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About Relic Commerce

We provide e-commerce solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We have 8 years of experience on e-commerce development. We can setup a store, create custom design as well as customize existing themes, develop apps for shopify. Our background on marketing has also proved very valuable for our clients.

5 Testimonials

Fate Crew Shop

Relic Commerce helped me start my business while I was working on another project. With their help, we've been able to grow it over the years to a great position. They've been helping us on a regular basis with development and marketing. We'd like to thank them and we'd recommend them to anyone who's looking for shopify services.

Vibe LA

We hired Relic Commerce to setup our Shopify store and they delivered exactly what we needed. They have very good knowledge of how Shopify works. They helped us not only with store setup but also wit the marketing of our site. Highly recommended!

Akibento Store

We've been running our store since last two years and Kishor helped us get started. He's very easy to work with and affordable too. He has taught us a lot too so we can now do a lot of things ourselves. Highly recommended.

Active Element

We were going to run our store on other platform but Relic convinced us to go with Shopify and we are very happy with how it's worked for us. They developed a custom theme for us and set up everything we needed. We use them for continuous development. They're very easy to work with. We are definitely going to use them in the future and would recommend anyone looking to build a Shopify store to go with Relic Commerce.

Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills

We were running our site on Wordpress and having hard time managing the site. Relic Commerce who were helping us with other project told us about shopify and got us on board. We're glad we moved to shopify and Relic Commerce has helped us through the transition. Our business has been growing steadily and with the help of Relic Commerce we've had less to do on the site and have been able to focus on marketing and growing our business.

I highly recommend Relic's service! Five Star!

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