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About Q-Biz | eCommerce Agency

★ We are Israel's top rated Shopify experts team! ★ Q-Biz | eCommerce Agency specializes in set-up and development of Shopify stores in Israel. Our services include:

* Store set-up
* Hebrew/Arabic adaptations (RTL languages) for any theme
* Store design
* Store customizations
* Store Analytics

27 Testimonials


We received excellent, professional and attentive service from the Q-Biz team, headed by Eliran Milo, for recommending, building and launching the online store of Rodanis, which offers handmade designer jewelry with elements from the Holy Land. Eliran has extensive experience with the shopify eCommerce platform as well as a solid marketing background, and this combination contributed significantly to the attractive look and feel of our store. We are very pleased with the results, and wholeheartedly recommend Q-Biz | eCommerce Agency.


A great service,
very kindness and very helpful.

highly recommended!

Yarok - House of knowledge

We faced great challenges in setting up our store... Since our demands were not normal
We work with several different equipment suppliers who work on different systems and on different forms…
We work with customers whose form of payment is unique...
So that in fact we faced challenges that were not simple in terms of technology and planning…
Luckily, one of the employees in our company knew q-biz from is personal experience and he warmly recommended them!
The team of q-biz (Conducted by Eliran) accompanied us from the initial planning stage until full operation of the store - And it was not easy for them!
They had to overcome many obstacles on the way and I have to admit they did it professionally and nice way…
At the end of the day we got exactly what we wanted and even more!
The broad knowledge found in q-biz Helped us a lot in areas we did not think we would get help with like bringing the correct traffic to the store, Ways to improve conversion rate, Connection to additional sales channels and much more…
I really recommend q-biz to anyone who wants to take his business to a professional and proper place!

A1C Foods

Q-biz gave us a great service,
Quick, fill with knowledge, wide view not only for our needs right now, but also for future needs.
Professional and pleasant .


Very responsive, excellent service. Quick and accurate turnaround. A pleasure to work with them!


שירות, אמין מהיר והכי חשוב מקצועי!!


Excellent customer service and outstanding performances, Q-biz provided us with suitable solutions to each problem and even came with propositions we did not even think about. I really recommend them to anyone who needs high-quality improvement with their stores and businesses.


They have a deep knowledge and they are very experienced with Shopify.
We got an high level service from Eliran.

Your Amazing Design

The best way we can describe In two words the experience of working with Q-Biz Team Is: “Game changer”.
When we remember how our store operated before we knew them we understand that They took our Store to a complete Professionally new level.
In our opinion any business that wants to move on to the next level it is very Recommended to have a partner like Q-Biz.
Q-Biz Team boosts our store Performance In a way that we could not imagine….
They improved our store performance by more than 50%!
They understand not only technology they also understand deeply in to the whole world Of online sales & marketing -their advices in that field is precious.
The warm and personal attitude we receive from everyone we worked with is Great Pleasure - We feel that we have found a partner.

Leah & Ron


The work done super fast and super professional !!!


We first contacted Q-Biz eCommerce for advice regarding optional payment gateways for our Shopify store. Eliran from Q-Biz was most generous with his knowledge and shared with us a lot of insights.
We were very impressed both with his high level of expertise, as well as with his kindness and willingness to help, even though we were still not working together at that point.
That was when we knew that we would like to work with Q-Biz and take our Shopify store to the next level.
Q-Biz delivered! Eliran has been very responsive throughout the entire process and had answers to all our needs from design, integrations, even code.

All and all, we know that we are in good hands, and that Q-Biz can and will help us scale to new markets worldwide, add additional products and fine tune and improve our Shopify store as we grow.
Highly recommended!

Nadin Art Design - Personalized Jewelry

Thank you very much for excellent job,
High recommend this person

Best regards,

One Duo

מחויבות ואכפתיות המורגשת לכל אורך העבודה,
אלירן, מקצועי ומקיף, עובד בזריזות, תמיד זמין ומלא בידע ונסיון
הכי חשוב – הרגשנו שהוא באמת רוצה שנצליח

Dare Point

This is the first time for me to launch eCommerce website through Shopify platform.

