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About Pogodan

We're a small web development firm based out of Asheville, NC, and Lisbon, Portugal, working on e-commerce applications since 2010 and we've been developing for the Shopify platform since 2014.

We've built custom solutions for dozens of Shopify stores, including applications and storefront features making extensive use of the full Shopify API and platform functionality, like automated event (webhook) processing, advanced admin management tools, specialized dynamic front-end features, custom shipping (carrier services), complex 3rd party integrations and multi-tenant installable apps.

We've dealt with the nitty-gritty of building robust, effective Shopify solutions, down to optimizing for the API's leaky bucket rate-limit across parallel background workers doing large batch jobs, undocumented API additions and gotchas and "bank-shot" workarounds to tricky platform limitations. If it can be done, we've already done it or we'll figure out how.

We've built our own set of in-house tools to optimize Shopify development, allowing us to deliver on everything from small fixes and tweaks to a storefront to large, complex custom applications.

Custom apps at competitive prices

We've built our own Shopify app hosting platform that is designed to help us streamline the creation and maintenance of Shopify apps. This means that we can produce complex apps at very competitive prices, without skimping on quality.

Our hosted platform

All custom applications require hosting, maintenance and security updates... the list goes on. So the idea of commissioning a custom app can be intimidating - it's a lot of technical overhead to take on for a small business. That's why we take care of all that for you, on our custom platform that's built just for hosting Shopify apps. So you can feel safe knowing that your app is being monitored and maintained on our platform.

Custom Subscriptions & Payment Services
We've built out multiple custom Stripe subscription services/ payment plan systems for our clients. If you have a unique billing model that you can't find a way to implement, we can help.

API Integrations: Stripe, Recurly, Intuit, Paypal,

Bespoke Shipping Services

If you're being held back by the available shipping options on Shopify, we can help.

We've created custom carrier apps for clients who wanted to charge only for certain categories of product, charge different rates per product-variant, use a custom algorithm to calculate freight rates, and more.

SMS / Text Services & OAuth

We've setup everything from text-to-order services, text services for Fundraising campaigns through to two factor auth for specialised sales.

API Services: Twilio, AnchorMobile, TextIt, ID.me

API's & Other Integrations

API Integrations are our speciality but we can also help you out with SFTP/FTP (necessary for some older fulfillment services) or CSV uploads / other data import methods.

Other services we've integrated with:

- BigCommerce
- Campaign Monitor
- Ceph
- CloudFlare
- Facebook
- FetchApp
- FranConnect
- Freshdesk
- GitHub
- Heroku
- LeadDyno
- LoyaltyLion
- MailChimp
- Mandrill
- MoonClerk
- Klaviyo
- Pingdom
- Rollbar
- Routific
- S3
- SendOwl
- Slack
- SparkPost
- Uptime Robot

25 Testimonials

Home Coffee Solutions

Pogodan is quick to understand your needs and easy to communicate with. Their work/execution is fabulous and I've only had great experiences working with this group.

Highly recommend!

Primo Water On Demand

Pogodan has been great to work with. In terms of development, they take a methodical approach and dig in to understand the business needs. They bring a great deal of experience both technically and on the project side. They're very responsive any time an issue has cropped up. A very valuable partner to our business and successful Shopify store.

Wholesale Cabinet Supply

I'm very happy that I worked with Lisa at Pogodan! I needed an app to help with order processing and none of the apps in the app store fit what I needed to make sure my orders were processed in an accurate and timely manner, especially as my store began to scale up.

So I contact Lisa to see how she could help. She was very detailed and made sure she understood our order process from start to finish so she could develop an app that would fit our needs. I was admittedly very nervous commissioning a project like this, since I had never done anything like this before. I didn't know what to expect. But I've now got my app and it is perfect for what I needed! I'm so pleased with her and her work, that I plan on adding onto the app in order to automate, streamline and integrate more aspects of our business.

I highly recommend Pogodan to any shop owner that is needing to develop complex solutions for their growing business!

Maddox Industrial Transformer

Lisa is a pleasure to work with! Will continue to use Pogodan in the future.

Detroit Apparel Company

Pogodan took my vision for a custom app and brought it to life, and I couldn't be happier with it. I run an apparel company and each item has a large number of variants (style, color, size -- 100 in total). I used to spend a great deal of time on listing new products. The app Pogodan created for my company automates ~15-16 minutes worth of work and it now takes just 10-15 seconds to list a product. I HIGHLY recommend them!

Games To Grunts (an OSD Program)

We would rarely rate an experience as "excellent" and Pogodan went above and beyond the earn this rating. Their team worked through a completely new API integration, assisted with design and data architecture, developed a custom application and lead project management for the site copy placement.

The Pogodan team is quick in their responsiveness, brings a high level of expertise to a partnership and delivers value exceeding the monetary cost.

We will be using their team again soon for additional development and design work.

Takeya USA

Lisa is helpful, friendly, gets things done quickly. Overall, she's a joy to work with!


I love working with with Pogodan. Lisa, my representative, is extremely knowledgable. She is very quick to offer a well-explained solution for all our needs. She works fast and is very responsive and relentless in resolving issues when we have them. A perfect tech team for all my Shopify-related needs.


