methods of designing websites for that platform, which means our work will always be performed quickly, usually in just a few days.

2. Google™ Certified Partner - RISE Online is one of the few companies that is a Google™ Certified Partner with Adwords PPC. This means our company has proven that we have advanced Adwords knowledge and that we implement best practices that maximize Adwords performance for our clients.

3. Marketing Expertise - We specialize in designing websites that are primarily focused on conversion and marketing. Every website we create is built with the goal of getting the audience to take action on the content. By building this type of content into the website from the start, we save your business marketing costs in the future and your website starts offering marketing benefits the moment it is published.

4. Amazing Turn Around Time - If there is anything we have learned from years of providing website design services for our clients, it is that clients want constant communication and fast results. We take that to heart at RISE Online. We respond to most inquiries within minutes and complete all but the most complicated projects within days. Our clients are as up-to-date as we can possibly make them during every step of the process.

5. Expert Customization - The majority of our Shopify clients prefer customized websites, often requesting features not regularly available. We have the experience to provide solutions for even the most complicated custom request. Customizing is so common in the websites we build that we basically consider customized websites to be the norm.
RISE Online designs and builds websites with conversion as our top priority. We know for a fact that, at the end of the day, if your website is not optimized with the proper calls to action and content, then it is destined to fail. It is a fate that we work hard to protect our clients from.

19 Testimonials

Fawn Design

We redesigned our website and everything was seamless. Never have I ever not had an issue with a site migration. RISE rocked it!


I do not usually give testimonials and I do not give this testimonial lightly. But these folks deserve so so much credit. What can I say about Ben and Alli and their team? A HUGE thank you and 10 stars to the team at https://www.riseonlinemarketing.com/. About 2 months ago I came to them out of total frustration after spending thousands of wasted dollars on marketing and webdesign. I spoke with Ben for a short while and Alli. I wanted a very unique store where people could come and be able to completely design their entire wardrobe using our gallery of images and artwork instantly or use their own images or photos. I was on a limited budget. But Ben and his Team really did Rise to the occasion (excuse the pun) with their imagination and treated my business and store like it was their very own. Amazing people. They have a customer service and design team that is unmatched and attention to detail has been outstanding to say the least. Would I recommend Ben and his team?? Look no further than RISE onlinemarketing. They ARE the company you need to deal with 110%. My exciting new store www.bestwaygear.com has blown me away and I am now working with Ben for a great marketing campaign. Thank you Ben and Alli and the team for everything that you have done and are continuing to do for me. There is no one else I would trust for all my design and marketing needs. If anyone needs to talk personally with me about RISE. Feel free. You are in very good hands with RISE.

Trendsetters Fashion Accessories

I am so very grateful to have found Rise Online Marketing to work with they are exactly what I was looking for when searching to hire an expert. Both Ben and Glade and wonderful to work with. Both are very professional and not only are they knowledgeable, but I consider them experts in their field.
I love the website design and setup that they have completed thus far and I've only been working with them for 2 weeks. I so appreciate that they keep me informed on what is happening and that they are willing to answer any questions that I have.

I truly have found great partners to help me accomplish my goals of having a successful on-line store.

Terri Mallozzi

SexyModest Boutique

I have spent 1000's of dollars in trying to set up effective SEO and optimizing my site. I have NEVER seen results. and I rarely leave reviews, but I have a few things to say about Rise. The owners at Rise were so thorough from the beginning, after our first call we strategized and I felt good about it. They then proceeded to get more done in the first 100 hours than I have accomplished in 3 years. These guys know their stuff and greatly exceeded my expectations. If you are considering any expert, don't decide on any until you have spoken with this company.

DARING Collection by Noelle Nieporte

I would recommend Rise Online Marketing to anyone looking to build their presence online. We are so lucky to have found them. They understand our requests and are able to show us results!


Well done.

Amazing Rompers for Kids and Toddlers

I have nothing but good things to say about this company. I was in desperate need of a new robust site and also a company who knew how to drive sales while also capturing those customers that would have otherwise been lost. These guys fit the bill. It has been a game changer. They are super efficient and constantly have the client on their mind. It isn't every day when you have someone who genuinely cares about your success. I have been so impressed. In the short time I have been working with them, we have had a huge increase in sales. Overall its been a major improvement. Going with Rise has been worth every penny and a great business decision. I highly recommend this company.

