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Specializing in Apps and theme customizations for merchants that need and demand the best.

36 Testimonials

tag Home Decor

Dave was great to work with. He's extremely knowledgeable about shipping and was easy to work with. He was also quite responsive during the project and is easy to reach. I give him the highest recommendation.

Peepers Reading Glasses | Peepers by PeeperSpecs

Dave has written multiple discount scripts for us that have all worked flawlessly. Great to work with and is always up for the challenge of creating complex scripts if needed. Highly recommended.

I had a great experience working with Dave on a project for a new store. His expertise of Shopify proved to be extremely valuable to our project!

Will be looking to hire Resistor Software for help with future projects for sure!

Thanks again

Railbox Consulting

We have a complicated product to ship (9,000-pound, 40' long, steel shipping containers) and do so from 30+ cities throughout the US.

Dave did a great job not only working with us to understand our service, but helping us to understand how to set up a structure that would work in the long-run.

Couldn't be happier with the result... particularly after many other failed attempts from other App providers.

Thank you to Dave and the team at Resistor for all of your help.

Maître Philippe & Filles

Once again we have asked David from Resistor Software to solve a very complicated problem for us and he did it, building an app for us. We are based in Germany and shipping with UPS but there are some islands in the North Sea where the shipping is much higher. David built a shipping app with a lot of logic and we are very happy with his work. Great and fast work, fast beyond our expectations. Every time again. Highly recommended.

Economy Delivers

Dave is amazing and completely fixed deep problems with our store.

Our company trusted a company with no experience with eCommerce to build a functional eCommerce site for us. This company did not take into consideration the fairly complicated shipping rules we needed as a purveyor of bar and restaurant supplies, so when we initially went live the site was not functional at all.

We tried many expensive apps that barely worked to solve our shipping problem. So, we turned to Dave at Resistor Software.

Dave, who has years of experience, was confident from even our first discussions that he could create an app that was compatible with Shopify and could satisfy our complicated shipping needs.

Through out the project Dave was easy to contact (our company is in Philadelphia and he is in Canada ), always had a great attitude, kept us updated, and was able to explain to a company of non-developers what the problems were and how he was going to fix them.

Dave will definitely be the default developer for our site for his professionalism and consummate knowledge of programming.

The Comics House

David was great! I've never contracted the development of any software before but David made the whole process rather painless. Communication was excellent with thorough updates every step of the way. And best of all, the software has worked flawlessly!


We needed a custom shipping solution that did not exist within Shopify. Dave at Resistor Software was able to quickly determine a way to implement this into our website and developed the app do exactly what we needed. I would definitely recommend Dave and I will be using Resistor Software for future development projects.

Citi Trends

We were in crunch time and could not find the app that did what we wanted. Just to process fulfillments from our DC for out store. I looked through the blogs and Dave from Resistor Software seemed to pop up a lot. So I reached out to him to see what we could do. From the first time I talked to him I could tell he really new his stuff and really enjoyed integration with Shopify. After a little back and forth discussion we had the first testing within less than a week and all went smoothly. The more I dealt with him the more I through challenges at him. We wanted a way to handle refunds from our system yet have them process through Shopify, again he came through with flying colors. Then right before go live we were using another app to try and sync stocks and it was just taking to long to process. So again I reached out to Dave to see how he could help. He expedited the process of syncing stock for use in less than a day and boy did it work great. All that said there is no way our site would be as functional without out all the help he has provided us. It has truly been a pleasure working with him. Would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone .

Out of Print

Awesome experience overall. Managed project timeline efficiently, was willing to dig into documentation for a new ERP system we were using and found an elegant solution to our problem that couldn't be done by big, out of the box software providers.

His knowledge of Shopify is second to none. Highly recommended.

Maître Philippe & Filles

We need a custom app for our shops in Germany to split the total amount of the orders in all details referring to 2 different VAT and also the VAT on shipping costs, in case of not free delivery... as you can see a very complex stuff. It's important for our bookkeeping and Dave at Resistor Software understood exactly what we nee and he developed a custom app for us. Now, everything is much easier for us and he also installed it in our 2 other shops for the same price.
Dave works very quick and very good and his prices are very fair. We will certainly work with him again in the next future and we can recommend him to everybody. Thank you Dave.


David is the man!

Excellent service in a timely fashion. Dave has built two apps for our company that work perfectly and also has helped link our Shopify system to our fulfillment center. Highly recommend!


I hired Resistor Software to provide a shipping solution for my store. Dave Lazar was able to craft the perfect custom app for my needs. My specifications were not so specific, and my modifications were probably quite frustrating, but his skills, patience and great customer support made everything go quite smoothly.

He comes highly recommended, and I will likely hire him for other things in the future, and continue to turn his hair gray!!!

Standout Designs Reseller Store

We engaged Resistor Software to add real-time freight rates from our freight carrier ABF to our wholesale store. It was a pleasure working with Dave. He created a private app to our specs that works great. He delivered the app ahead of time and under our budget. Dave is clearly a master of all things Shopify and the related technologies that make it so extendable. If you want it done right, you can count on Resistor Software.

Setup The Upset

Dave did some really incredible work on a custom app necessary for some business functions in my shop. Ive never worked with somebody who is more knowledgable about Shopify and how Shopify works before. He took my vision and made it something real. Cant thank Dave enough!!


