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About Pivofy Ecommerce Solutions

Pivofy is a design firm that specializes in creating ecommerce sites that drive interaction and sales. We create revenue by design. The team at Povify has years of experience creating some of the most popular and sales-oriented websites in the world. Our team is constantly training on the latest technologies and techniques. We also make a science of sales website psychology. We specialize in creating ecommerce sites that are user-friendly and unique.

Each of our sites is designed with an eye toward to innovation, while still giving your customers a familiar place to shop and purchase from you.

Data drives our websites—we use A/B testing, segmentation, and heat maps. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of web design. By being data-driven, we are able to quantify every element of the sites that we create.

Our team is also able to provide monthly management services, allowing us to oversee your website and make sure that every transaction, every sale, and every visit is a powerful experience.

Our services include:

Pivotal Strategy – We will help you create a strategy that meets all of your short and long-term goals.
Creative Design – We will help you tell your story with a unique and dynamics website.
Ecommerce Technology – Whether you’re just doing a simple shopping cart or a full-scale customization, we can make your site operate flawlessly.

A Pivofy website is designed to capture ecommerce sales from Day One. We make sure that your website is a powerful sales tool that gives your customers the ultimate online shopping experience.

Give us a call at (800) 370-7157 or email us at info@pivofy.com for a free two hour consultation.

44 Testimonials

Bariatric Fusion

Working with PIVOFY on our new Shopify site was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Denis and his team delivered ahead of schedule and exceeded our high expectations. PIVOFY made the migration from Magento to Shopify a breeze. There was never a moment where we were worried about the direction of the site. Throughout the entire process, Denis kept us in the loop and informed. The knowledge Denis and his team have of the Shopify Platform is truly awesome. We would highly recommend PIVOFY.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Working with Pivofy on our new Shopify site has been a great experience. Denis and his team are super professional, responsive, collaborative and easy to work with. Our launch was really smooth and they have been great partners. Their knowledge of the platform and expertise in working with Shopify really made this a huge success.

The Fabric Fairy

I hired Denis at Pivofy to migrate my Magento store to Shopify and I can't say enough how easy he made the process. He is knowledgeable about both systems so I had no reservations about hiring Pivofy. He was always responsive via email and changes/fixes happened quickly. I am beyond pleased with their work and highly recommend them.

Koyal Wholesale

The speed, response and talent of Denis' team cannot be overstated. Our previous site was having major issues with search, conversion, load time - overall a bad customer experience that we needed fixed yesterday. We approached Denis' team to migrate to another platform, and Pivofy did it in under 2 weeks while performing QC post launch to ensure no major issues would arise. I was a little hesitant to go with the apps he initially suggested, but trust him, his app recommendations are (and will continue to be) a lifesaver for the pain points we were trying to fix. We have already seen an increase in AOV + conversions thank to Pivofy's help is solving several problems for us. I would highly recommend his team to anyone considering ecommerce services. We are still using his services on an ongoing basis. The price is reasonable (we were not looking for cheap), but some of the quotes we got were 5x-10x Pivofy fees, the service is quick and the proof of quality is in the boost in revenue numbers immediately seen after launch of the new site. Also, the after-launch support has been incredible. If I could give his team 5+ stars, I would. If you are on the fence, go with Pivofy, you will not regret it.


I’m the co-founder and CMO at Truman’s, a direct-to-consumer cleaning products company that will launch in February 2019. We offer products in a concentrated form that comes in a patented cartridge design. This allows consumers to refill and reuse their cleaning bottles without touching any of the chemicals.

We engaged Pivofy to create our website in a way that exemplifies our brand experience. Because we’re a direct-to-consumer company for a product that’s typically sold in retail environments, we wanted to ensure that the site offered a top-notch buyer experience. It needed to be informative, visually appealing, and comfortable to use.

Using our provided requirements as a base, Pivofy developed our website on Shopify while also helping us explore additional features beyond the out-of-box functions.

One of our primary challenges was adapting the site to our unique subscription model. Unlike other replenishable products like vitamins or shampoo, we’re not sending the same product over and over again. Rather, we offer a starter kit with reusable cleaning bottles and refill cartridges in four-packs. Furthermore, we needed to manage the frequency of each subsequent delivery because it didn’t make sense to send a single cartridge each month.

