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Welcome to product photography Studio. We have been involved in Product photography since 2008. Our images have been featured on Adidas', Starbucks, Costco, Dick's Sporting Goods' websites, in magazines, and more. Our Product Photography experience ranges from E-commerce to Life style Photography. We Specialise in all commercial photography, including electronics, cosmetics, apparel as well as other fashion accessories.

Alto, we aren’t the cheapest Photography studio nationwide (you get what you pay for) we are extremely confident that we offer the best value out there. Our end results speak for them self !

Working with small and large businesses, as well as individuals. We provide a fast product photography service with courier pickup and an online portal to ensure you can start viewing your photos as soon as they are ready.

Our studio is located on Long Island NY, However, We work nationwide and can accommodate every state in the USA and around the world.

2 Testimonials

P.R.M.I.T Beauty

5 stars???? I would've like to give this expert a 10!!!!

As a business owner with a strict budget, i was very skeptical to hire another photographer. I have hired 3 photographers that could not perform the services i needed. Waste of money and time.

I know my products were difficult to photograph, due to them being nail polish colors filled in reflective glass bottles. When i contacted Professional Photography, i gave them a list (more than 15) photo requirements, that i needed for my website and Amazon. I was assured it could be done with no problem. I also gave them a deadline to complete this project; in which i gave them literally 3 days to do. It was completed, images were approved by me, invoiced, and paid in all of 2 days!!!

I really want to thank you Tsour, for allowing me to take another item off my entrepreneurial bucket list. There are obstacles with being a business owner by yourself and its hard to find someone you can trust. Well, trust and believe, you will be my main photographer for all my brands.

Thanks so much!

Monique C.
Founder of P.R.M.I.T Beauty LLC
Follow on Twitter and IG: @PRMITBEAUTY

LOL. I had to give myself a plug in too. ;0)


Great photography. Flexible regarding retouching. No need to hire a hand model (really). Process could be a little clearer, but that's nitpicking. I am happy with the results. Thanks!

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