I was searching for highly professional expert to support me through the entire process with professional instructions and guidance!

QBIZ work was very professional, walking me through the entire process in the most professional way possible!

Every step was carefully explained and we reached the launching point with strong confident that we did the right thing for our project!

I truly and personally recommend working with QBIZ - working with an expert such as QBIZ is the only way to avoid critical mistakes that might cost fortune if done alone...


Tsachi Davidov
Dare Point

Bag Ball - Dare riding without!

Tabor Tools

Eliran was totally professional, open to our needs, efficient and patient answering all our questions. The store was completed quicker than we could have anticipated. We are very happy with the result. I would not hesitate to recommend Q-Biz


I want to share my experience working with Q-Biz. Q-Biz's level of expertise on Shopify is very high.

Sketch Your Line

Eliran is: intelligent, patient, flexible, attentive, hard working, and pleasant to work with. He managed to solve almost any problem and is looking for excellence all the time.


Eliran is a real pro with lots of patience and creative solutions. We are enjoying working with him and we hope he wouldn't become too popular, so he can stay with us for a long time and keep on bringing great results.


A true professional, do the work quickly, and ask the right questions.
With Q-Biz | Agency eCommerce I get the best website shop and highest quality.
And definitely I will continue to work with them in the future.

Thank you

Arama shoes

Working with Eliran from Q-biz is a real pleasure.
Eliran created a real change with our ecommerce shop experience , and a selection of online campaigns .
We warmly recommend working with him to any shopify shop owners who wishes to take their ecommerce to the next level.


Oded Arama
Designer & Owner at ARAMA shoes

The Blessing Flower

I had the most wonderful experience with Eliran! (and I must admit it was the fifth website I was building in general and the first with shopify. He was helpful, professional, and the website was up an running after QA just on the promised schedule and with no hidden fees! I highly recommend working with him!

Fantasy Charged

The shopify expert I worked with was as Eliran Milo, we communicated through whatsapp which is very easy even if it's informal, I liked the way he responded fast and helped me with my problems fast. My website was done. Y me at first and when he took place, he made it really professional plus I couldn't manage to create credit cards payments and he fixed that as well. I suggest you get him as your shopify expert because he is really professional and realiable!

Promise Cosmeceuticals

We are very satisfied with the service provided to us by Q-Biz.
Q-Biz has the experience to manage the Shopify's system quickly and professionally .
He understand the system well and knows how to use its benefits.
5* service

Must Have It Today

תהליך העבודה שלנו עם אלירן היה אחת החוויות המצוינות שחווינו עם הקמת החנות האינטרנטית שלנו.
רמת מקצועיותו, פניותו, סבלנותו והיכולת להכיל שגעונות וגחמות , כל זה ברוגע ובנועם, ויחד עם זאת לנווט אותנו לדרך מושלמת ולהצלחה, היתה מדהימה.
אנחנו מאחלות לעצמינו לעבוד רק מול אנשים שכמותו.
לכו איתו חברים בלב שלם.

Conscious Water

We work with Q-biz since few weeks after started to use Shopify and I gave the project to a different company that started to work on my project but did not perform.

Q-biz inherited the project fixed it and did so well in days what we could not do with the other company for weeks.

Q-Biz have made our site in no time.
There is nothing we ask and they say no, always know how to program whatever is possible by the template we have chosen - soon they will replace it to more appropriate template.

Form programming to communicating with our creative team and implementing creative content and any on line need in the best and quickest way- day and night.
Also, understanding the business aspects of things contributing so much to our internal decision making.

I wish we will effort to keep Q-Biz full time with us and I would hope to have such experience with all my suppliers.

Thank you and please let me know if I can answer further as this is in a. nutshell ...


We got quick and highly professional work form QBiz. Eliran understood our needs, and supported us with selecting the best theme for our shop. We needed some customizations, and all was done very quickly.

tatty - קעקועים זמניים

I needed a Shopify store to sell our temporary tattoos, however in Hebrew. Q-Biz did excellent work in tweaking the template I chose, localizing everything to Hebrew, and setting the template to work from right to left. Highly recommended !!

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