Pivofy addressed our issues by customizing our subscription model’s fulfillment and timing. Customers would now receive a starter kit upon the first purchase and automatically switch to refill cartridges for the next shipment. If a customer needed more supplies before the next subscription, they could use our text-to-order option to receive a one-click purchase link for specific products.

We went through Shopify’s list of preferred partners and shortlisted about six agencies across the country. After sending out an RFP, we considered each candidate’s past work to see if they’d been involved with subscription businesses in the past.

Ultimately, we chose Pivofy because their CEO was highly involved and flexible. He worked with us in the early stages to define our platform and helped us understand the possible features in Shopify. It felt like he was more of a partner who could help us solve challenges rather than a vendor executing a project.

The main development lasted from November 2018–January 2019, but they’re still helping us with minor changes before launch. Since we knew that the site would be an iterative process, it’s helpful that they offer unlimited edits.

Our team loves the final product’s visuals, and the sentiment from individuals who have seen the site has been overwhelmingly positive.

Pivofy has helped ensure that the site offers a good buyer experience, informing customers about our product and brand while also explaining the subscription model and purchasing options clearly.

They’re incredibly responsive and organized. We collaborate in Basecamp, which helps streamline the communication and manage our tasks. If we have any questions, they’re quick to schedule a call even on the weekends.

Their problem-solving skills are phenomenal. Instead of telling us that a requested feature is beyond the standard functionality, they put in a lot of effort toward researching our options and testing alternatives. Their flexibility and creative thinking make them unique.

From an educational standpoint, they’re also great at building upon our ideas to show us other possible ways to use Shopify. Whenever we’ve identified a business problem, they’ve consistently brought back technical solutions that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Sanitaire Commercial

I’m am the web architect and development manager for a floor care company. We manufacture vacuums, deep cleaners, and other floor care products.

We had recently acquired a commercial line that already had a consumer-facing product site, but it was based on an Oracle ATG platform, which we didn’t use. So, we worked with Pivofy to migrate the site to a Shopify platform.

Pivofy migrated the product site from an Oracle ATG platform to Shopify. I initially worked with a third-party vendor to extract legacy data from the old site (e.g., order, consumer, and product information). Their team then imported it into the new platform.

They also built out additional features using external widgets, including chat, marketing, and e-news functions. To ensure that the new site maintained the same look and feel, Pivofy used assets from the previous site.

We consulted Shopify’s list of approved partners, and Pivofy was one of them. After I contacted their CEO, he responded right away and understood our project goals.

Their speed, performance, and quality of work were outstanding. We thought that the site would take longer to migrate and would need extra customizations to achieve a similar look and feel, but that wasn’t the case. Pivofy delivered a new site that was remarkably faithful to the original.

I particularly liked their independent approach to challenges. Whenever we requested a feature, they would investigate different ways to implement it and provided us with a range of options. They were able to avoid building excessive customizations through their creative use of widgets.

Working with them was a breeze. Because they were so experienced with Shopify, they were comfortable handling the migration with minimal involvement from us. We used Basecamp to communicate project tasks, give feedback, and share files. They also kept us updated through regular emails and phone calls. Anytime we had a change, they were quick to handle it.

I have extensive experience working in web development and have dealt with several third-party vendors. Without a doubt, working with Pivofy has been the best experience I’ve had to date. They delivered the project before the deadline and were always productive during our conversations. If they couldn’t do something, they would tell us and present other options. It was just an exceptionally smooth experience.

Although it’s important to know what you want before starting a project, don’t be afraid to approach Pivofy if you don’t have the full requirements ready. Their team can help you make decisions and get you where you need to go.

Maëlle Beauty

Denis and the Pivofy team were flat out amazing. From the beginning, we ran a hard RFP process and spoke to every Shopify shop in town. He was incredibly tactical, super responsive, and helped guide a non-technical team in making decisions. Everyone, including Shopify, agreed that our timeline was tight, but Denis committed and delivered. I’d work with them again any day and wish more folks operated like this!

Capri Essentials

Denis and the team did an outstanding job developing our sites and supporting our transition from Magento to Shopify. He was quick to respond and knowledgeable.


