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About Promodo

Promodo ( is a Google Certified Digital Marketing Company providing full range of search engine marketing services and other Internet marketing services, including PPC management, SEO, SMM, conversion rate optimization (CRO), usability analysis (UI/UX), email marketing. With primary focus on retail industry we are recognized as an industry leader while speaking at conferences in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami.

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Private Playground

Elena provided swift advice on what issues needed to be addressed to improve SEO on our website. She detailed what the core issues were, made suggestions on what needed to be actioned and provided examples to help me understand what needed to be done.

I highly recommend her services, you will not be disappointed!

Foxxy Boutique

Thank you for the free assessment. You provided great tips on how to improve our site.


I reached out to Elena at Promodo because her reviews (at the request[s] of Shopify Sellers) seemed to include points that were unique. A newbie like me would not ever know to look for or think about some of the issues and potential solutions Elena brought to my own SEO awareness. Bottom line, it takes an experienced professional to highlight the SEO concerns Elena gave me, at my request, and the speed and consistency of her responsiveness is what you hope feels like the kind of service you give your own customers.

Home Security Outlet, security cameras, DIY Home Security 914-633-1717

Paul was very helpful and gave me a ton of information about how to improve my website. He is very knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to use his services again


I had complimentary SEO assessment of my website done and the advice I received from Paul was extremely valuable and insightful. Not only did he provide tips on how to improve the SEO optimisation for my website, topics like FaceBook and Pinterest were also covered. I would highly recommend the services of Promodo.

Soft and Warm

the review done by Promodo was very detailed with a lot of insight information and tips.
I highly appreciate their effort and would recommend their services.


Overall it was helpful and I found one major issue I wasn't aware of. Igor Shvydkoy of Promodo did an 1on1 webinar on skype with me and answered questions I had aswell as reviewing my Google Analytics data and Shop.

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