Beauty Destination

Ben and the entire RISE team have been amazing. We contacted Ben about creating a new website and helping us with marketing, and were pleasantly surprised with how quickly the team was engaged to get us going. They have gone above and beyond every time we ask for something, without fail. It is very refreshing to have this level of service, especially since marketing and a good website are so vital to business growth. We would recommend RISE to any company looking for quick, professional and friendly help with their website and/or marketing. They are truly a great team to work with!


We are in the business of making women beautiful. Our website was in desperate need of an overhaul and we found Rise Online Marketing. Ben and his team did a wonderful job designing and building a site that is edgy and beautiful just like our product. It has been a pleasure working with their team and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

Thanks Rise,

Peek-A-Band LLC / Peekas.com


I am not an easy person to impress, I see every little details and mishaps. However working with rise online marketing partners I was blown away. They were able to comprehend my list of task and execute them very well. Communication was flawless and turn around time was far above average than other developers I've worked with. However we did reach some programming limitations but that was not any way rise marketing fault. They provided enough information as well as options to maneuver those limitations. By far the best working programming experts I've worked with so far that is budget friendly.

I'd highly recommend but don't get too needy because they have lots more projects coming from me.


Without a doubt Rise Online Marketing and Ben have been the easiest, quickest and most efficient marketing company I have worked with. The redesign of our website was quick and efficient. Any changes we requested were listened to and quickly taken care of. The PPC and remarketing campaigns that we have started with Ben have had the most return on our investment compared to other companies I have worked with. I love that I have now found a partner for our marketing needs that listens, is quick to respond and delivers results!


The team at Rise Media has been awesome to work with. They are easily accessible and very professional. They were able to turn our project around in less than a week for an entire rebuild on our site. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for web design, help with their storefront or a complete e-commerce solution.

Discussion Forum For Women Topics | Cue The Conversation™

We hired Rise to build our website and our shopping page. It looks AMAZING and it functions so well! It was so important to us that our site was easy to navagate.. Readers and customers will leave a site that is hard to navigate through. We are extremely happy with Rise and will continue to use them for marketing the site now!

Hogan Hulet

Rise built the website for our law firm. The experience was seamless. Law firm websites are highly regulated. Rise listened to our feedback and, in response, gave us direction on how to best present the content we requested. The design was phenomenal. Rise has also been excellent with making changes and updates to the site after going live. Rise is fully invested in the success of our website and company, which is priceless.

Foundation Escalera

Make your website with RISE ONLINE! They're professionalism and skill will make your content and brand look really good on the Internet.

HALFTEE Layering Fashions

We have been using Rise Online Marketing for five years now. RISE designed and developed our website, and update it frequently! Since then our numbers online have greatly increased month over month. I know that I can count on them to provide my company the time it needs to help us grow to have a superior presence online. RISE handles all of our PPC, SEO, Remarking, SMM, Email Marketing, and Web Development. My favorite kind of people to work with are the people that you tell them what you need, and they do it and then fill in the gaps without being micromanaged. RISE is the type of company that does what they say they are going to do and then "Rise" above your expectations (No pun intended. People always ask me, if you were starting over what would you spend your money on in your company, hands down it would be online marketing!!! And I would hire Rise all again, they are that good!

Award Winning Jungle Jumparoo | Jump with us | As seen on ABC's Shark Tank!

Ben and his team rebuilt our website from the ground up. We are very pleased with the new site. They have improved our sales, SEO rankings, and overall user experience. They added new apps to the site, and even found cost savings options for us. When they said they would hit the target date for launch I held my breath as it seems common in this industry to miss these launch dates. They delivered and on-time. I must say I was surprised and extremely pleased. Great company to work with.

I highly recommend RISE!

Garbett Homes Utah

We asked them to help implement the redesign of www.garbetthomes.com and integrate various services and customizations, and they not only did it extremely fast and accurately, they went above and beyond to make sure all our needs were met. The entire development process was very quick, cost effective and hassle free.

Baby Bling Bows

We had tried several other Website Design/Online Marketing companies before, but never had the same results and attention to detail that we have experienced with RISE. Ben and his team have redesigned our website to make it more user friendly and function smoothly. With their PPC and SEO plan, they have dramatically increased our online presence in a matter of weeks! We highly recommend RISE to anyone looking to grow a profitable, recognizable business.

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