Lisa was very professional, responsive and had my Shopify site integrated with PayPal and launched online using GoDaddy within two days of being initially contacted. All work was completed within the price we agreed upon. She also offered very helpful links which allowed me to preform some tasks by myself, which saved me money. I feel confident that I have an expert on my team for website related work and will definitely use her services again.


I had an excellent experience with Podogan. They were very responsive, efficient, patient, and went above and beyond. I contacted them after struggling for weeks on my own to correct a failed import from another store shopping cart site platform. They re-ran the import, corrected all the quirks, took the time to troubleshoot any issues that came up and taught me all I needed to know to continue to maintain the site on my own. They were patient with my many changes and requests, had great advice and thoughtful ideas. I highly recommend them and will definitely be using their services again.

Duke & Fox

I am very ignorant to setting up a shop and was worried about the whole process. Lisa was great to work with! My store is more than I expected it to be and the customer service following has been wonderful! I plan on continuing to be a customer.


Putting my Shopify site together with Pogodan was nothing short of fantastic. I am utterly thrilled. Lisa totally gets website construction and making the structure robust before jumping into details. She was a clear communicator, skilled at explaining concepts and asking questions to make sure the big picture was going in the direction I wanted. She also offered constructive guidance when things were murky on my part. There needs to be a Supremely Excellent rating for Pogodan because I would totally hit that radio button.


I have been working with the Pogodan team for about 6 months and I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking for Shopify experts. Communication with their team has been excellent and I always get a quick response. Overall I am very pleased with the work they have completed on my site and will continue to use their services in the future.


Pogodan has been really awesome to work with. They're extremely competent in working with the shopify platform and have been great in working though some intricacies that have popped up along the process with our project

Worldly Goods Too

Although it took more time than we anticipated, Pogodon created an interactive page for our website. They were easy to work with and the result is excellent!

No Power Lighting by Elevate Technologies Corporation

Pogodan is excellent in being an Expert within Shopify. Super knowledgeable and realistic in expectations on the completing the job. They really helped us customize our template to fit our needs!

Vickers AV

Lisa and Paul added some functionalities to our site. They worked very hard to add these functionalities and the functions have worked flawlessly since. Their team is dedicated and hardworking with great communicative skills in making sure the project is completed exactly as it should be. I would 10/10 recommend them for any and all Shopify functionality needs!

Nurture Soap Inc.

Lisa from Pogodan rocks! She's communicative, fast, efficient, and gets the job done right. Thank you Lisa!

C&D Pet Products

I was in a bind after another Shopify developer flaked on me while building a custom shipping app for my store. I reached out to Pogodan and Lisa responded right away and put my mind at ease. Communication was clear, price was fair, and they were able to accommodate my need for quick turnaround.

The app works great, and I feel good knowing it's built on a maintained platform and not as a one-off thing. If you need a custom carrier services API implementation for your store, you can't go wrong with Pogodan! They are at the top of my list the next time I need development help on Shopify.

Nick's Truck Parts

Our site required a sophisticated but atypical product filtering device to allow our customers to drill down from many many items to just a few targeted items within a product category. It was a project most Experts would not tackle because of the complexity and skills required of the task.

Pogodan and their team took the time to understand what we needed, then propose and estimate a solution. They delivered our solution in a matter of days and came in under budget. Not only were their skills top-notch, but their customer service was excellent as well.

Greg Scandale
President, Nick's Truck Parts


The project that we needed had a very tight deadline and it was met is where I start. The reason it was successful is because they listened and UNDERSTOOD what it was that we needed to happen. Whenever I gave more direction or changed something it was accomplished without having to repeat everything again. If it wasn't done, it was because what I was considering would cost more than it was worth to me as I considered proposed alternatives. My final billing was slightly more than the estimate, but with changes that we made after we started, it was actually expected and I believe fair. I am definitely going to continue to work with Pogodan on other projects in the future as they have earned my trust.


Five Star Experience with Pogodan, efficient, knowledgeable, cost-effective, polite, helpful. What more could I ask for. Many thanks, Lisa

Jordan Samuel Skin

Once I posted my issues, they got contacted me asap and were able to fix my issues easily and quickly. The work was 100% as they said it would be, and their response time was beyond prompt. Thank you.


I hired Pogodan to build a Shipping App for my Shopify Website for over a 5 week period. Pogodan did a lot of things very well. First, they came up with a clear plan and made sure not to go a dollar over budget. Second, they were in constant communication to explain updates and discussed different scenarios to make sure the App worked just right. Third, Pogodan made sure to test and re-test until the program was in perfect working order. We were very happy with the results and will use again.

So Choix

Lisa and Dan have been fantastic developers to work with on our shop. They have a deep understanding not only of Shopify, but other web services and how to tie those together in order to create the customized applications and services we needed.

The first custom app we needed built resulted in us getting answers from other Shopify Experts that it was either impossible to do or that it would cost $100k+. Lisa and Dan came in with a proposed solution that would achieve our goals and at a budget that was far more reasonable and that we could actually afford! They were also willing to take a phased approach that allowed us to get the basic functionality built out and to continue to enhance it as we grew and needed more complex features.

Beyond that they are both incredibly responsive and available to chat whether resolving a bug over email or walking through technical details on Skype. At this point we've worked with a number of different freelance developers (both Expert and non) and Lisa and Dan have by far been the best ones to work with!

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