Pivofy needs no more 5-star reviews, but they are getting another. Our website is extremely important to us, as most of our customers are nationwide, yet our industry is one that in-person experiences are beneficial and/or required, so we need a site that reflects and emulates the in-person experience, and this was the core of the project we requested from Denis at Pivofy. Denis is extremely easy to work with, patient, yet blazing fast if you want the project done quickly (most of the times Denis was waiting for US to provide info/content). I've offered to let them share my contact info, happy to talk with anyone about the process, the results, or value.

Mata Traders

Denis is responsive and knowledgeable, but most importantly, he cares. He genuinely wants to create something that will make his clients happy and successful. Our project took longer than expected, but he never gave up on giving us everything that we asked for. Thank you, Denis and Pivofy team, for all of your hard work!

Snow & Graham

Hired Denis + the Pivofy team to help us transition our websites to Shopify. Overall had a great experience and are grateful to have found Pivofy on the Shopify recommended experts!


Denis and his team created a gorgeous design that checked all the boxes of what we were looking for on the next version of MyRuMe.com. He's incredibly responsive and always on top of all our questions and concerns. The feedback on the new site design has been phenomenal and we couldn't be happier!

Compressed Air Advisors

We are very happy in our decision to have Pivofy create our Shopify site. We were new to the platform and they were excellent to work with and very accessible. Denis was able to add several items that we would have never thought of. We also had some unique issues that they were able to figure out a way to make work. I would highly recommend them to anyone, except people in my industry.

Maeven Box

Our experience with Denis and the Pivofy team was well beyond a 5-star experience. From beginning to end, Denis was extremely responsive to every crazy question and request. Not only is he talented, professional and extremely knowledgeable, but he stayed true to his quote and put together a completely customized website that far exceeded our expectations. There is no way our business would be up and running without him! He continues to help us any way he can and we most definitely plan to hire him for more projects in the future. We could not have been happier with our experience and we highly recommend Denis and Pivofy.


Denis and his team has been an absolute dream to work with! He has truly went above and beyond to help us launch our website. We could not be more pleased with Denis, and look forward to continuing work with him and his team.

Rockwell Nutrition

We sent out an RFP to a few recommended agencies and appreciated the boutique feel that Pivofy had. They had the right technical skills for design and development and were willing to provide a hands-on approach; plus, they’re experts in Shopify at an enterprise level. Their team understood what we wanted and presented various solutions to our problems.

We were an existing business selling 10,000 products on multiple websites. We wanted to keep all of the equity of our sites, from an SEO perspective, so Pivofy helped us transition to Shopify Plus. They laid out a straightforward plan for the whole project, migrated our product data, and consolidated our multi-country sites onto one website.

All of our old websites have been combined into one site, improving efficiency, management, and operations. Our conversions are up by 10%–15% compared to our previous platform, and we’re able to track analytics much better. We now have a solid platform that we can scale in terms of marketing efforts.

We’ve worked with various other agencies on numerous projects, and most weren’t able to understand our e-commerce approach. Pivofy, on the other hand, centers all their work around e-commerce. Designs, branding, and all their other efforts are informed by metrics that aim to improve online sales.

Anyone working on e-commerce design, and not just backend development, should be clear about what their short- and long-term goals are. Listen to Pivofy’s suggestions for apps and other tools because they’ll help you manage your workload and increase efficiency.

Overall, we’ve been nothing but happy with Pivofy’s work.


When we decided to move from Magento to Shopify platform for our e-commerce site, we really wanted to find the right consultant who could navigate both worlds for us because we didn't want any downtime during the transition. We researched and interviewed several advisors and we were impressed with Denis at Pivofy. His knowledge of both platforms turned out to be very valuable, and the conversion went very well. His knowledge is only surpassed by his effort, energy and focus on helping us with value added suggestions and very timely response. We felt very comfortable with Denis and he was one of the only web consultants that communicated with us effectively at a matrix level that we could relate to.

Jack Newsom - Raby Institute

Great Lakes Bio Systems

We are thoroughly impressed with Denis and the team at Pivofy. Our site was done on-time and on-budget, which is truly a rarity in the industry. Denis brought forward a number of excellent suggestions during the development process and did a wonderful job implementing them. They helped us transfer from Drupal Commerce to Shopify PLUS by designing a wonderful custom tailored theme and developing it from scratch. The new site is fully mobile friendly, with hand picked user experience elements to improve conversion rate and usability. We are very happy with the end result and highly recommend them!

pure gift boxes

By far one of my best experiences with an expert. Not only did they fully complete the task I required, but they did so with great explanation and patience while guiding me through the process.