Dave is *the* Shopify consultant of choice. Period.

He did exactly what we needed, but much, much more. It was incredibly easy to work with him and his responsiveness is unmatched. I will absolutely work with him again on many, many projects.


Dave is very detail oriented and certainly knows his stuff. Not only does he do everything to solve the problem but also takes the time and effort to explain it in a language that is directed to someone obviously less knowledgeable. Fast, reliable, good communicator.


I can't rave enough about how impressed I am with the MetaTagger APP. The APP is extremely easy to use and robust enough to meet my clients needs. The very best thing about MetaTagger is the support! To work with a developer who quickly responds and has the patience to work through issues with those of us who are not database professionals....a priceless experience! My many thanks to the folks at MetaTagger!!

Southern Marsh Collection

Great problem solver with intimate knowledge of workarounds for Shopify's limitations.

Victoria Emerson

It was a pleasure working with Dave. He understood the problem we were looking to solve and quickly worked to build the custom app that we needed. A very friendly guy who clearly takes pride in his work and stands by his product. If I need any more coding I'll certainly go back to work with him again.

The most robust SEO Title Manager I've found in the app store.

We have a 1000 page titles to manage in our Shop, without bulk import/export I'd need to hire 100 monkeys!

Since installing, Meta Tagger has also updated to add further bulk functionality for Google Shopping (Awesome).

Highly recommend for functionality, support from Dave and his continued attention to developing the app.

mzube, Unusual, Retro, Unique Gift Ideas

I have worked with Resistor software now on various occasions and the service provided has been 1st class. Dave at from Resistor has always understood exactly what we needed and worked with us to achieve what we need and more. Any support needed has be dealt with promptly and efficiently despite us being on different sides of the globe. I would recommend Resistor 100%

Custom Frame Solutions

Dave has always done an excellent job. He really knows his stuff and completes the work in a very timely and efficient manner. He is also very responsive. I had two urgent requests for him and he responded and addressed my requests in a manner of minutes. couldn't be happier with his service!

CarlowSEO Development Shop

Dave was great! He did everything on-time, on budget, and I was blown away by the custom work he was able to do. Would be happy to refer him to anyone looking for help. Feel free to contact me at


David Lazar has been a pleasure to work with. He created a customer App for us and worked closely with me to get it to function exactly how we wanted it to. Excellent developer on all fronts. -Steve Lizardi,


Dave was great to work with. He understood our requests and developed an elegant solution that exactly met our needs.

I plan on working with him for other new projects and would recommend anyone to do the same.

Black Sheep Postal

I'd give Dave an 11 on a scale of 1-10. He is simply the BEST. He works VERY fast. He is incredibly responsive to email and feedback. He explains things well. Put simply - my company would not exist if I had not found Dave. He is a true expert at what he does. There isn't a single thing I would change in my experience of working with him. Anyone that works with Dave is lucky to do so.


Dave and Resistor Software was extremely helpful adding some key functionality to our site. He was friendly and knowledgeable through the process. We look forward to working with him again soon.



I’ve contacted a few other “Experts” before, but Dave is what I call a “Real Expert”. I needed a square feet calculator for my store with minimum quantity etc..., Dave delivered in style - Go no further, Dave is your guy.

Eye Love Shadez

Dave is so amazing to work with! he really puts the "expert" in shopify expert. I am SO thankful to have found someone with as much expertise as he has! He really took my site to the next level by adding the customizer, and he did it quickly and always taking into account my budget! I would really recommend him to anyone out there who wants to make their shopify store that much better :)


Working with David Lazar from Resisitor software was a real pleasure. He quickly understood what it was that I was trying to accomplish with Shopify and he implemented a great solution which did just what I wanted while staying within my budget. After the project was successfully completed David was always available for questions and minor improvements. I would hire David again in a heartbeat.

Diamond Candles

David and Resistor have been a huge ongoing help for our business. I don't know where we would be without them. Keyword: access. Anytime I need him I can send him a message and he gets back to me on average within 5 minutes during business hours. Definitely worth the money, he is a huge resource (just don't take up to much of his time because we want him all to ourselves!).


Dave is excellent! Very professional, knowledgeable and down to earth. He has created many apps for us and saved hundreds of hours of our time. The apps are solid and have been working for many months without problems. Highly recommended if you need custom app development and specially if you need to automate something on your store. 10/10.


Dave Lazar at Resistor provided a simple solution to our need to collect personalized data from our customers. Every step of the way he guided us through the changes he had to make to the back end of Shopify and left us more knowledgable than when we began.
We have no hesitation in recommending Resistor as your Shopify expert, they have been simply brilliant for us!
Jim & Vicki,

Alial Fital

Dave was awesome. Extremely responsive and determined to put forth a first class product. Being a novice I learned quickly how difficult what I was asking for was - but Dave was able to complete it at a high level and promptly.

Furthermore, Dave did a great job making the software accessible for me moving forward.Dave is a pleasure to work with - he's fair, hardworking, and a diligent in his work

Fruit My Cube from Farmer's Market

Anyone looking for help with tricking out their Shopify store should definitely give David @ Resistor Software a call. We simply couldn't do half the business we do without the tools he's built for us.

100% satisfied with his work and he's a great guy to boot!

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