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About Plandico

We are American, English-speaking, New York-based tech professionals. We don't work with middle men or offshore offices. Our clients work directly, and exclusively, with our staff.

5 Testimonials


All I can say is perfection! Alex's work was on point, priced as estimated and without a doubt he was one of the most professional and capable IT people I've ever worked with. I would highly highly recommend him to absolutely anyone looking for Shopify assistance. And on top of that - he's a really nice guy!

Samples From Mars

Alex is the best! Extremely fast turnaround time, diligent work, and the price is right!

Three Wags

Alex was very professional and timely with his activities on my behalf. He understood my needs and more than capably performed the requested work. I would highly recommend Plandico's services to anyone.

Auxer Inc

Alex is amazing and the only Shopify Expert I will be going to from here on out!

I've use other Shopify Expert's and have actually encountered a really big problem with one of them. Not only did I end up being charged $400 more than the initial quote of $800, but they did a terrible job, was a month overdue, they kept forgetting to complete my requests, and purchased other apps/domains that were actually not needed to do the task.

So... I ended up at Alex's "door" a bit hesitant because of that experience. BUT he was (and still is) amazing. He understood exactly what I wanted done in my first email, gave me an accurate quote estimate beforehand, and helped advice me throughout the process... he even came under budget on one of my projects! I completely redesigned my entire website, and added features, and ended up getting my project completed in a quarter of the time, and less than I had paid for with the other experts.

If you need a great Shopify Expert, Alex is definitely your guy! I know I won't be going anywhere else!


Alex was just simply larger than awesome!! I have worked with many professionals in the past and I am hard-pressed to say I've had more ease working with anyone else. He was quite down-to-earth with his approach and his delivery of the project, every step of the way was on time and on point! I think the best part was that he repeatedly went beyond our standard agreement to make sure our Shopify site was what we wanted and he actively sought to help minimize our building cost--even though this couldn't have helped his bottom line:) . Everyone that has seen our storefront use one word: Beautiful!

Thank you so much once again, Alex!

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