Bizzy Coffee

They assessed our needs quickly and was also able to implement our request changes quickly. Rework was not a problem - they were responsive and accommodating. Working with them again!

Crowd Control Warehouse

Excellent experience with Pivofy. We had a complex transition from an old ecommerce platform to Shopify PLUS. Denis and the team provided an excellent initial design based on our specifications, and were extremely responsive on design requests throughout the process. Denis also went above and beyond helping with some of our catalog issues, and quickly resolving last minute requests before launch. All in all an excellent experience, would highly recommend.

Banner Medical

Denis and his team were a pleasure to work with, highly recommended. They were able to create an elegant solution with a tight deadline. Thanks Denis!

Max Intelli Brands

Denis chose a great theme that really improved the look of my store and the user experience. He was very responsive and even replied to my emails on the weekends. In addition, he didn't waste any time getting my store updated and ready for an improved shopping experience.


Pivofy has been an incredible pleasure to work with. Very professional, diligent in their work, and executing on deliverables on time and with great follow through. I recommend them to any Ecommerce company looking to take their business to the next level and beyond.

Swamp Rabbit

Denis and his team have been very easy to work with. The website of SwampRabbitPrint.com wasn't an easy one. Denis never took no for an answer when any challenge was thrown at him. Denis worked through to find a solution every time. He and his team have a "Can-Do" attitude and the quality of their work shows just that. Pivofy is most definitely a company we will continue to use and would highly recommend to others.
Josh Carroll
-Swamp Rabbit Print

Egg Stripper

Pivofy did a great job setting everything up for our business! He's amazing wit setting up Shopify and the associated technology! He did our shopify, website, integrated YouTube, FB and Instagram . Very quick and sufficient! Totally recommending him :-) . Thanks Denis! We'll be in touch for more help :-)


If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a great Web Designer to build an online business!! Once I decided to use the Shopify platform, I knew my website design would be a crucial key for my business success. I researched many companies and that's when I found Pivofy. I called and spoke with Denis on the phone and even drove 7 hours to have a sit down face-to-face meeting with him before making my decision. I'm so happy to say, hiring Denis and the Pivofy team to build my website, was the best decision I could've made. My website is absolutely wonderful and extremely professional! Denis is not only very prompt to reply to any questions or requests, but his knowledge of website design and development far surpassed my expectations. You will get your moneys worth with Pivofy. I'm excited to continue working with the Pivofy team in the future to meet all my website business needs!!

Boyér Clothing

Denis & the team at Pivofy are the real deal. Excellent, communication and consultative approach to website design & build. I would highly recommend them and will continue to use them as my go-to Shopify firm.

Monarch Abode

Denis and Pivofy have been great partners for us in developing and launching our new site. He was very open to feedback and responsive to any questions we had. With every new site there are preferences to work through and Denis has been wonderful in this respect through this entire process. I would recommend him and his team to anyone looking to undertake new web developments!!

Quick2You LLC

I needed a company with the skills and expertise to create a professional website for my Shopify store. So, I started reviewing the list of Shopify experts. After communicating with many Shopify experts, I felt that Dennis, and his company Pivofy, would be the best choice. I couldn’t be happier with my selection.

Denis and his company took my basic ideas and turned them into an e-commerce website that exceeded all my expectations. From beginning to end, Denis was in constant communication with me. I always knew what was going on and I could reach Dennis at a moment’s notice whenever I had any questions.

The graphics created for the website blew me away. Not to mention all the features the website had, including a currency converter, language translator, and a great looking mobile version. The site navigation is very impressive and Denis incorporated my chosen color scheme perfectly into the website.

Denis and his team also made sure that all the apps I needed were installed, including a quantity breaks app and a QuickBooks app. And once the website was complete, Denis didn’t simply just walk away. Rather, he continued to provide me with support and answered any questions I had. I felt the price that I paid for Pivofy’s services were more than fair.

There are lots of companies that can build you a website, but if you want a company that goes above and beyond, then your only choice is Pivofy.


Denis was easy to work with and helped to vastly improve the mobile interface for our customers. Not only were all the items we requested completed ahead of schedule, but Deni's experience in the ecommerce world guided us to deliver the best possible user experience.

