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About Radical media mx

Radical media mx, eCommerce, Apps & Digital Marketing
Digital Agency focused on:
- eCommerce (Shopify)
- Web Design and Development (WordPress, Joomla!)
- Apps Development (iOS & Android)
- Digital Marketing (SEO, Google AdWords-Shopping, Facebook-Twitter-Instagram-Pinterest Ads, Social media)

Paypal Certified Developer

With location in Mexico City and ability to work remotely in Spanish and English.

With more than 20 years of experience in the Internet and Digital Media industry, I have collaborated with companies from Mexico and Israel, such as Televisa, El Universal, Celltick Technologies Ltd., Megacable.

In each project my main goal is to exceed the expectations of the client, provide all the tools, knowledge and experience that will help you achieve the goals of your business or company.
Agencia Digital enfocada en:
- eCommerce (Shopify)
- Diseño y desarrollo Web (WordPress, Joomla!)
- Desarrollo de Apps (iOS & Android)
- Marketing Digital (SEO, Google AdWords-Shopping, Facebook-Twitter-Instagram-Pinterest Ads, Social media)

Desarrollador Certificado Paypal

Con ubicación en la Ciudad de México y capacidad para trabajar de forma remota en español e inglés.

Con más de 20 años de experiencia en la industria de Internet y Medios digitales, he colaborado con empresas de México e Israel, tales como Televisa, El Universal, Celltick Technologies Ltd., Megacable.

En cada proyecto mi principal objetivo es superar las expectativas del cliente, proporcionarle todas las herramientas, conocimientos y experiencia que le ayudarán a lograr los objetivos/metas de su negocio o empresa.

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Radical Media is not a simple Shopify provider. They are a very professional team that includes high level of consulting in the projects they execute.
In my experience, they have a lot of experience and background in Digital Marketing an Social Media; they suggested us all the time how to operate our business based in Shopify process and tools and helped us with Web graphic design and giving us guidelines about how to operate with our process aligned with Shopify process.
We are very colaboarating with Radical Media Team and we are working now in building a long term relationship with them, for continue working in more projects in the near future.
Thank you!!!

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