Maison Frida

Denis worked on my website. He always responded very quickly to my requests and made a great job. I would highly recommend Denis from Pivofy.


Denis and Pivofy provide excellent service. He uses Basecamp a program which simplifies the process. Your to-do lists are streamlined which make it so easy to stay organized and on-top of your project. Denis delivers as promises and can provide tips to help you with your e-commerce business. I highly recommend Pivofy and Denis.


My name is Patrick Monsivais and I am the Founder and CEO for Gensavis Pharmaceutical, LLC. We hired and entrusted Pivofy to set up our eCommerce site. While we had apprehensions given previous experiences with other companies we were pleasantly surprised with Pivofy. They were solid on their design, quality of work, Shopify development, communication and timeline. We operate on a tight budget and we believe it was money well spent. Finding good business partnerships are like finding diamonds in the rough. With that being said we've decided to continue our business relationship with Pivofy by arranging a monthly maintenance program and keep open our lines of communication. I would highly recommend Pivofy for anyone or company looking for quality workmanship at a fair price.

Moto Loot

Fantastic experience with Pivofy. They work quickly and the work is very high quality. 100% recommend them to anyone needing any Shopify customization work. We'll definitely be working with them in the future!


Excellent Service. Fantastic Communication. These guys are experts on shopify and the know it by hart. It was a great pleasure working with Pivofy.


The whole team at Pivofy has consistently gone above and beyond for us. We’ve worked with them on multiple projects. Initially they helped us revamp and maintain our Magento store. Once we decided to drop Magento and transition to Shopify, Pivofy was at the top of our list. In addition to migrating, it was a custom development where they took control of the creative design—making sure to implement all the best ecommerce best practices. If you’re looking to migrate platforms or design, I highly recommend giving Pivofy a chance!

Even if you’re already on Shopify, they are more than capable of redesigning your website or helping to maintain it. They communicate really well and are always bringing new ideas to the table. Since we’ve worked with them, they’ve greatly optimized and improved all the important stuff—conversion rate, user experience, average order value, etc. They charge a fair price and are perfect for both technical and non-technical Shopify store owners. Give them a try and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Killer Bees Honey

Denis and his team provided creative design and development for our Killer Bees Honey Shopify website. He was and to this day, essential in making our online business a success. Our team couldn’t be more impressed with his tenacity (does he ever sleep?) and willingness to make everything right with our online enterprise. We had several choices in web designers/developers. We’re very happy we chose Denis.

Bee Funny Baby

We partnered with Denis on a couple e-commerce sites and he's super! He is a great listener and is always thoughtful when coming up with solutions. I like that he tackles challenges head on. I appreciated the times when he provided a couple different options to solve an issue and let us choose the one that work best for our client rather than simply prescribing what works best for him. We've used several different developers in the past and the one thing that is hard to find is someone who is truly detail-oriented. Denis honors the design. He's a pleasure to work with.


If we could give more than 5 stars we would have...
Denis and the Pivofy team are the real deal. They are attentive, professional and extremely knowledgeable in everything related to Shopify and ecommerce in general. We had a slightly unusual project, but Denis had no problems delivering everything we had on our list, and more. It is by far our best experience working with a dev and design agency and we will definitely continue working with them in the near future.

Animal Hearted Apparel

Pivofy is great. I've worked with Denis for well over a year and he has been able to do any development I have thrown at him. He really understands the Shopify platform and can do anything I need done to my store!

Serial Killer Shop

Denis has been able to make any changes I've needed to my shopify store. He has done everything from custom product pages to customizing checkout and anything else I've needed changed on my theme. I highly recommend Pivofy for any Shopify development!

Projects Contemporary Furniture

Denis and his team have been outstanding to work with on the design and development of our Shopify site. They have an eye for design as well as the technical know-how to deliver a great product. They were prompt in responding to my requests and were always looking for ways to optimize the site to increase sales. Pivofy surpassed my expectations.

Karma Kiss

Pivofy was amazing in helping us migrate and set up our Shopify store. Denis is very knowledgeable and professional, but more importantly, he was very responsive and took his time to listen to our needs and act upon them.
No doubt in my mind that I will continue working with Pivofy in the future. Very recommended.

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